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Revolution Betting Review

Revolution Betting is a horse racing tipster service headed up by Emma James. It is different to the competition as it provides tips the night before a race.

What does the product offer?

Revolution Betting is a tipster service for horse racing that looks to differentiate itself from its competitors in that it sends out selections the evening before race day. According to creator Emma James, this allows users to get the best possible odds for a race. Emma James says that she will ultimately treat Revolution Betting customers as she does her closest contacts, keeping you in the loop on her latest tips.

How does the product work?

Revolution Betting seems to rely on two key aspects. Firstly is the claimed years of experience that Emma James has in as a professional bettor. This suggests a certain degree of knowledge and analysis is involved. Secondly there are the references to her list of contacts which implies that Emma James has a contact network that provides her with insight and information from various stables.

What is the initial investment?

Emma James has chosen to make Revolution Betting available for £37 for a month or double this amount for a 3 month period. It is worth noting that as Revolution Betting is a Betfan product there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of the rate of return Emma James claims that Revolution Betting has been able to produce a profit of around £6242 over a 10 week period using £25 stakes. At the time of writing Revolution Betting shows proofing of a profit of 318.99 points since December 2013.


Revolution Betting seems to be one of the better tipster products I have seen in recent times. Emma James really appears to know her stuff and this is reflected in the results that Revolution Betting has managed to achieve so far. If it is able to continue with these kinds of results then Revolution Betting is definitely going to be one to watch.



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From: Simon Roberts