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Rod’s US Runners is the newest tipster service to be launched through the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. As the name suggests, it  deals exclusively with US racing with selections coming courtesy of Rod of Rod’s Runners.

Introduction to Rod’s US Runners

If you talk about horse racing in the UK you are almost exclusively talking about UK based racing. Some circles are quite happy to include the Irish horse racing scene as well. But horse racing is a truly global sport with countries as close as France and as distant as Australia all having a massive and dedicated following. One place where horse racing has remained somewhat niche however is the US.

The focus there is predominantly on sports betting and whilst certain events are a National Icon in the States, in the main horse racing is the preserve of few. What does all of this have to do with Rod’s US Runners and anything? Put simply, Betting Gods are presenting a quite unique opportunity to massively diversify your racing portfolio, without impacting on your current betting.

What Does Rod’s US Runners Offer?

As a service, Rod’s US Runners is very much what you would expect from a professionally managed tipster service. Selections are issued on a near daily basis however it is important to note that this appears to have more to do with the US horse racing scene than anything that Rod or Betting Gods are doing. As is the case with anything from within the Betting Gods group, selections are made available many different ways.

They are sent out via email in the evening. They are also made available through a specialist member’s area as well as through the Betting Gods app which is available on iOS and Android.

The bets that are advised are a combination of win and each way. Whilst there appears to be a slight bias towards backing horses to win, I think that it is fair to say that Rod is close to an even split in terms of how he bets. Given that there is a favouring of longer odds, this makes a lot of sense. To put this into context, I have opened the proofing for Rod’s US Runners to a random spot.

I can see odds that range from 6.5 which is the lowest over about 3 weeks of betting, all the way up to 51.0. These kind of numbers are massively consistent throughout all of the time that Rod’s US Runners has been proofed for.

In terms of the staking plan, everything is very straight forward. For win bets, you are advised to back the horse to just 1 point. For each way bets, you are advised to back a horse 1 point each way making a total of 2 points. Whilst these numbers are reasonable enough in and of themselves, on some of the busier days, you can end up staking a lot of your initial betting bank of 150 points. For example, the 23rd of March staked 10 points off 8 bets.

With this kind of approach, it would be very reasonable to expect the strike rate for Rod’s US Runners to be very low. You would be correct. Betting Gods have a published strike rate of 14.08% which on the surface sounds pretty negative. Combine this with things like a losing streak of 34 bets and it becomes very apparent that Rod’s US Runners is a service that isn’t necessarily going to work for everybody.

How Does Rod’s US Runners Work?

There is very little information provided in terms of what the selection process for Rod’s US Runners entails. This is undoubtedly disappointing, however it is also very much in line with how Betting Gods do business. In order to understand that there is some method to Rod’s strategy, you only need look at Rod’s Runners, his other UK based service.

I questioned the sustainability of his methods earlier last year calling them profitable, but risky. Whilst there have been ups and downs on his other service, ultimately, it is one of the most profitable under the Betting Gods banner.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a number of options available if you want to sign up to Rod’s US Runners. The first of these is a monthly subscription at a cost of £25 (plus VAT) per month. The next is a quarterly option which is priced at £60 (plus VAT) per quarter and finally, you can sign up for the year for a cost of £200 (plus VAT). Whichever plan you opt for, the first 10 days are available for just £1 at the time of writing.

On top of this, as is the case with all products from the Betting Gods stable of tipsters, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee should you find that the service isn’t for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Proofing for Rod’s US Runners began in December 2017. Since then Rod has guided the service to a profit of 279.45 points. Given the fact that Rod’s US Runners has not been operational for a number of days during this time period, I think that this is a particularly impressive result. To create some better context for this, the ROI is 43.15% which over 6 months is a very strong number, as is the bank growth of just over 175%.

Conclusion on Rod’s US Runners

I have said before now that the horse racing tipster service, particularly within the UK is very over saturated. The fact that my job continues to keep me busy is in no small way indicative of this. The problem that I feel a lot of punters have looks a bit like this. You have a tipster service which is making you money on UK races. Now, this may be a value based service and so you might have a place for something that provides more consistent wins, or vice versa.

But what do you do from there? At some point, you will have so many horse racing services that you will lose money simply because you are casting such a wide net.

This for my money, provides a number of opportunities however outside of the UK and that is of course where services like Rod’s US Runners come into play. I looked at an Australian service recently and made the same point. This hadn’t however produced results that were comparable to Rod’s US Runners which has performed quite magnificently. This only really leaves the question of whether or not Rod’s US Runners represents value for money.

Given the profits that have been demonstrated so far, as well as Ron’s proven ability on his UK based service, I think that there is definitely value to be had here. Especially compared to the very reasonable monthly costs. All of this comes together to create a package that I find rather attractive. It will allow you to maximise the profit potential of a portfolio at a cost that is a long way from prohibitive.

With all of this in mind, I am quite happy to recommend Rod’s US Runners. There is definitely value here in my book and I believe that it will fit in nicely with most portfolios. Combine this with a low trial price and a 30 day money back guarantee and it becomes a complete no brainer to me.



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