Robert Rider VIP Membership Review

Robert Rider VIP Membership is a program by the eponymous Robert Rider in which he claims to be able to help them get started with a profitable internet business.

What does the product offer?

Robert Rider VIP Membership covers a number of different factors that are involved in starting an online business. This includes full training on how to be profitable in your chosen enterprise, a website that Robert Rider and his team will design for you and full support from the Robert Rider VIP Membership team. Robert Rider VIP Membership is actually split up into four different categories, each of which looks at a different way of making money online. These cover Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Self Publishing and “The Easy Path”.

How does the product work?

Robert Rider claims to have mastered all four of the above methods of making money and Robert Rider VIP Membership appears to be an extension of this knowledge. A lot of the focus for Robert Rider VIP Membership is put on generating a residual income.

What is the initial investment?

Robert Rider VIP Membership is definitely not cheap, something that Robert Rider is very clear about from the start. Admittedly, there is a 3 day trial available for just $1 but after this the costs for Robert Rider VIP Membership are a rather steep $67 per month. On the plus side, Robert Rider VIP Membership does come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Although there is never any guarantee that you can make money through online money making opportunities, Robert Rider takes this to a new level. He states that “No! I do not guarantee, in any way, that you will make money from this system [Robert Rider VIP Membership]!”


Personally, I am not a fan of Robert Rider VIP Membership. I think that it is far too expensive for what is on offer which essentially boils down to training and a WordPress website, both of which can be obtained for free. Things could arguably look better but the biggest nail in the coffin of Robert Rider VIP Membership in my opinion is that there are plenty of similar products for much less. That means that if you genuinely are clueless about starting a website and internet marketing in general, there are still cheaper avenues to explore, something that I would heartily recommend.



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From: Simon Roberts