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Rod’s Runners is the newest launch from the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. It is currently available on an “early bird” offer and has produced some very interesting results to date.

What does the product offer?

It is always refreshing when I get to take the time to look at something from the Betting Gods group. Unlike a lot of tipster services or marketing experts (as s all too often the case), there is no BS going on and Darren and his team always make sure to focus on the product rather than making ludicrous and unsubstantiated claims. With this in mind, there aren’t really any headlines from Rod’s Runners that are worth dissecting. This does allow me the simple pleasure of getting straight to business with a product.

So what can you realistically expect from Rod’s Runners?

It is a daily service which provides horse racing selections for a massive number of races across the UK. There are two things which should be taken away from this about Rod’s Runners. The first, is that this is a service that can have a very high volume of bets. In fact, the proofing provided by Betting Gods demonstrates that Rodney (the tipster that is behind Rod’s Runners) will often advise subscribers to place in excess of 10 bets per day.

When you look at the odds that you are backing with Rod’s Runners, then there does seem to be a bit of a conflict here. For example, on the 20th of June, there were 20 selections issued to Rod’s Runners subscribers. When you stop to consider that of those 20 advised bets, just 7 of those had odds that were less than double figures. This translates to something of an inherently risky system and the numbers do reflect this to some degree. It isn’t however worth making this the focus of Rod’s Runners as there is actually a lot more going on here.

The bets that you will be placing with Rod’s Runners are all relatively straight forward which is far from a bad thing. The majority of bets are simply win bets with the occasional each way bet thrown in as well. The staking plan for Rod’s Runners is also straight forward with Betting Gods proofing the system using 1 point per bet or 0.5 points each way on the relevant bets.

Having talked about the numbers and the risk a little, there is only one thing to look at which is the strike rate, as well as the winning/losing streaks. I will start here with the winning streak to Rod’s Runners, or more specifically, the lack thereof if I’m completely honest. There have been just 4 wins on the bounce since Betting Gods started proofing Rod’s Runners in May. When compared to the losing run of 32 bets and a strike rate of 15.55%, this doesn’t look great.

How does the product work?

As is often the way when it comes to products from Betting Gods, there is very little information made available in terms of what the selections process for Rod’s Runners entails. We are told that Rodney has followed horse racing since university and that he has spent years learning his craft and hours each day analysing races. Without sounding too obvious, it is clear to me that the concept of value is a big part of Rod’s Runners. This is the only way to explain the relative consistency with which horses with odds that are in double digits are chosen.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Rod’s Runners is midway through the year and as such, Betting Gods have a decent offer available. In fact, you can currently sign up for the rest of 2017 for just £40. If you stick around on the site, you will also have the option to break this down into a monthly cost of £10 plus VAT. It is also of note that because Rod’s Runners is sold through Clickbank, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Since the proofing for Rod’s Runners started in May, the service has made a very respectable £3844.58. This means 384.45 points which in the relatively short space of time presents a huge amount of potential for next year and longer term profits. To £10 stakes and following the selections of Rod’s Runners, would have a monthly average of £940. As far as incomes from betting go, is one of the stronger examples I have looked at recently.


It is obviously early days yet, and the fact that Betting Gods aren’t putting Rod’s Runners out as a full service, rather offering it on a trial basis for the rest of the year, says a lot to me. What this is suggesting of is that whilst there is definitely potential in Rod’s Runners, it isn’t quite there in terms of being a full blown service. Unfortunately, I am somewhat inclined to agree.

There is plenty of potential in Rod’s Runners. The profits speak for themselves in that regard, however you have to have rather deep pockets in order to keep up with the service. Even to the very reasonable stakes of £10 per go, your longest losing streak would amount to £340. This is a lot of money to keep in your betting bank, especially when losing streaks aren’t an uncommon occurrence with Rod’s Runners.

So far, I have taken a bit of a negative tone with Rod’s Runners and if this were a full priced service at £50 per month, I might be inclined to call it a day here. Fortunately, Betting Gods are very good with their products and as such, what you are actually getting is something that I feel is a very fair offer. I would even go as far as to say that Betting Gods have put together one of the best value packages this year.

I won’t pretend that there is no risk here. Frankly, I would be an absolute mug to suggest that this is the case. The fact that a profit has been made to date doesn’t override the long term problems that Rod’s Runners may well encounter.  I would even be inclined to say that  if anything, the results actually underscore this fact.

That having been said, at £40 for the rest of the year, if you are looking for an income boost before Christmas that shouldn’t break the bank, you can definitely do a lot worse than Rod’s Runners. The truth is that there is a lot of  rubbish on the market from various internet marketers, almost all of which have no proofing or evidence supplied. At the very least, Rod’s Runners is able to deliver on these fronts which I genuinely believe is enough sometimes.



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