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Recovery Racing is a brand new horse racing tipster service offered through the Betfan group. It is operated by tipster Keith Hoodless and boasts a very impressive profit in a short space of time.

What does the product offer?

According to Betfan’s sales page, Recovery Racing is the “No.1 place to be for BREATHTAKING profits”. This is a very new avenue of marketing for them, usually they are a little more subtle with their headlines. That having been said, I have to hold my hands up. If Keith Hoodless can deliver with Recovery Racing even half as consistently as the profits that he has to date, this won’t exactly be a lie. As I will get to, this fledgling service has put out some absolutely insane profits in the first few months. The question that is burning in my mind is how long this can be sustained for?

In terms of the logistics, Recovery Racing is pretty typical fare. Keith Hoodless will issue his selections on a daily basis. These are sent out via email and are also uploaded to a member’s area on the Betfan website. This is honestly about the only area that Recovery Racing is in any way typical however. As I will get to shortly, this is one of the most diverse and high volume tipster services that I have looked at for some time.

Starting with this high volume. Whilst some days will only produce a small handful of selections (and even then, you are looking at around 4). It is more often than not however that you will need to place in excess of 10 bets per day. This is quite a lot for any tipster service, however when you start to look at the staking plan that is in place, it becomes apparent how troublesome this can be.

When it comes to the types of bets that you are placing, Recovery Racing is massively varied in this area. There are plenty of single and each way bets, but Keith Hoodless seems to be really keen on doubling these up and trebling. It is also not uncommon for bets to be Trixies, Yankees and even Patents. Naturally, these more exotic bet types do involve quite a substantial initial outlay.

This leads me neatly to the staking plan. Generally speaking, the usual Betfan plan is in place. This means betting 5 points on each bet and sometimes more than this on the more exotic bet types. Whilst this may not inherently seem problematic, the numbers add up. A randomly chosen day involved staking 67 points. Another, 70 points. If you were staking to £10 per point, this would mean that you would mean betting an eye watering £670 and £700 respectively.

In terms of the strike rate, Keith Hoodless has achieved an average strike rate of 22.14% over the 4 months that  has been proofed. If I am honest, given the odds that Recovery Racing advises, this isn’t too bad a result. This has also been a relatively consistent number month to month which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

How does the product work?

Keith Hoodless claims to have been involved in betting on the horses for a considerable amount of time starting at the age of 17. He also says that at its core, Recovery Racing is successful because he sticks to what he knows. Fortunately, he goes into a fair amount of detail about what he knows. Recovery Racing is supposedly based around a lot of research, looking at things like the form, ground, breeding etc.

He also says that by looking at things like the jockey, trainer and track, he is able to see where horses may have been held back or they have been paired with a jockey with the intention of winning.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Recovery Racing is under an introductory offer which does offer a rather hefty discount. Under this offer, you are able to sign up for the service for £44 per month (actually 28 days) or quarterly (actually 90 days) at a cost of £88. Once this trial period has elapsed however , the costs do go up rather significantly.

The regular pricing for Recovery Racing is much more in line with what I would expect from a Betfan product. A monthly subscription is a rather steep £64 per 28 days. The quarterly subscription offers better value with a cost of £128 per 90 days. This is still not a cheap service however.

As is the case with anything from the Betfan group, there is unfortunately no real money back guarantee in place with Recovery Racing. The team do however state on their website that they will review any requests for refunds and where they believe it is justified, they may offer this. I wouldn’t however buy into Recovery Racing with any expectation of this being a thing.

What is the rate of return?

It is now time to get to the much lauded profits aspect of Recovery Racing. As I am writing this, the service has generated an average of almost 400 points per month, and no, that isn’t a typo. The actual total is 1598.89 points of profit. In just 2 weeks of April (the service launched on the 17th), Keith Hoodless’s selections made 105 points. May saw 407.34  points made in a month, June 629.48 points in a month. These two months alone are more than a lot of tipsters will make in a year.


I don’t think that I have been more impressed with a service than I have Recovery Racing for a considerable amount of time. Honestly, it is difficult to do anything but sing its praises. Even July has made more in a month than some tipsters will make in a year (and that is arguable the worst month to date in terms of ROI and strike rate). It is simply mind blowing how much money can be made through Recovery Racing. As of the time of writing this, I want to genuinely commend Keith Hoodless on the profits that he has generated and I really hope that the service can continue in the same vein.

Would that I could end this review there, however there are also some concerns that I have about the service. These are perhaps not surprisingly based around the bets that you will be placing. In order to make the most out of Recovery Racing and secure those big time profits, you have to stake a hell of a lot.

The ROI’s for Recovery Racing ultimately work out reasonable enough (between 40-60%), but it is hard to ignore that you have to bet substantially to make the most of this. I would even go as far as to say that you will need a pretty large betting bank to be comfortable here. Using 5 point staking, a 100 point betting bank could very easily be decimated with just a few bad days. If you have already enjoyed profits, this doesn’t make for a problem. Those new to Recovery Racing may well have to incur some rather substantial losses before they are in the black.

This all begs the question of whether or not Recovery Racing represents value for money. This is a bit of a difficult question to answer. I am of the opinion that it is clear that whilst Keith Hoodless has produced a profit so far, Recovery Racing also has the ability to go wrong very quickly. Given how much money Recovery Racing has made however, I believe that if you can afford to sustain the service, then there is definitely value for money to be had here.

I personally find Recovery Racing to be massively polarising. On the one hand, those profits are amazing. I don’t think that I have ever looked at a properly proofed tipster service that has even come close to how Recovery Racing has performed. That having been said, I do feel that there is a lot of scope for the service to backfire. If you are willing to take on the risks, then I don’t think that I can see many reasons not to take up Keith Hoodless on his service. This is definitely a tipster service that requires rather substantial commitment however. Arguably more than any other that I have looked at before.



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Thanks for all your work accessing all these services.I really enjoy reading them and nearly always agree.I had looked at this one and came to the same conclusion.Lots of potential,but way too rich for me to follow.

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