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Rhodium Racing is a new horse racing tipster service which is offered through the Tipster Empire stable of tipsters. It is rather different to the majority of tipsters on the market, however it still boasts some strong returns.

Introduction to Rhodium Racing

There are a lot of horse racing tipster services on the market, and as such, it can be rather difficult to find something that really stands out at you. Sometimes it can be some immense profits (at least, one the rare occasion where they are genuine), other times it can be that a service simply has an angle that I just haven’t seen before (although this is increasingly rare).

Sometimes though, it can simply be that there is a clear air of quality to a tipster service. Whilst it might be a little early into my review of Rhodium Racing, I am somewhat inclined to say that this may well be the case here.

Tipster Empire have put forward a decent offering, but what really stands out is the care and attention that the tipster behind the service puts into it. Of course, this means nothing if it isn’t making money… So is Rhodium Racing actually any good?

What Does Rhodium Racing Offer?

I’ll hold my hands up here. I have said that Rhodium Racing is rather different to the majority of tipsters and I stand by this, however that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also have a lot in common with them as well. What I mean by this is that fundamentally, you are looking at a rather straight forward daily tipster service.

Each day you receive a text message via Tipster Empire, typically between 6pm and 9pm each evening. This provides you with a link which takes you to a member’s area where you can see the selections.

Now, this is where Rhodium Racing really stands out to me. Instead of just a list of horses, races, dates and (if you’re lucky with some tipsters) odds, the tipster behind the service provides an in depth look at why he has made selections. Of course, you do get the other information as well.

In terms of the bets themselves, Rhodium Racing is made up of a combination of win and each way bets. These involve backing horses at a range of odds, however by and large there is a strong focus on middling odds. The proofing from Tipster Empire shows that the service isn’t particularly high volume, however the odd day can throw up a fair number of bets.

Moving on to the numbers side of things, I want to talk about the staking plan that is in place for Rhodium Racing. This is somewhat eclectic and ranges from just 0.25 points each way going as high as 3 points on some of the lower odds win bets and 1.5 points each way. Given that there is a starting betting bank recommended of 100 points or Rhodium Racing this should be more than enough to cover any losing streaks etc.

It is also recommended by Tipster Empire that you compound your bets in order to maximise income. This would mean that every time you made 50 points of profit through Rhodium Racing, you would increase you stakes by 50%.

This only leaves the strike rate of Rhodium Racing to discuss. There is a fair amount of range when it comes down to it, especially in terms of the odds. Naturally, you would expect that this has a knock on effect in terms of the strike rate for the service. This isn’t the case however with Rhodium Racing having a strike rate of 32.61%  which according to the proofing from Tipster Empire has been maintained since April of this year.

How Does Rhodium Racing Work?

The tipster behind Rhodium Racing say that they have been following horse racing for a number of years, however they have only been a tipster for a few years. Now, there is talk of them spending time growing their knowledge and skills. But truthfully, there is little in the way of a broad overview or system that underpins Rhodium Racing. Normally, this is something that is problematic, however here, there is no reason for concern.

This is because every selection that Tipster Empire upload come with a full description as to why a horse has been selected. These in depth analysis are what really makes Rhodium Racing stand out from the crowd.

These are incredibly detailed and they talk about why the selection has been made including  the specific factors that have been considered. As such, you can make an informed decision about which horses to back (if that is your jam), but more importantly, it allows you to garner a better idea of what to look out for in your own betting.

What is the Initial Investment?

As is the case with almost all tipster services from Tipster Empire, Rhodium Racing comes with more subscription options than you can shake a stick at. For new customers, you can receive a 28 day trial to the service for just £2.99.

After this, there is a monthly subscription which is priced at £34.99, a three monthly subscription which is priced at £87.50, a six monthly subscription which is priced at £157.50 and finally, there is a twelve month subscription which is priced at £279.99. There is no money back guarantee offered on Tipster Empire products, however I do feel that the trial period more than makes up for this.

What is the Rate of Return?

The results for Rhodium Racing are rather a mixed bunch depending on your aims. The cumulative profit since mid April is just 151.3 points, which I accept doesn’t necessarily sound like it is going to set your world alight, however, it does remain to be said that a profit is a profit. More impressive is that this works out at a monthly average of 21.7 points which, when delivered with consistency, is actually a very strong result.

And with no losing months to date, consistency isn’t a problem. The number that perhaps best encapsulates the income potential of Rhodium Racing though is the ROI. This stands at 12.6%, a respectable enough number, although a long way from some tipsters which are out there.

Conclusion on Rhodium Racing

So straight up, I have to admit that the results for Rhodium Racing aren’t necessarily the greatest. Whilst It does depend on the light in which you look at them, by and large, I can think of a number of tipster services off the top of my head that would outperform Rhodium Racing. However, and I think that this is very important to consider, I also don’t believe that they necessarily deliver a product that is comparable as an overall package.

For me, the key thing that you are paying for with Rhodium Racing is the information that comes with the tips. The tipster behind the service is clearly switched on, and a detailed paragraph goes a long way to helping to improve your own understanding of what to look out for with your own betting.

If you aren’t familiar with horse racing, it can sometimes be a better way of garnering a basic understanding than trying to trudge through the various betting systems and tutorial books that exist. This is mostly down to the fact that you are dealing with real tips from a real person. There is no theory or searching for patterns, just solid information.

One of the main things that needs to be examined here is value for money. At £35 per month, Rhodium Racing is perhaps a touch heavily priced given the performance (again, I am comparing this to similarly priced services on the market), however again, I should point out that you are also getting that information.

Whether or not you will perceive this as value for money or not will ultimately depend on what you hope to gain from a tipster service. If you want an easy second income, then you can get more for your money. If you want to develop your skills, then this represents a decent way to do so whilst still turning a profit.

Ultimately, the above statement applies to my final thoughts for Rhodium Racing as well. Tipster Empire have a well constructed product here, however I can entirely appreciate that some people are just looking for a quick and easy way of topping up their income.

If you want something with more substance than this though, then I think Rhodium Racing is worth some pretty serious consideration.


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