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Rewarding Trading Horse Racing Review Leonardo Armando

Trading Horse Racing is a trading product which has been devised by one Leonardo Armando. There is a Forex and a Horse Racing option, however this review will be focussed on the horse racing side of things. 

Introduction to Rewarding Trading Horse Racing

Whilst there are a lot of services relating to horse racing online, there has been a huge dip in the availability of good quality trading products. That isn’t to say that they don’t exist, for example, there is a fantastic scalping course on this site that has performed phenomenally well.

Rewarding Trading Horse Racing does appear to be attempting to make some headway and Leonardo Armando certainly seems to sound like he is well placed to do this for a number of reasons. There are potentially some questions in terms of the profitability, but I will get to that a little later on. With all that out of the way, let’s have a look at Rewarding Trading Horse Racing.  

What Does Rewarding Trading Horse Racing Offer?

In terms of what you are getting, Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is actually a pretty wide ranging product.

rewarding-trading-reviewAt its core, you are paying to receive Leonardo Armando’s tips on what to trade, however being realistic, you are actually getting a comprehensive guide to trading as well as support. This makes for a much more complete package and in my opinion better demonstrates what Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is all about.

It should go without saying that you will require an account with a betting exchange in order to take advantage of Leonardo Armando’s tips. Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is based around Betfair however there is arguably potential to look at other examples (although the lack of liquidity may prove problematic). With all of that said, the first thing that I want to look at is the training manual.

It seems like a pretty obvious thing to say, but a trading product which doesn’t teach you how to effectively trade is a pointless endeavour, as such, Leonardo Armando has made this a big part of Rewarding Trading Horse Racing. 

The training manual that is included is a comprehensive beast that covers everything that you would expect and want. I would even venture that Leonardo Armando looks at a few things that some may overlook as being self explanatory or common sense. This side of Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is well written and concise and unlike most manuals doesn’t seem to be bloated to increase the sense of value.

With that covered, I want to talk about the tips side of things. As mentioned, I believe that with Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, this is ultimately what you are paying your subscription fees for. Whilst I can appreciate the work that Leonardo Armando has clearly put into his training manual, I wouldn’t pay multiple months for it.

Leonardo Armando says that these tips are sent Monday through Friday and can be sent at any time during the day. Typically speaking, Rewarding Trading Horse Racing members are notified via email however there are alternative options available. Tips come with details of the selection as well as full guidance on what to do with the information.

The final thing that I want to touch on is a networking programme that Rewarding Trading Horse Racing members are automatically enrolled to for dree.

This provides a number of additional little bonuses such as access to products that Leonardo Armando has approved, becoming part of a National Lottery Syndicate, as well as various trading competitions. Honestly, none of this really adds anything to Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, however the fact that you get it is not bad thing.

How Does Rewarding Trading Horse Racing Work?

Leonardo Armando’s background lies in video game development, interestingly enough, which of course means experience with computers.

He also says that he has been interested in online trading since around 2000. All of this bodes well and represents a strong initial  impression for Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, however as I (and I am sure anybody reading this) have discovered, this doesn’t always transfer into a good product. What it does do is provide a decent amount of insight into how Leonardo Armando is running Rewarding Trading Horse Racing.

rewarding-trading-servicesIn terms of the specifics of how selections are made and the reasoning for tips, I won’t be going into a lot of information here. There are a number of reasons for that, but ultimately, I don’t believe that it is my place to give away information that is hidden behind a paywall.

What I will say is that Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is based around the idea of laying a selection at certain odds with the expectation that the odds will go up. You then back a horse at those higher odds with a view to locking in profit. This is very much a simplification of the process with Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, however I do think it allows you to get an idea of what to expect.

What is the Initial Investment?

The pricing structure for Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is actually one of the more interesting aspects of the service. When you first sign up, you will pay a cost of £35 which is the monthly fee for Rewarding Trading Horse Racing.

For all following months, you will only pay your monthly subscription fee in the event that you have taken a profit of at least 5 points. This means that even to £10 stakes, in theory, you will make a small profit.

It is worth noting that when you come to sign up for Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, you do have to fill out an application that is sent to Leonardo Armando. This isn’t a service that lets anybody on board, however I don’t believe that this is really a bad thing.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since March 2018 (with one month off), Rewarding Trading Horse Racing has produced a profit of 79.65 points. Now, I will admit that this number really doesn’t sound great for an entire year. But there is a more poignant figure which I believe applies particularly in the case of trading products, and that is the ROI. That stands at around 12.5% which isn’t actually a terrible figure.

Another thing that should be considered with Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is that out of the 9 months Leonardo Armando has posted results for Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, there has been just one losing month (2.78 points), however, there have also been 3 months that you wouldn’t have paid subs for.  

Conclusion to Rewarding Trading Horse Racing

I don’t really know how I should feel when I look at Rewarding Trading Horse Racing. I will start at what immediately stands out though, and that is the quality of content. Leonardo Armando has undoubtedly put together a good looking package and honestly, I feel like I can’t rightfully ignore the wider quality that is on offer.

As I have talked about, the training manual is very well put together  and the ideas that are presented work well enough. Honestly, I also feel like I should simply be acknowledging the small fact that there simply aren’t many products on the market which aim to do what Leonardo Armando does with Rewarding Trading Horse Racing.

With that having been said, there are a few points to consider as well. First of all, profitability. Over what is effectively a 10 month period at the time of writing, Leonardo Armando made a profit of 80 points. That isn’t a particularly substantial amount unless you are looking at trading at quite high stakes. In order to make Rewarding Trading Horse Racing worthwhile based off this figure, I would probably be looking at £200 per point minimum for a return of £16,000.

That £16,000 number seems a little excessive, I know. But that is because Rewarding Trading Horse Racing is a trading product. Trading requires constant attention and a willingness to be at a computer for large periods of time.

As such, I would expect to make something resembling a full time income for it to be worthwhile. This isn’t something that you can necessarily just sit down and do whenever the mood takes you in order to make a little extra money.

There is a lot to process with Rewarding Trading Horse Racing.

Is it a bad product? No, I don’t think so. Is it a decent training course for trading? Yes, although I do feel that there are some better options on the market at the moment (that incidentally, don’t have a monthly fee).

But does all of that make it good enough? I’m a little bit conflicted. As mentioned, if you wanted to make Rewarding Trading Horse Racing work, you would have to invest a decent amount. With that having been said, you could also feasibly be investing that same money into a service which is offering better returns for less work (admittedly with more potential risk).

Because of this, I don’t think that I would personally use Rewarding Trading Horse Racing, however that doesn’t mean it is a bad product. Honestly, for the right person, I feel like Leonardo Armando has put a very attractive offer on the table. That niche just doesn’t extend to me.  


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