Rob Brown Betting Review

Rob Brown Betting is a long standing tipster service that is operated by the eponymous Rob Brown. The service takes a long term approach to betting, although it has had some mixed results recently.  

Introduction to Rob Brown Betting                            

I’ve been doing this for some time now and it isn’t all that often that something lands on my desk that really jumps out at me. Recently though, I’ve seen a few new and exciting things. One of them is the subject of today’s review. Now, this is a service that appears to tick a lot of boxes. It is based around long standing results, a betting philosophy that I can definitely get behind. And perhaps most importantly of all, it’s a bit niche. You see, I’m always looking for potential new angles for betting and the potential profit they can bring.

 So, let’s talk about Rob Brown Betting a little bit. Something, somewhere in the depths of my mind tells me that I’ve looked at tipster services that deal with MMA before. But I do know that they are few and far between. So, straight away this is interesting because of that. Now, that might have gotten a foot in the door, but what really opened up to me here is that this is a service that seemingly has bags of potential. You see, Rob Brown has seemingly been producing results for 6 years straight. That is one hell of a result.

Of course, whilst there are definitely some outstanding things here, there are also some very serious considerations to make. Firstly, whilst there may have been a profit for 6 out of 6 years for Rob Brown Betting, there is definitely some context required for this. On top of that… well, my initial response here is that you might actually struggle to get much value for money from Rob Brown’s tips. The million dollar question here then is a simple one. Are there enough positives here to outweigh the negatives? Let’s find out.  

What Does Rob Brown Betting Offer?

One of the things that I tend to find quite interesting when I look at tipster services that are based around what I would call “event sports”, is that they end up having quite a unique structure. In the case of Rob Brown Betting, the focus is on MMA with UFC cropping up a lot. And this impacts many elements of Rob Brown’s tipster service and what you can expect from it.

For example, one of the things that stands out to me initially is how the service is effectively managed. Generally speaking, tips are issued on a weekly basis. This is of course simply because there isn’t all that much MMA that you can bet on. At least, not without getting into some of the more niche promotions and of course, there are problems that come with that. But it does mean that Rob Brown Betting is generally a pretty quiet service.

The thing is, whilst it isn’t generally busy in terms of “day to day” betting, when there are events on, there is loads of betting to do. Now, this is ultimately what I think that most people would expect, but I always think it is worth mentioning that a service can go from nothing to as many as 6 bets in a given day.

In terms of how the service is actually managed, I think that Rob Brown does a very good job and knows what his audience want and expect. Selections are made available through a member’s area on the Rob Brown Betting website. But to simply refer to them as selections feels like I’m doing a huge disservice to what is actually on offer here. Because it is really very good.

As well as the details about the bets that you are placing (I’ll come to these a little later on), you also get full and comprehensive analysis about fights on the card. This ultimately explains why Rob Brown has issued a tip with Rob Brown Betting. This is something that I have always referred to as “the gold standard” when tipping, and it is good to see it here.

Now, let’s talk about the bets themselves. Because there is a little bit more to Rob Brown Betting than I’ve discussed. You are betting on a variety of different betting markets, but Rob Brown tends to stick to two main ones. Picking the winner of a fight, and how long the fight will actually last. Occasionally, a fighter may be backed to knock out an opponent. All ultimately pretty straightforward.

These are all referred to as “prefight picks”, and they are exactly that. Rob Brown seems to prefer Pinnacle for his bookie of choice, but realistically, you do get enough time with Rob Brown Betting that you can shop around for odds if you are so inclined. Realistically though, I haven’t seen a huge amount of range in terms of available odds when looking at this.

Whilst we’re talking odds, this is an area where I think you have to have quite tempered expectations. Rob Brown Betting isn’t a service that is going to produce massive wins. The goal here is win small and often, and that is reflected in the lower odds betting. Typically speaking, you don’t tend to back at more than 3/1.

But wait, there’s more! Something that is truly unique about Rob Brown Betting is that you also get access to a private Discord server (effectively, a closed forum/messaging board of sorts). Here, Rob Brown offers live betting tips for UFC events, as well as “Alternative commentary from a betting perspective”. This is something that is really quite impressive from Rob Brown.

When you bring all of this together with the prefight picks, you can end up staking quite a lot on the night. This is down to a staking plan from Rob Brown that can involve putting up to 4 points on a single bet. This does make some sense for Rob Brown Betting as a wider service, but it would be remiss of me not to point out how quickly this can add up.

Fortunately, one of the biggest selling points of Rob Brown Betting is that it has a really quite remarkable strike rate. At the time of writing, 436 bets out of 711 have won. That puts Rob Brown at a really admirable win rate of 61.32%. One of the highest numbers I have seen for a backing based system. Even more impressive is that this has been sustained over some 6 years.  

How Does Rob Brown Betting Work?

One of the reasons that I refer to any tipster service that provides analysis and talks about why a bet has been picked as “the gold standard” is that there is no confusion about why you’re backing said bet. That should be the case with every tipster service in my opinion. And of course, you get that with Rob Brown Betting. Rob Brown will talk in depth about why he fancies fighters, what to expect, etc. And you are always informed.

One of the reasons that I like this is that there is no place for a tipster to hide. You can’t just pick names out of thin air and hope for the best. I also think that it can be a helpful tool when you’re losing too. If I know a tipster knows their sport well, and they hit a bad run, I don’t worry. There will typically be a return to form. This the polar opposite of thinking “their luck has run out”. And it seems to me that Rob Brown really knows his sport. In fact, Rob Brown Betting is a very impressive service in this regard.

The fact is that Rob Brown just seems to really understand what he is talking about when it comes to MMA. This isn’t just on display in the analysis, but providing that alternative commentary. A live focus on both what is happening in the sport as well as discussing how this affects the betting is really something that is difficult to pull off. As such, I do believe that Rob Brown Betting has some very solid foundations.

As well as all of this insight into how Rob Brown Betting works, what Rob Brown is about etc. you also get some very comprehensive proofing included. This gives you a very good idea of what you can expect from the service, how things are likely to play out, etc. Ultimately, this proves to be something that potentially works against the service however, as I will explore a little later on.  

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the biggest problems that immediately stands out with Rob Brown Betting is that it is simply incredibly expensive. There are 3 different packages that Rob Brown offers and whilst they definitely differ in terms of the value that is on offer, as well as the overall outlay, none of them are what I would call affordable.

The first option is a monthly subscription. This is priced at $79.99 per month For some context, that is about £60. There is somewhat greater value to be had if you sign up on a quarterly basis. This comes in at $199.99 every 3 months. The best value is to sign up to Rob Brown Betting for a full year, however, with a cost of $599.99, it is by a considerable margin the most significant outlay.

Something that is worth noting is that if you sign up for Rob Brown Betting, there is no money back guarantee or refund period on the service. This isn’t something that Rob Brown mentions as an option, and because payment for the service is handled directly via Paypal, there isn’t much recourse available to you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Rob Brown has been in this game for a long time. Proofing for Rob Brown Betting actually started all the way back in January of 2016. That is a hell of a time for a tipster service to be around. In that time, the profit made has come out at 247.1 points. That is really quite modest. Especially when you factor in that these numbers are booster to some degree by the multiple point staking plan.

Adding to the quite valid concerns about the income potential is the fact that over the last 12 months, Rob Brown made just 5.8 points of profit. Admittedly, this is boosted a little bit if you’re following in play betting advice, but those are some remarkably low returns.

Conclusion for Rob Brown Betting

In this line of work, sometimes there are certain things that you simply have to acknowledge. For better or for worse. One such thing that I find myself having to dace down really quite often is that a perfectly decent tipster service doesn’t necessarily have to merit a recommendation. And that is definitely the case with Rob Brown Betting.

To be clear, I have a lot of respect for what Rob Brown is doing here. I think that he knows MMA very well. Adding to that, I have to acknowledge that what he is doing with Rob Brown Betting is really good. I like the time and effort that is put into the service, and the forward thinking with things like the member’s Discord.

Unfortunately, as I often say with this sort of service, the bottom line is the bottom line. As such, whilst that longer term profit is something that I can appreciate to some degree (although, you’d still be looking at about 30 points a year there, so it isn’t exactly massive), the recent form is something that is greatly concerning.

I always try to see the good when I look at a new service, and I cannot stress enough that I believe there is good in Rob Brown Betting. But if you’d taken the best value option and paid for the full year, and staked at the really quire considerable stakes of £100 per point, you’d still be down on that subscription cost. As a tipster, I think covering the cost of your service is the bare minimum you should be doing.

 All of this strikes me as being quite the shame. I’d have loved to have seen Rob Brown Betting succeed. And I am sure that there are some people out there who would make the argument that it has. A 60% strike rate isn’t nothing, and if you scale up your stakes enough, then there is a consistent profit to be had here. But the fact is that my target audience aren’t necessarily that sort of bettor.

In my mind, if you have to put down more than £100 a point to justify your returns, it isn’t a service that is really worth considering. Which is a shame here because I really do believe that there are some solid foundations. For my money though, there are simply too many issues in terms of extracting… well, any value from Rob Brown Betting, and that means that it is a no go for me.  


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