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RM Greyhound Lays is a new to market greyhound racing tipster service which is provided through the Tipsters Empire stable of tipsters. It has showed some impressive and consistent results to date.

Introduction to RM Greyhound Lays

If there is one thing that I like to see, it is a successful tipster doing well for themselves. So, when a tipster stable partners with a tipster for the second time, it is generally an indicator that this is going on. If a tipster is struggling, it simply isn’t very often that you will see a larger company offering their services a second time. As such, when I see this happening, I am inclined to little bit excited.

This is important to keep in mind because RM Greyhound Lays, is not the first time out for “RM”. In fact, I reviewed his main greyhound betting service rather positively. Well, now they are back, this time looking at lay bets. And given how well the previous win based service did, I think that there are a lot of reasons to believe that a lay betting based service can be even better. Factor in the involvement of Tipsters Empire as a well experienced management team and things look good.

So far, so good. Right? Well, as much as I’d like to sing the praises of RM Greyhound Lays from the off, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot involved with lay betting. In theory, it is very easy to pick out the wrong dog. In reality, lay betting is a very skilled and nuanced approach to betting that comes with its own pitfalls. So, let’s dive in and see if Tipsters Empire can deliver once again

What Does RM Greyhound Lays Offer?

I won’t lie to you. There is inevitably some overlap between this review, and my look at RM Greyhound Tips. I will be comparing and contrasting some elements and also making some points again, but you can rest assured that this will only be where necessary. Because the fact is that whilst there are of course differences between a win based service and a laying one, there is also that overlap.

Now, one of the things that I said about RM Greyhound Tips way back when that I will stand by with RM Greyhound Lays is the (obvious) fact that you are betting on greyhound racing. This is a bit of a niche area in the betting world. As is lay betting. This means that pretty much from the get go, you are getting a service that will fit nicely into a lot of portfolios.

This is the kind of thing you could say about RM Greyhound Lays just because there aren’t that many genuine contenders that fit this mould. But the fact is that the involvement of Tipsters Empire does go some way to increasing the worth of this.

The fact is that you are signing up with an experienced management service and that shows in a number of elements. Especially in terms of the logistics of following RM Greyhound Lays. First things first, when selections are made available, they are of course sent out via email. But Tipsters Empire also issue a text with the details of the tips, as well as a link to the member’s area.

This allows you to log in online and see a write up on why a selection has been made. This is also included with the email. This sounds like the kind of thing that you should probably just expect from a tipster, but it isn’t a common thing. It also counts a lot in favour of RM Greyhound Lays for reasons that I will explore a little later on.

As a final note in terms of the logistics, all of the information is made available at some point from later in the afternoon through to the early evening. One of the good thing about lay betting is that as long as you are able to place your bets before the off, the odds involved aren’t as big a part of the service. Which means even if you work a 9-5, this is still usable.

Which does bring me to the bets themselves. Obviously, RM Greyhound Lays is a lay betting service. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, it effectively means betting against an outcome (in this case, a dog winning). This specialist bet type means that you will need an account with a betting exchange. As always, Betfair is recommended for liquidity, but there are alternatives available elsewhere.

At this point, I am going to contradict myself, but keep with me. When you lay a bet, you receive a flat amount as your return. However, if the dog you have layed wins, then you pay out at those odds (minus 1.0). So whilst you should aim to lay at the lowest odds that you can, they don’t carry quite the same weight as backing to win.

This leads me on to the subject of staking and the betting bank. For some context, the two biggest losing lay bets advised through RM Greyhound Lays were two dogs who were layed at 21.14 and 20.71 each. Both unfortunately on the same day. This means a loss of 39.85 points using the recommended 1 point stakes per bet. That stings, but it is also a very rare occurrence, mathematically speaking.

What it does mean though is that there is an indisputable need for a decent betting bank. One that can absorb this kind of draw-down, because, you will only be wining 0.95 points when your bet is successful. Fortunately, Tipsters Empire say that there is a 200 point betting bank advised which is more than enough to cover this.

It is worth noting however that there is a compounded staking plan in place. Effectively, Tipsters Empire say that when your betting bank increases by 100 points, you should increase your bets by 50%.

Now, we come to the best part of any lay betting tipster service. The strike rate. Tipsters Empire’s proofing shows that 85.78% of bets have proven profitable through RM Greyhound Lays. And given that the majority of those losing bets have been at very low odds (which means paying out less), that is a very impressive result indeed. 

How Does RM Greyhound Lays Work?

In terms of how RM Greyhound Lays works, there is ultimately only one answer that matters, and that boils down to the write ups that the tipster behind the service includes. These are generally relatively brief, but they tell you exactly why a dog has been chosen. Typically, this focuses on the traits that a dog is lacking and how that will impact its run out.

But there is definitely a bit more to it than this. As I explored when I reviewed RM Greyhound Tips, the tipster behind the service has spent a lot of time involved in the greyhound industry. This includes working with a number of trainers, as well as track-side. This experience inevitably has some influence on the selection process.

As well as this background we are given a little bit of additional insight where we are told by Tipsters Empire that the tipster behind the service is “looking for negatives, and dogs that I think are under-priced and worth taking on to lose, based on many factors”. For my money, this is all more than adequate in terms of information.

You get an introduction to the tipster behind RM Greyhound Lays, you get his reasoning for picking that particular dog. Honestly, I don’t know what more you could reasonably ask for. But if you do feel that this isn’t enough, Tipsters Empire do provide very comprehensive proofing for the service. As such, you can always look at that to get an idea of what to expect for the future.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a good few options available if you want to “subscribe” to RM Greyhound Lays (I opted to put subscribe in quotation marks as Tipsters Empire’s subscriptions do not automatically renew. Instead, you get a notification 5 days before it expires). These cover a range of different lengths, outlays, and value.

Starting out, there with the cheapest option, there is a 28 day trial for new customers. This is priced at £2.99. Once it has elapsed, you have the option of signing up to a monthly subscription at a cost of £34.99. Offering somewhat better value, you can get three months of access to RM Greyhound Lays for £87.50.

The best value from Tipsters Empire comes from signing up for longer subscriptions. A six month subscription is priced at a £157.50. A full year of access to RM Greyhound Lays comes with the highest outlay at £279.99, however this works out at a monthly equivalent of £23.33.This of course means savings of about £12 per month which isn’t a trifling amount.

One thing to note is that Tipsters Empire do not offer any real money back guarantee on their services. They say that you can contact the support team if you wish, however they don’t typically provide refunds. For longer subscriptions, you may be able to obtain a partial refund, however this is subject to an administration fee.

What is the Rate of Return?

Tipsters Empire began proofing for RM Greyhound Lays at the start of November last year. During this proofing period, some 2 months have seen no betting due to Covid-19. This means that the results are better viewed as being about 6 months rather than the 8 that it technically has been around. During this period, there has been a profit of £1,878 to £10 stakes.

That means that you are looking at a points profit of 187.8 points. This is in turn an average monthly income of 25.3 points. That really isn’t a bad result at all. Also providing context on these results is an average ROI of 20.7% at the time of writing. This does somewhat reflect on the volume of bets involved though which errs towards the high side. 

Conclusion for RM Greyhound Lays

One of the things that most immediately stands out about RM Greyhound Lays for me is just how niche it is, whilst still being based around markets that have liquidity. In order to explain this, I need to come back to the idea of a betting portfolio. Something that I have talked about a number of times before.

If you take betting seriously and have a predilection to tipster services, it makes sense to have a variety of different tipster services that you follow. This means that when one isn’t profitable, in theory, the others are able to pick up the slack and keep you in profit. However, it is pointless doing this with the same sports over and over because there will inevitably be some overlap.

With that in mind, something like RM Greyhound Lays fits the bill nicely. Most people will overlook greyhound racing in favour of betting that is… Well, more glamorous. But what this sport does provide you with is consistency. And when this is combined with lay betting, a bet type that by its nature offers lower risk, well, it has the potential to be an integral part of any portfolio.

Especially when you factor in that ultimately, RM Greyhound Lays is just very good looking tipster service. In the time that Tipsters Empire have been proofing it, there have been no losing months. Furthermore, a look through said proofing shows that with the exception I already mentioned, there have been no significant losing periods.

But even putting that bottom line to one side, the tipster behind RM Greyhound Lays has put together a very well rounded tipster service. Factoring in the inclusion of things like a write up on why bets have been selected, the strike rate, the mitigated risk and consideration for potential drawdown. This really does look to be a complete package.

There is also a lot of value to be had as well. Even at its highest price point of £35 per month, RM Greyhound Lays simply isn’t that expensive. I always say that anywhere from £30-£40 per month is roughly what I would be looking to pay. Tipsters Empire have priced this slap bang in the middle. But of course, you can drastically improve that value with a longer subscription period.

But it isn’t all peaches and cream. One thing that I haven’t really touched on so far is just how high volume RM Greyhound Lays is as a service. Most days will see anywhere between 8 and 11 bets advised. That is a pretty substantial number of bets to place.

Furthermore, whilst there has only been one significant losing streak to date, it is undoubtedly substantial. And all off just 2 bets. I can look at the data and deem this an anomaly, and I’m pretty sure I’d be right. But it would also be remiss of me to simply dismiss this out of hand as well.

On balance, I think that RM Greyhound Lays is a very good looking service. It can be very easy to get caught up in hype in this game, and I think it is important to keep those negative points I’ve mentioned in mind. But honestly, if you are looking for a good lay betting service, or a good greyhound betting service… Well, I can say with confidence that on both fronts, you could do worse than this.  


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