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Review Update – Mark Johnson’s Tennis

It has been a while since we looked at Mark Johnson’s Tennis and since revisiting the service there have been a number of allegations that have arisen, namely surrounding the legitimacy of Mark Johnson himself.


It has emerged that Mark Johnson’s Tennis appears to have been providing the exact same tips as those provided by Robert Pattinson through UK Tennis Tips, a service that we reviewed favourably earlier this month.

Strangely the response to Mark Johnson’s Tennis was more lukewarm, namely due to some very shoddy copywriting, including claiming that the man had declared himself bankrupt as a results of betting on tennis. Not much of what was said in Mark Johnson’s Tennis struck me as legitimate at the time and I ultimately recommended caution whilst advising that a 60 day money back guarantee could make it worthwhile for the risk takers out there.

When it was brought to our attention that Mark Johnson’s Tennis may have been using Robert Pattinson’s tips from UK Tennis Tips we looked at a few examples and found that word for word, the two tipsters were offering the same advice. The only difference was the timing. UK Tennis Tips were sending out their advice before Mark Johnson Tennis.

This is an underhanded thing to do if Mark Johnson has been doing this and if so I rescind what little positives I had to say about Mark Johnson’s Tennis, although this was if I recall namely that there was a money back guarantee.

There is always room for overlapping in tipster services, two services may occasionally land at the same result quite by coincidence. In the case of Mark Johnson’s Tennis however there is a substantial amount of evidence to suggest that this isn’t the case here.

As a result of this it has been highlighted to us that Robert Pattinson is no longer offering out his free tips which is a terrible shame as this allowed casual punters a fun little flurry with an edge. That having been said, it is very easy to see why Robert Pattinson has made this decision. I stand by what I said in my initial review about UK Tennis Tips however and I still feel that it is one of the stronger tennis tipster services on the market.

In terms of Mark Johnson’s Tennis, I would completely ignore any further advertisements etc. for this service and if you did decide to buy into it I would personally be looking to claim a refund at this point.



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From: Simon Roberts