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Rebel Betting Review

Rebel Betting is a piece of arbitrage betting software developed by Simon Renström that is designed to highlight arbitrage opportunities.

What does the product offer?

Rebel Betting’s software is claimed to identify and allow users to place bets on arbitrage situations with as simple and easy to use interface. Simon Renström says that usability is key to Rebel Betting and that this is reflected in allegedly easy to use yet powerful features. Rebel Betting also comes with fully customisable alerts allowing users to make the software pop up when arbitrage bets become available.

How does the product work?

Rebel Betting uses arbitrage bets, this is the process of finding bets that cover all possible outcomes and will still provide a profit (e.g. two bookmakers backing different teams to win in a football match). Rebel Betting works by allowing users to log into multiple bookmakers websites with the software highlighting the arbitrage bets. The provided betting browser makes this even easier as it is able to show a number of different bookmaker websites on one page.

What is the initial investment?

Simon Renström has made Rebel Betting available on a number of different subscription lengths. These are €39 for a trial week, €129 per month, €499 for 6 months and €799 for a full year. Simon Renström also says that all subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

What is the rate of return?

According to Simon Renström, Rebel Betting has made a consistent 10-20% return on investment each month. Unfortunately there are no figures to back this up.


Rebel Betting has traded for 5 years now according to Simon Renström. This represents a huge achievement, especially in sports betting as less profitable systems are very quickly weeded out. My overall thoughts are that Rebel Betting looks and seems to be the part. Simon Renström is very open about his team and their practices and this really helps to instil a sense of confidence in the product. Normally I balk on a high price but it looks like Rebel Betting may be a genuine case of getting what you pay for.



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