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Robert Tyson Online Business Blueprint Review

Robert Tyson’s Online Business Blueprint promises to end the normal 9-5 working day for you, by turning you into a fully fledged information publisher.

What does the product offer?

The product by Robert Tyson aims to convince you that you can make money from publishing your own products online, and create between £500-£1000 per week, with either your own products are those than can be sourced. Is it as easy as that? We investigate the reality and potential of such a programme. Can it really be as easy to make money in information publishing?

How does the product work?

We have not purchased the product, but generating an income from information products, although it can be very profitable, is rarely as easy as advertised. The product will more than likely show you where to source such products, or if you have ‘any skills that you can sell yourself’. There is nothing new in that.

What is the initial investment?


What is the rate of return?

Robert Tyson claims that by following his teachings you can make between £500 and £1000 per week.


The reality of such courses is that although yes you can make money selling informational products, as people and companies have been doing it for years, it is FAR from easy, or as straight forward as the marketing will have you believe. The products themselves are relatively easy to come by, but generating the customer base to promote to is not easy.

Unless you already have a niche database of products you can promote to, then you will have to start this from scratch. Many other publishing companies have endless thousands of subscribers to promote a new published product to. If you don’t then it will not be easy just to create such a list, or make any money.

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Comments (1)

Hi Robert
I joined your “ONLINE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT course sometime ago and have spent a reasonable amount of money with you, AWeber and Optimize Press, as well as Godaddy.
I know I’ve got a bit behind but I’m trying. However, when I entered today I got something completely different. Can you advise me please. Thanks.


Colin Thompson

(Edit by Admin – Colin, you will have to contact the owner directly, as we only did a review on the service, we have no connection with the service itself).

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From: Simon Roberts