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RM Greyhound Tips is a greyhound racing tipster service which his being offered by through the Tipsters Empire stable of tipsters. It has provided some pretty reasonable profit to date.

Introduction to RM Greyhound Tips

I feel like I say this every time that I look at a tipster service related to greyhound racing, but there don’t seem to be that many options on the market. Given how many times I’ve said that, I could now be wrong, but I will maintain that it is a bit of a niche market. The fact of the matter is that there just aren’t as many people betting on greyhound racing as there once was.

None the less, the fact that it is a bit of a niche betting market simply makes it more apparent to me that finding a decent tipster can be a solid way of building your betting portfolio. Todays subject, RM Greyhound Tips, may well be a decent opportunity to do just that.

Tipsters Empire claim some very respectable profits for the service. Furthermore, a look over how the tipster works and his relationship with dog racing create some even more compelling reasons. Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but there is some decent potential to RM Greyhound Tips with a lo of positives behind the service. Is it a worthy addition to your portfolio though? 

What Does RM Greyhound Tips Offer?

It isn’t often that I get to say this, but there is actually quite a lot on offer with RM Greyhound Tips. And this is almost entirely down to the way that the tipster behind the service (who goes unnamed) operates things. There are also elements that Tipsters Empire bring in terms of their management of the service that also help it to stand out.

I will admit that saying that a service does things differently can mean a lot of things with tipsters. But what I like here is that the setup of things means that you get everything you need, in the best possible ways. So, with that management element being one of the most impressive things going on with RM Greyhound Tips, let’s have a look at what exactly makes it special.

First things first. You don’t actually receive selections from Tipsters Empire via email. This is a far cry from the industry standard, but I actually think that their approach of notifying you of selections via text message is actually preferable.

The fact of the matter is that in this day and age, we almost always have our mobile phones on us. And whilst the modern smartphone does include the capacity to access email wherever and whenever, it can be a bit like a wall of noise. We receive that many emails and that much spam and rubbish, it is easy to overlook. Unlike a text message which is very much “there”.

The initial text that you receive only contains some pretty basic information, although there is enough there for you to pop into a bookies or jump online and place the bets. But that isn’t the real trick of RM Greyhound Tips, because you also receive a link to a member’s area on the Tipsters Empire website.

Here you are given a full and detailed write up on why a given dog has been chosen. This allows you to assess why the reasoning that the tipster behind RM Greyhound Tips has used. There are no questions about why you are placing a bet with a solid paragraph of information talking about things like times, form, the track, etc. All of which also helps improve your own knowledge.

The selections that are issued typically go out on the morning of racing “as soon as prices firm up”, however you may also receive tips the evening before a race. Given that greyhound racing usually starts late morning and runs till late in the evening, this should give you time to get bets placed. 

In terms of the bets themselves, RM Greyhound Tips is a very straight forward affair. You will almost exclusively be dealing with straight win bets (with the occasional each way bet also advised). These cover a decent range of odds for dog racing and will involve betting at less than evens, going all the way up to bets as high as 7/1.

There is also a consistency to the volume of bets with Tipsters Empire’s proofing showing that most days, you will be looking at no more than three or four bets (although typically much lower numbers are involved). It should be noted that RM Greyhound Tips isn’t a daily service, and there are in fact a few no bet days.

One of the things that I do find to be noteworthy about RM Greyhound Tips is that the tipster behind the service has a very clear staking plan. They will advise bets to be backed at anywhere from 1 point per bet, all the way up to 3 points on a given bet. Given that this larger number is rarely utilised, it means that your betting bank of 150 points is plenty.

On top of this, there is also a compounding element. For every 75 points that your betting bank increases by, you are then advised to increase your stakes by 50%. This does have the potential to massively increase your profits in the longer term, however RM Greyhound Tips is also profitable to level stakes as well.

Finally, I want to discuss the strike rate. I have seen a lot of greyhound tipster services that have struggled here, often having scintillating initial form, only for it to drop off. Tipsters Empire’s proofing shows an average strike rate of 41.6% for RM Greyhound Tips though which is actually a pretty accurate reflection of what you can expect. 

How Does RM Greyhound Tips Work?

Tipsters Empire tell us a lot about how the tipster behind RM Greyhound Tips works. This includes a background in greyhound racing from childhood and time spent working both for trainers and tracks. We are told that this time spent has allowed for insight into greyhound racing that your average punter may not have.

This includes looking a lot at certain trainers as they apparently “have different systems & trends, some good, some not so good”. We are also told that the tipster behind RM Greyhound Tips tends to focus on just a few tracks. Presumably, this allows him to better understand what traits to look for in a dog.

Of course, on top of this, you also get that full write up on why a given selection has been made. Whilst this doesn’t render having a wider understanding of the tipsters approach moot (I think it gives you a good idea of what to expect from RM Greyhound Tips in the long term), there is no denying that ultimately, you will always know exactly why a bet has been advised.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a lot of different options that are available if you want to “subscribe” to RM Greyhound Tips (you should note that Tipsters Empire’s subscriptions do not automatically renew, however you do get a notification 5 days before it expires). These cover a range of different lengths, outlays, and value.

Starting out, there is a 28 day trial for new customers which is priced at £2.99. Once this has elapsed, you have the option of signing up to a monthly subscription at a cost of £34.99. Offering slightly better value, you can get three months of access to RM Greyhound Tips for £87.50.

The best value from Tipsters Empire comes from signing up for longer subscriptions. A six month option is priced at a cost of £157.50. A full year of access to RM Greyhound Tips will cost you the highest outlay at £279.99, however this works out at a monthly equivalent of £23.33 meaning it does offer the most bang for your buck.

Unfortunately, Tipsters Empire do not offer any real money back guarantee on their services. They say that you can contact the support team if you wish, however they don’t typically provide refunds. For longer subscriptions, you may be able to obtain a partial refund, however this is subject to an administration fee.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since the end of April, Tipsters Empire have been proofing RM Greyhound Tips. In this time, it has made a profit of 125.19 points. At a glance, this doesn’t necessarily sound like a massive amount, however there are a number of figures that I believe suggest otherwise.

First of all, that number covers just 6 months. This means that to £10 stakes, your average monthly profit at the time of writing would be £230.42. I have known a lot of services that have performed much worse than that. On top of this, whilst that number is an average, there has been just one losing month in that period which was around 12 points.

When you factor in that RM Greyhound Tips has surpassed a 75 point profit and you would have upped your stakes, you begin to see the potential in the service. That £230 average would now stand at a theoretical £345 per month, and that is a very attractive number.

But, if you really want to see where RM Greyhound Tips is succeeding though, you only need to look at the ROI that Tipsters Empire provide. 30.79% is the number on the sales page, however, at the time of writing this is actually closer to 33%. A solid looking figure indeed.

Conclusion for RM Greyhound Tips

I have seen enough greyhound racing tipsters come and go to know that there are never any guarantees (although you could say that about any tipster really). This seems to be down to the nature of the sport, but that doesn’t mean that some tipster services can’t be better or worse than others.

In the case of RM Greyhound Tips, I genuinely believe that it is one of the more potentially decent services that I have seen. Of course, there have been ups and downs, but I’m yet to see a tipster service that doesn’t have that. It’s just a part and parcel of the proverbial game.

There is definitely a lot of profit potential here and that is ultimately what I think a lot of people care about. That compounding that Tipsters Empire have implemented really does what it sets out to do and boosts the potential profit quite substantially without ever stretching your betting bank and risk too much.

On top of this, I think that the pricing is pretty reasonable. £35 per month is there or there about what you should expect to pay. It isn’t a bargain by any stretch of the imagination, but it is probably a fair price.

Especially when you factor in that in many respects, there is more goes into the production and management side of RM Greyhound Tips than most tipster stables will offer. This includes the option to receive text messages (something that I don’t understand why it isn’t offered across the industry) and write ups on the selections (something that I would like to see offered across the industry).

Honestly, I think that everything that needs to be thought about has been here. The betting bank should be more than robust enough to take a hit from even the worst of losing streaks. Given that the most substantial of these to date though is just 10 bets, RM Greyhound Tips hasn’t even come close to needing to lean into that large bank.

So, with all of this in mind, if you are looking for a greyhound tipster service, then RM Greyhound Tips is probably one of the better options on the market. It covers a decent niche and has produced some strong profits. Especially if you are willing to take on the compounding plan (something I know not everybody will be keen to do).


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