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Rays Lays New (2014) Review

Rays Lays (2014) is a re-launch of Ray Mills’ original horse racing lay bet tipping service that was previously provided through Winningmore.

What does the product offer?

As with the original service, Rays Lays (2014) provides users with frequent selections for lay bets. Ray Mills’ service is rather no frills but has shown a lot of promise under Winningmore and there is no reason to suspect that Rays Lays (2014) will fare any worse independently. Selections are clear and concise and show you exactly what you need to do and what to look out for in order to trade profitably. Because Rays Lays (2014) involves laying horses you will require an account with a betting market, such as Betfair.

How does the product work?

Ray Mills has sunk a signinficant amount of time into number crunching for Rays Lays (2014). Something that he continues to do today. All selections come from a piece of software created by Ray Mills that searches through data with a view to finding profitable laying opportunities.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Rays Lays (2014) is available on a two week trial which costs just £1. After this has elapsed the costs go up to £29.50, a figure that is still in the ballpark of reasonable. It appears that Rays Lays (2014) doesn’t come with any money back guarantee as Ray Mills doesn’t mention anything of this ilk.

 What is the rate of return?

Under the previous Rays Lays service which ran for 2 years, Ray Mills was able to produce profit of anywhere between £1,311.50 and £2,810.16 depending on the staking method employed. In terms of Rays Lays (2014), there have been just 5 bets with one loss which has produced a profit of £27.84 to date (risking 10% of the bank balance).


As a tipster service, Rays Lays didn’t fair too badly and steadily built the betting bank into profit. Rays Lays (2014) looks like it is shaping up the same way and whilst this definitely isn’t for everybody, due to the low risk, low yield method of betting, there is signs of potentially consistent growth. There are the usual concerns surrounding lay betting such as the ability of a bad spell to hit your bank hard (something that happened a few times under the original Rays Lays run) but otherwise Rays Lays (2014) is a 3=y67udecent looking option.



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