Rebel Betting Review 2020 update

Rebel Betting is a long standing provider of a couple of different betting products. Both of these options provide a lot of potential to make profit, despite their differences.

Introduction to Rebel Betting

In this line of work there are a lot of things that seem to come and go as far as trends in betting services. Some of these last longer than others, and they all come and go. However, sometimes (and it really isn’t very often) there comes along something that just manages to stick around for a while.

Today’s subject, Rebel Betting, is one such thing. Ultimately, this is a very long standing betting system that utilises software to identify betting opportunities. It has also been around in some form or another since 2006. And honestly, it is all very interesting indeed. Not least of which is because it has made a fair old amount of money through methods that are relatively sustainable.

Honestly, there are a lot of things that you have to consider with this. Because whilst there are undoubtedly some positives in place, it is also ultimately a service that is quite unique in the market. This means that simply saying that Rebel Betting has the potential to be good, doesn’t paint a full picture. The fact is that this might not be for everyone. So, let’s jump in and have a look at everything. 

What Does Rebel Betting Offer?

Knowing where to start with Rebel Betting is a bit of a difficult thing. And this is because, ultimately, the broader service is made up of two very different and independent services. For the purposes of this review, and keeping things clear, I think that what I will probably do is talk about each service individually. This way, I can compare and contrast the two elements.

Of the two differing services that exist for Rebel Betting, I want to start by talking about their Sure Betting software. This aims to provide users with guaranteed profits through arbitrage betting. Now one thing that needs to be said from the offset is that unfortunately, this only runs on Windows based computers.

There is however also a cloud based version of the software which means that you can realistically use Sure Betting from most modern devices. Ultimately though, the actual downloaded software is probably your better option.

As far as software goes, Sure Betting is a pretty typical example of betting software. By which I mean, Rebel Betting have very clearly focused on the function over the form. This isn’t a slick looking piece of software. Something that in my book, doesn’t really matter so long as it actually works. Furthermore, the actual interface is all relatively intuitive as well. It really isn’t hard to use.

With all of that out of the way, we can talk about the most important element of Sure Betting which is what it does. Rebel Betting have set the software up to identify arbitrage opportunities. When these are identified, all that you have to do is click on the bets identified. From there, you are taken directly to the websites where the relevant betting opportunities are there for you to place.

Honestly, it is all very simple and easy to use. Rebel Betting have done a very good job with Sure Betting, however, as I will explore in detail a little later, the nature of it does come with a few restrictions.

It is worth keeping in mind that there is also a “Lite” version of this which, as you would expect, is a stripped down version of Sure Betting. The main difference is that it offers arbs that have been sustained for a longer period of time across two bookies. This means that they are stable, however, there are inevitably less of them. It is also much cheaper. 

The next element of Rebel Betting is Value Betting. As with Sure Betting, this is a piece of betting software however the focus is much different. As the name suggests, this is designed to identify bets that represent good value. Frankly, this is something that I’ve heard a thousand times before, but for reasons that I will come back to, Value Betting is actually quite interesting.

Honestly, the same things that have been said before can also be applied when it comes to the software element of Value Betting. Again, it is well designed and put together, but it isn’t the best looking of things.

Once again, actually placing the bets is all very simple too. When you identify a bet through Value Betting that you want to place, you click it and are taken to the option to either log the bet, or place it. If you want to place it, you are then taken to the bookmaker who is offering odds that have been identified as having value.

Logging the bets automatically keeps a record of what you have been betting on. This is much more important than with the arbitrage element of Rebel Betting because there is always a possibility that you will lose with Value Betting. This isn’t an infallible approach to betting and inherently carries a degree of risk.

Now quite how much that risk will be is dependent on a huge number of factors, such as how often you are betting, what bets you choose to back, and of course, there is betting bank management. Ultimately, all of this is based around taking a long term approach to betting and those who are looking for shorter term profits are only going to end up very disappointed.

How Does Rebel Betting Work?

When it all boils down to it, both Sure Betting and Value Betting have one thing in common. And that one thing is what really, Rebel Betting is all about. When you strip everything away, both pieces of software monitor bookmakers and exchanges. They both measure odds, and where there are opportunities, they identify bets that carry the potential to make you money. The difference lies in their approach.

The Sure Betting element of Rebel Betting utilises arbitrage. For those who aren’t familiar, this involves backing multiple outcomes of a bet at multiple bookmakers with a view to ensuring a profit no matter what happens. This is a well known method of betting that does work. Unfortunately, the opportunities to do so are very short lived. Realistically, this is something that you just can’t do manually.

The software is constantly scanning for opportunities where you can “arb” a bet, however, you do have to act quickly. The windows of time are very narrow. With that said, Rebel Betting have the software running 24 hours a day, and as such, you should find at least some bets when you log on.

With that out of the way, I want to talk about Value Betting, because to me that is perhaps the more interesting of the two services. What Rebel Betting have done with this is use the software to monitor certain bookmakers that they say are “sharp” bookmakers. These are bookies who are very good at determining odds that “reflect the actual probability of an outcome”.

The odds compiled by these bookmakers are then combined with other facets including “taking betting bias and market efficiency into account”. The Rebel Betting severs then identify what the true odds are for a given event, and importantly, when other bookmakers have undervalued something.

What is the Initial Investment?

When it comes to pricing for Rebel Betting products there is a lot of variance. In keeping with the structure of this review, I will start by talking about Sure Betting and then move on to Value Betting.

Sure Betting has three different subscription options and honestly, none of them are what you would call cheap. The lowest outlay is a weekly subscription which is priced at €39 per week. Next, there is a monthly subscription. This is priced at €129 per month. Finally, there is a 6 monthly option which requires a one time payment of €581 (working out at €97). This represents the best value, despite the highest outlay.

Alternatively, the Sure Betting lite option is priced at €59 per month, however, this is of course the stripped down version that was mentioned earlier.

When it comes to Value Betting, the pricing is quite a lot cheaper. Rebel Betting ask €69 per month for access to their value software. Alternatively, you can sign up on a 6 monthly basis. This is priced at €311 which represents better value over all, however, this does come with a much larger outlay.

What is the Rate of Return?

How much you can earn through Rebel Betting is probably one of the bigger questions out there. Unfortunately, it is also one that simply doesn’t have a definitive answer. Here’s the thing though. I really do believe that you can make money. In fact, if you are using Sure Betting, it is theoretically guaranteed.

The thing with both elements of Rebel Betting is that realistically, what you get out of it will all depend massively on what you are willing to put into it. The fact of the matter is that following either Sure Betting or Value Betting is pretty hard work. There are huge numbers of bets that may only be available for a short space of time. If you are able to capitalise on these, then you can do very well, but you really do have to have commitment. 

Conclusion for Rebel Betting

When it comes to products from Rebel Betting, I’ll be frank. These aren’t the easiest things to keep up with. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t necessarily that either option is difficult. The software really does do what it does very well. This really is something that you can make work for you, which isn’t something that I always get to say.

With that said, whilst does undeniably work, there are a number of caveats to this. First and foremost, whether you are looking at Sure Betting or Value Betting, both require a lot of investment. And I don’t just mean in terms of your initial starting bank either (although that is also very much applicable).

The fact is that if you want to see any kinds of returns through Rebel Betting, then you need to give it time. Because this is ultimately a piece of manual software, you do still have to place the bets yourself, which takes time. And you really will have to place a significant number of those bets, which takes even more time. Again, this is applicable for both elements.

Now, whilst there are similarities, there are also very different pros and cons to Sure Betting and Value Betting. And this mostly comes down to the difference in their approaches. The arbitrage based Sure Betting involves betting that is pretty much risk free, however, the profits that you make per bet is rather limited. The idea here is win often, win small.

How that works out for you will really be based on how much you have to invest. Now for context, for the Lite service, Rebel Betting talk about having a bank of £1,500 or less. Which I think provides a lot of context for how much you need if you want decent returns.

Furthermore, any arbitrage betting has the potential to restrict or even close betting accounts. There are a number of ways that bookies can tell when this is going on, but they can. Ethically, it’s pretty dubious, however, it is all legal. This is another one of those elements that it is worth keeping in mind.

Meanwhile, Value Betting is a much longer term backing system. This also requires a large betting bank albeit for different reasons. You see, whilst the software does a pretty good job of identifying value bets, there are aspects of this entire approach to betting that are inherent. And one of those is losing.

You see, backing a value bet simply means that it has been priced wrong. That doesn’t mean that a horse is necessarily going to back outsiders that will romp home. And as such, you have to spend quite a lot of money building your profits up. However, there is plenty of opportunity or that to happen.

One of the elements that is definitely applicable to all of Rebel Betting are the costs involved. Whichever service you are interested in, it will inevitably carry expense. A frankly pretty significant one. And I feel like that can be used to quite nicely sum up the broader problems.

Every element of Rebel Betting is expensive. From the subscription costs, to the betting banks required, to the stakes, and again that investment of time. Does that mean that Rebel Betting isn’t worthwhile? No. Not necessarily. These are genuinely good products that really can work given enough time. But rather ironically, that just might not be enough here.

So here are my final thoughts here. This is all a question of value. If you have very deep pockets, and you have a lot of time, then Rebel Betting products are very worth considering. If you are simply looking for a second income stream and don’t have the time and money to invest, this just won’t be something that works for you. 


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