Risk Free Loophole Seminar Review

Risk Free Loopholes is a seminar by Rene Trost that is to be his first in the UK. He will teach users the system he utilises to operate as a “risk-free professional”.

What does the product offer?

Rene Trost is a professional gambler that claims to have been working successfully in his native Austria for six years successfully. On November 30th Mr. Trost will be hosting a one off seminar at a secret location in Birmingham. The placement is restricted to 35 members who will each receive further information upon signing up. As well as his primary system Mr. Trost will look to teach attendees to his seminar a further two methods of gambling.

How does the product work?

The system used by Mr. Trost is similar to an arbitrage system but utilises real time and in play betting in order to protect his winnings. He claims that this was discovered when some friends of his who worked at a bookmakers in Austria allowed him to start using his laptop on the premises. By comparing the odds then he discovered the foundation of the system.

What is the initial investment?

Attendance for the seminar costs £2000 for one of the 35 places available.

What is the rate of return?

The returns promised seem to vary from method to method. The minimum that is offered is one of Mr. Trost’s many methods that he claims will produce returns of £50 per day. This is his “lazy” method for people who don’t want to put much work into what they are doing, so one can reasonably assume that full utilising methods can bring in the income that Mr. Trost claims which is around £40,000 per year.


The fact that Mr. Trost has plied his trade outside of the UK up until now could potentially be a cause for concern as subtle variations in betting practices from one country to the next may well be applicable here. There is also the very high cost of £2000 for a one day seminar, especially where there are online options for less than one tenth the price. There is also no returns policy should you be unhappy with the system or if you do not make money.

Final thoughts on this? It has a whiff of old school scamming about it. Mr. Trost comes over, charges a fortune to attend his seminar and then disappears back to his native Austria with the money. I am not claiming that this IS the case, but with the online market the way it is I do not see the reasoning behind hosting this in person unless you wish to avoid leaving details people can trace. Personally, I would avoid this and invest in other programs elsewhere that are infinitely more affordable.



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From: Simon Roberts