Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips Review

Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips is a sports betting tipster service offered through the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. It does exactly what it says on the tin with Robert Fraser providing his personal tips for tennis from around the world.

What does the product offer?

One of the things that I particularly enjoy about products from the Betting Gods is that there is very little in the way of unnecessary fluff surrounding their pitch. This no nonsense approach shows through in a number of different ways with Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips and to credit both the Betting Gods team and Robert Fraser himself. With this increasingly rare approach to betting in mind, let’s look at exactly what you get with Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips.

First things first are the logistics surrounding Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips. This essentially boils down to how Robert Fraser runs his service and it is actually a very important thing to keep in mind. The fact is that some tipsters can be fantastic right up until they take a knock somewhere and then they start losing. So, what are you signing up for with Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips?

As a service Robert Fraser issues selections on an almost daily basis. This is quite a feat for a tennis tipster and it is one of the things that really makes Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips stand out from other services. In terms of the volume of bets, this also remains wildly varied. Some days have you just placing just a solitary selection whilst others can easily get up to as many as 7 bets in a single day.

Of course with this number of bets per day, there has to be some variety and this is yet another avenue where Robert Fraser delivers. With bets that are set out to Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips subscribers ranging from obvious things such as players to win, to how much a player will win buy (both sets and games) and even predictions on the overall length of a tennis match. All of these allow Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips to advise some decent value odds, something that can often be lacking when it comes to tennis betting.

All of this only really leaves the numbers side of things to address with the staking plan being the first thing that I want to look at. Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips initially started out staking between 1 and 3 points per bet. This is a sensible enough approach, especially if you factor in a starting betting bank of 100 points. In more recent times however Robert Fraser seems to have taken a much different approach.

More recently, bets are advised at up to 10 points per selection. This could well be cavalier and an attempt to boost profits for Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips, however I would like to think that these higher stakes are being used sparingly and only in cases where Robert Fraser is very sure of an outcome (although there have been a fair amount of losers in this bracket too).

The strike rate for Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips doesn’t seem like anything special at first glance. At 36.41% it seems positively average, however a look at the average odds shows that there is more going on here than there initially seems. When you consider that the odds that you are betting on are quite often higher than 3.0, this is actually a very respectable figure as far as I am concerned.

How does the product work?

As is generally the case with products from under the Betting Gods umbrella, there is an unfortunate lack of information made available in terms of what the selection process actually entails. All that we are told is that they (the Betting Gods guys) have been testing various tennis tipsters for “years”. They then go on to say that Robert Fraser’s selections are both selective and professionally researched.

What is the initial investment?

There are three options available for those who want to buy Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips. These are a monthly and quarterly subscription as well as a one off payment which buys you selections for life. These are priced at £39.95, £99.95 and £479.95 respectively. It is also worth pointing out that at the time of writing, you can get a 1 month subscription on a trial basis for just £1.

As well as the trial period, there is also a comprehensive money back guarantee in place. Darren of the Betting Gods uses Clickbank as the sales platform for all of their services. This means that you have 60 days to decide if Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips is for you. If not, you can claim a refund in this period of time.

What is the rate of return?

Since Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips went live in February 2017, the service has made an overall profit of £3,039.22. This is to £10 stakes which means a points profit that is still very respectable, especially for a more niche area of betting. Especially when you calculate this at an average monthly profit of £379.90 and an ROI of 33.38%.

That having been said, it is worth keeping in mind that Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips has also experienced some losses. Almost £500 in a relatively short space of time. It has however since recovered from this in a big way with profits significantly higher than they were before this drop.


When it comes to tipster services, there are some sports that are often overlooked and the options that are available often underdeliver. This can mean that if you have a portfolio of tipster services under your belt, you can  miss out on a substantial chunk of income.With Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips however, I feel that there is a good chance to add one of these more niche sports to your betting portfolio.

It is obvious that Robert Fraser has encountered some hiccups with Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips and it would be naïve to immediately dismiss these. What cannot be dismissed however is the profits that have been turned since then. Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips has demonstrated a substantial monthly income and more importantly, it has been demonstrated at a very reasonable price I feel.

Truly, the numbers speak for themselves with Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips. This is a service I believe has demonstrated that it will make you money. Furthermore, it can do this consistently which is a big part of the battle. There doesn’t appear to be any more inherent risk in Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips than most tipster services and I would even go as far as to say that Robert Fraser has done better than most. Combine all of this with the fact that the service is being ran by a professional operation like the Betting Gods and you have something that for me, is a sure fire winner.



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