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Robert Tyson Seminar Review

Robert Tyson’s Seminar is a marketing seminar to be held on 22nd of February in London.

What does the product offer?

Robert Tyson says that in his seminar he will pass on to users his knowledge and 9 trade secrets to improve your business through online marketing. Robert Tyson also says that together you will create a simple action plan that is tailored to your business and that you can use this plan to at least double sales over the next 12 months. Provided as a bonus for signing up is a copy of Facebook Ad Revolution.

How does the product work?

The content of the one day seminar is going to be based on Robert Tyson’s experiences in dealing with online marketing which should be pretty substantial given his claimed 10 years working in the field. Robert Tyson says that the content is unavailable elsewhere and unique to his seminar

What is the initial investment?

Robert Tyson has set the cost of attendance to his seminar at £247 if purchased before 24th of January. After this date the cost goes up to £347. There is a refund if at the end of 12 months you haven’t achieved the advertised results.

What is the rate of return?

According to Robert Tyson the content of his seminar will enable you to see your sales double.


Robert Tyson seems to have some idea what he is talking about which is a pretty good starting point. I also believe that his seminar is pretty well priced, especially compared to some others I have seen. Places are restricted to 16 attendees which should allow him to see through the promise that he will help your create an action plan for your business (which I believe may end up being the most valuable part of the course). For UK based marketers it would certainly appear that there is a lot on offer during Robert Tyson’s seminar, especially if you are at a point where you want to expand and grow your business.



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From: Simon Roberts