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Ref Bets is a new sports betting tipster service which is managed by tipster stable Wider Horizens. It is claimed in the marketing material that the service is operated by an FA Referee.

Introduction to Ref Bets

I want to start by saying that Ref Bets is something that almost everything related to this service is rather new to me. I am not familiar with Wilder Horizens at all, and yet despite this, they supposedly have 5 different tipster services currently on their books.

For a company that was limited in July this year, this represents some pretty substantial growth. All of this brings me to Ref Bets which is their premier football service. There is no doubting that there are some very impressive sounding claims made here. Heck, if you didn’t know much about football, you may even be inclined to be impressed.


The fact of the matter is that this is a very mixed bunch with results that and betting patterns that seem to follow very little in the way of order. With this in mind, let’s see whether or not a profit can be derived from the chaos.

What Does Ref Bets Offer?

Despite a lot of rather pretty sounding talk, when it all boils down to it, Ref Bets is a pretty straight forward tipster service in many regards.

Wilder Horizens certainly don’t appear to look to be breaking new ground in terms of how things operate. Each day you can expect to receive you betting advice via email. This will often land the night before a game, however on occasion, these will not be sent out until the morning. Some bet types are also emailed as close as 2 hours before games although these are the exception rather than a rule.

It is also worth noting that Wilder Horizens have a members area on the Ref Bets website where tips are also uploaded.

In terms of the bets themselves, Ref Bets is very much a varied affair. The quantity of bets are varied, the types of bets are varied, and as a result of this (not surprisingly) the odds that you are backing are varied. One of the specialties of the service is a focus on bets that are not necessarily typically available.

The main example which is cited is a 250/1 bet for Stones to score a header and Lingard to score from outside the area when England played Panama earlier this year. This variety happens across the board, sometimes as many as 8 bets on a given day.

Moving on to the staking plan, it says in the sales material that the tipster behind Ref Bets usually bets no more than £30 on a given bet. There isn’t however any hard and fast staking plan that appears to be in place. Realistically, Ref Bets is a service that has a number of long odds bets and backing these to high stakes will likely prove ruinous in the long term.

Lastly, I want to talk about a strike rate, or more specifically, the lack of one. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing with something like Ref Bets. The focus when it comes to bets is clear to me and that focus is not built in any way, shape or form on consistent winning. In spite of this, Wilder Horizens make frequent reference to how accurate Ref Bets’s tips actually are. Having looked at some of the bets provided by the service, I am less convinced of this. 

How Does Ref Bets Work?

We aren’t ever really told how the tipster behind Ref Bets identifies their bets. There is something of a write up included with your selections but this can be very minimal and for my money isn’t always that insightful.

Outside of this, we are told that the tipster behind the service is a former FA-Affilaited Referee and as such, theyt are able to see things during a game that most people wouldn’t necessarily look at. It is clear that there is some insight into football here, but Wilder Horizens’s claims mostly feel like they have more to do with marketing than any real foundation in reality.

What is the Initial Investment?

When you sign up to Ref Bets, you are given your first month for just £1. Once this has elapsed, the cost of the service increases to £10 per month. It should be noted that there are supposedly limited spaces for the service with Wilder Horizens saying just 100 members can join.  

Payment for Ref Bets is handled directly through Wilder Horizens and Paypal. As is common for tipster services, there is no money back guarantee in place for Ref Bets. Given the rather generous trial period that is in place, I don’t see this as counting too much against the service.

What is the Rate of Return?

At no point is there any specific claimed rate of return for Ref Bets. Instead, the marketing focusses on the profits that have been generated from individual bets.

These include some pretty big wins of 250/1. The majority are somewhat lower than this in terms of odds however. From everything that I have seen, there appears to be little in the way of structure and pattern here and as such, it is difficult to try and understand what kind of consistent income you will make from Ref Bets. Of course, the lack of real proofing doesn’t help in this regard. 

Conclusion on the Ref Bets Service

I want to be entirely honest about Ref Bets. I don’t think that it is necessarily a great service. Putting it entirely out there, I can’t help but feel like the whole thing is just a little bit all over the place and this is reflected in almost every facet that I could talk about,. From the huge and seemingly random bet types, to the way the volume of bets fluctuate, even to the fact that by and large, I don’t think that you’ll make a massive amount of money with Ref Bets.

Even the premise that the service is built on seems ludicrous to me. I don’t see how being an FA Affiliated Referee allows you the insight to see Lingard scoring from outside the box and Stones to get a header. Even the idea of being an FA Affiliated Referee doesn’t necessarily count for anything. It seems pretty unlikely to me that the tipster behind Ref Bets was necessarily at the highest level.

For those of you who are looking for a disciplined and serious football tipster service, you will likely be left wanting here.

In my opinion Ref Bets just isn’t that. With that out of the way, I find myself rather enamoured with the whole thing. There are three main reason for this. First of all, I actually rather like the chaos. It is definitely an entertaining way of betting and sometimes, this isn’t a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that the random bets that I would almost always recommend avoiding are all here.

Second of all, whilst I don’t think you will win often, there is no getting around the fact that you can win big. Some of the bets are ridiculous, but if they come in, you will certainly have a good night out off the back of it. Tying into this, there is the fact that there is definitely value for money to be had here. Ref Bets is just £10 per month and in terms of the cost of a tipster service, this is nothing.

I admit, you will not necessarily win a lot with Ref Bets, but you aren’t paying a lot either. For this, you get interesting football bets that will definitely spice up your season. When they come in, get down the pub and get a round in! For me, this is something that is very well suited to a casual punter who is looking to take the next step is also a bit of a kick, and if  this is all you want, it is a definite winner.


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From: Simon Roberts