Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty Review

Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty is a new product from the Betfan group that is provided in conjunction with the eponymous Rick Elliott. The service looks at National Hunt horse racing.

What does the product offer?

I am actually rather enamoured with the concept of Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty with time left to tell whether or not I will enjoy the execution quite so much. The service is a rather interesting guide/tipster service hybrid that looks at select horses over the National Hunt season.  At the core of Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty is the actual guide itself.

This features a list of horses that Rick Elliot believes have a chance to shine of the next year with details provided like the name, trainer and type (whether it races in hurdle, chase of bumper races) as well as financial details like the projected target for the season, best odds and which bookmaker to use.

Many of the horses that have been selected for Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty have also been selected as having the potential to run at Cheltenham and Aintree next year, both massive events on the horse racing calendar.

There is also a staking plan that is based around a percentage of your betting bank. The strike rate for the tips issued by Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty stand at 47.06%.

How does the product work?

It is quite apparent that Rick Elliot knows his stuff and signing him is something of a coup for the Betfan group.

The selection process isn’t something that is explored in too much detail however with the sales material simply saying that the Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty guide is the result of “several years of careful observation” and that the horses chosen are those suited to major festival races.

What is the initial investment?

There is just one option available for Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty which is a monthly subscription at a cost of £15.50 per month. As is typical with products from the Betfan stable, there is no money back guarantee in place as such however the team say that they will review refund requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since going live, Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty has produced a profit of 17.45 points which is not a huge amount of profit for the month. It is definitely of note however that this represents an ROI of 105.62% which is a very strong result.


The concept behind Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty appears to be a decent enough one and so far, there have been a few winners which leads me to believe that there is potential for the future. At the moment, the profits are a long way from some services however I can only see this improving.

What is interesting about Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty is that it offers something a little bit different to the norm and I do like the idea of having a number of horses to keep an eye on and root for.

In terms of the future, the fact that Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty will also be turning to some of the big festivals is a bonus and helps stretch the value further. More than anything else, I feel that given the cost, Rick Elliot’s Thrifty Fifty represents fantastic value for money.


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