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RF Racing Tips is a relatively long standing horse racing tipster service which is operated by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of tipster, Roman.

Introduction to RF Racing Tips

The longer I have been doing this, the more often I find myself asking the question, how do you define a successful tipster service? The obvious answer is of course that it is profitable. But even that is subject to… well, subjectivity. One person’s idea of success may differ massively to that of another.

 Fortunately, it would appear that Betting Gods are able to offer some guidance on this (which happens to coincide with selling their service). You see, we are told that unlike some tipsters that use “dodgy tactics to immorally inflate their stats or are hiding their losing streaks by using out-of-control loss recovery staking”, we are told that RF Racing Tips doesn’t at all.

So, what you seemingly have here is a tipster service that is apparently the very real deal in terms of its income. Now, the results for RF Racing Tips may be beyond reproach in terms of their authenticity. But that still doesn’t necessarily mean that the end results are enough that you can call this a success. So, let’s jump in, have a look, and see whether or not it can be counted.

What Does RF Racing Tips Offer?

Whenever it comes to anything from the Betting Gods group, it is always pleasing to know that you are going to be looking at a tipster service that has been comprehensively tested. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed success for the future (and they have enough failed tipsters that I can say that with confidence), but it is a pretty good place to start.

By and large, the same can be said for RF Racing Tips as well. A bit part of this is ultimately down the fact that by now, Darren and the Betting Gods team have management of a tipster service down to a fine art. This allows them to offer a very standardised experience which is pretty much to the highest standards.

What this means for subscribers is that they can expect to receive selections on a near daily basis. He fact is that you will actually receive selections from Roman most days, but every now and then there are the odd days that don’t have bets. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though and is much better than betting for the sake of it (at least in my opinion).

As I have already said, the management of RF Racing Tips is absolutely bang on. Selections are sent directly to subscribers via email, as well as being made available in a member’s area on the Betting Gods website. There is also an app available (on iOS and Android) which is probably your best option as you receive bets as they are sent out.

One of the positives about RF Racing Tips is the time that Roman makes his bets available. Typically speaking, they will be with subscribers between 7.30am and 9am. This means that realistically, you should have time in your day to get a few bets placed, even if you work a 9-5.

In terms of the bets, selections are advised to be backed as a combination of win and each way bets with the latter making up the majority (although not by a huge amount to be honest). You receive full advice on what kind of bet to place, as well as where it is recommended you place said bet, when you receive selections.  

As you would probably expect from a tipster service that is backing that mix of win and each way bets, there is a decent range of odds that you will be betting at. Whilst Betting Gods have the average odds pinned at 7.82, this month alone there have been bets advised at 2.75 and 26.00. In spite of this, that average is probably a reasonable representation of what to expect.

Finally, I want to touch a little bit on the volume of bets. As you would expect from a tipster service that seems to take a selective approach, you don’t receive that many tips per month in the grand scheme of things (average of 47). With that said, they aren’t evenly distributed per se either with some days having 5 bets on a given day. Again, this ultimately bodes well for RF Racing Tips in my opinion.

At this point, I want to return to something that I mentioned in my introduction which is where Betting Gods talk about the fact that stats haven’t been inflated etc. Something that is very well represented by the staking plan. All bets are advised to be backed to 2 points per bet with RF Racing Tips (either 1 point each way or a 2 point win).

When this is combined with a 150 point recommended betting bank and a decent strike rate (which I will be coming to next), this does mean that RF Racing Tips represents a pretty robust thing, so long as you are willing to be disciplined.

So, that win rate. At the time of writing, it stands at 34.39% which is actually a pretty respectable number given the odds that are involved. Furthermore, it seems to be a relatively accurate portrayal of what you can expect. Whilst there have been losing streaks (as there inevitably will be), they rarely extend beyond more than 8 bets. For context, that does factor in place bets, but it is still not a bad result.  

How Does RF Racing Tips Work?

Now we come to one of the classically frustrating elements when it comes to a tipster service from Betting Gods. And that is a lack of information surrounding the selection process. Looking at Roman’s selections, it seems like you could hazard a guess at it being a value based service, but I also feel like you could look at any tipster service and say that value is a part of it.

The fact is that whilst I don’t ever believe that any tipster should be expected to give away their full selection process, I do believe that it isn’t unreasonable to provide potential subscribers with a little bit of insight. At the very least, they should be able to make an informed decision about what they are getting into.

Now, there is always a counter argument to this which says that Betting Gods provide plenty of information that shows what you can expect. And I am inclined to agree. The full proofing that is provided for RF Racing Tips definitely counts as a mitigating factor in and of itself. By looking at plenty of data, you can extrapolate certain things.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the fact that Betting Gods have taken on RF Racing Tips does mean that there has probably been some demonstrate of ability outside of proofing for a bit as well. However, I would always welcome more information that allows consumers to make the best possible choices for them.

What is the Initial Investment?

In terms of the costs that are involved, RF Racing Tips is actually very respectable. However, the pricing structure is also a little bit different to the norm. The cheapest option is a one time cost of £49.99 for 3 months. Now, you might not necessarily want to buy a quarterly subscription, but given that this cost is in line with a more expensive monthly service, there is clear value.

Alternatively, you can sign up for RF Racing Tips on a biannual basis. This is priced at a very reasonable cost of £79.99 every 6 months. Again, there is very clear value for money to be had here, even if it does mean signing up for a longer term.

With that said, whichever option you go for, your first 30 days are priced at just £1.99 which gives you a decent period of time to trial the service and see if it is a fit for you. On top of this, there is the usual full 30 day money back guarantee that exists on all products from Betting Gods.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing this, RF Racing Tips sits at an overall profit of 149.37 points. I know that in and of itself, that isn’t really impressive, however, there are a number of additional points to consider. First and foremost is the fact that this result has been attained in the relatively short space of 9 months. So, it isn’t quite as uncompetitive as it may seem. This is also an almost 100% increase on your initial betting bank.

With that said, whilst I don’t believe that Roman and Betting Gods have used 2 point stakes to, in any way shape of form, pad the results out. You do have to factor in that there have still been 2 point stakes.

It is also worth mentioning that the ROI stands at 15.84%. This is a bit more of a respectable looking number than the points profit. However, it still isn’t the sort of thing that will set the world alight.  

Conclusion for RF Racing Tips

Not every tipster service will work well for, or suit, everybody. We all have different things that we are looking for, and hugely differing expectations. This makes it very hard for those who are new to following a tipster or are engaging in “serious” betting for the first time. In fact, if you fall into that camp it’s a bit of a minefield.

The fact is that you can’t simply rely on what is going to make you the most money as a measure of whether something is right for you. Some of the most profitable services that I have looked at before now have been tipsters that just aren’t suitable for most people. This is down to the fact that you have to stake hundreds of points until those winners come in.

All of this brings me to RF Racing Tips, which frankly, is one of the better value tipster services that I think I’ve looked at for a long time. Now, this does come with some qualification. Namely that in this particular case, value does not necessarily equate to making you the most money per point spent.

In this case, it is a combination of things like the cost, your general returns, and the risk that is involved. And by and large, this is low risk and relatively low yield, however, RF Racing Tips is so inexpensive that these factors become somewhat secondary to the overall package. Which makes it something that is ideal for beginners (I was always going somewhere with that, I promise).  

The fact is that you will make a reasonable amount of money (certainly enough to make a profit). The service is well managed, so you shouldn’t find yourself spreading your outlay too thin. And, as a result of all of this, you should find that you are able to build a disciplined approach to betting. Which ultimately, will help carry you towards a more profitable future.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t flawless. Personally, I find the staking plan to be a touch high. However, with that said, I can also see why this is the approach that Roman takes. The each way bets help to keep things topped up, whilst the win bets are where the real money is. It is also a bit of a shame that there isn’t a proportionally priced monthly offering. But, with a trial for £2 and £50 per quarter, you aren’t paying huge amounts out here.

So, would I recommend RF Racing Tips? By and large, I think that I would. Betting Gods provide a very compelling argument for the service solely off the back of those results. I feel like people who are looking for a “more serious” horse racing tipster service will find that there are better options out there. But if you are getting started, this is really worth a look.


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