Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips Review

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips is the newest product to be offered through the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. It is a horse racing based service operated by the eponymous Robert Fraser and it places a focus on betting to starting prices.

What does the product offer?

Given the fact that the Betting Gods team have historically shown a strong output when it comes to their tipsters, I was rather excited by the prospect of something new with Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips. I have to hold my hands up however and say that I wasn’t really prepared for quite how impressive the service would be. There are a number of reasons that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips has managed to do this that I wil explore over the course of this review.

In terms of what you are actually getting into, Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips is rather straight forward. Robert Fraser issues an average of 30-40 selections each month, all of which are issued via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Betting Gods website. Because Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips simply focuses on providing win and place bets too, the service is well suited to novices or those who don’t want to spend too much time finding the best value and placing multiple bets etc.

Because Robert Fraser has ultimately chosen to focus on the starting price with Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips, this does however mean that you will need an account with a betting exchange. The service recommends using Betfair and given their status of the largest betting exchange on the market, this is advice that I would be inclined to follow.

This only really leaves the numbers to look at and this is an area where I feel that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips is on slightly shakier grounds. The stkaing plan that Robert Fraser has chosen to implement for Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips is relatively straight forward with bets ranging from 0.5 points all the way up to 5 points. It is also worth pointing out that all of the figures for profits etc. are based on £10 per point bets. This can mean losing up to £70 on a single horse (there are often recommendations on both a win and single bet for one horse).

Whilst I profess to having some mild concerns about the staking plan (at least in part down to my generally conservative approach to betting), the strike rate and the winning streaks do a good job of both vindicating and combating my opinions here. The overall strike rate for Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips is 37.5% which is a decent number to maintain over 3 months whilst the longest winning streak is 5 wins. This has happened twice. On the other hand, the longest losing streak is 10 bets and involved losing 17 points in just a few days.

What is the initial investment?

The Betting Gods team offer 3 options for those who wish to subscribe to their services. These are a monthly subscription, a quarterly and a lifetime option. The monthly option is charged at £49.95 per month with the first 30 days available for just £1. The quarterly subscription costs £119.95 per quarter and also comes with a 30 day trial for £1. The lifetime subscription is seemingly rather pricey at £539.95 however long term, this does represent the best value.

What is the rate of return?

Since it went live towards the start of February, Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips has produced an overall profit of £1335.10 (although the service did peak at about  £1,400). This represents a very impressive 133.5 points to the recommended £10 stakes.  What really makes the service stand out as special to me however is the ROI which is a very respectable 49.17%.


I have found Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips to be somewhat divisive for a number of reasons, however ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that it is a decent service, arguably one of the better examples that I have looked at for a few months. There is one main area that I feel that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips doesn’t deliver and this is on the potential risk (the staking plan and loss potential is rather significant) and there is also possibly a lack of value for money.

Addressing he value for money of Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips first, the service has put out a consistent profit and this is the bottom line of any product that is designed to make money online. Had you bet to £10 stakes, you could now have covered a lifetime subscription twice and in this regard, I feel that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips proves itself. It is more at the monthly levels where you will pay £60 (inclusive of VAT) per month that I think the value gets eaten into. This would mean taking 6 points of profit per month which can add up.

The risk aspect is something that is part of the territory with any tipster service and to his credit, I don’t think that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips has ever been through an unreasonable patch. In fact, truth be told, even when Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips had its losing streak this only lasted a few days. What is really important is how Robert Fraser can guide the service in the long run and whilst I don’t say this too often, I can see him being a success.

The fact is that there is very little in the way of gimmickry with Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips. This is a solid tipster service which sets out to do a job and generate profit for subscribers. It does this. Furthermore, in committing to using BSP, Robert Fraser is almost operating at a handicap (or he knows something that I don’t, probably the latter). This suggests to me that he is no flash in the pan and that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips will be around for some time.

With all of this in mind, despite a high price I feel that Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips is a service that is definitely worth your consideration.



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