Rollback Tipster Review

Rollback Tipster is a new to market tipster service which is operated by professional gambler Oliver Walsh. He claims that his horse racing selections have proved substantially profitable for him, and that they can be for you too.

Introduction to Rollback Tipster

Given everything that is going on at the time of writing this (Coronavirus), it is somewhat difficult to judge a tipster service. This is mostly down to the fact that no sports rather unfortunately means no new selections. With that said, there are tipsters out there who are so certain of what you can achieve through following their advice that this doesn’t seem like the biggest thing.

Enter Rollback Tipster, a tipster service that I managed to have a bit of a look at before the lockdown started. This means that I have actually had a chance to look at some of the elements and seemingly, it isn’t too bad. Oliver Walsh certainly makes some very interesting claims, all of which seem reasonable enough.

Unfortunately, I have been in this industry for long enough to know that just because something looks good, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. With the right screenshots (no matter how questionable) and reasonable seeming claims, you can make anything look good. All of which brings me to the big question. Can Rollback Tipster actually deliver on this for the future, or will it ultimately prove to be a flop?

What Does Rollback Tipster Offer?

So, I want to take the rather unusual position of prefacing this review by saying that when I talk about what you are getting etc. this refers to “business as usual”. As I am writing this, we are in the midst of the Coronavirus and nothing can be seen as normal about it all. This means that if for any reason you chose to sign up for Rollback Tipster right now, your experience would very different.

Moving on from that, let’s dive straight into things and start by looking at what you are getting yourself into. In many respects, Rollback Tipster doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable or particularly different. Something that I don’t believe to be inherently bad. Some of the most profitable tipster services I have looked at have been different, that doesn’t make them good.

 What you are dealing with in the case of Rollback Tipster is a daily tipster service. Selections are sent out directly to subscribers via email, and all that you have to do is follow Oliver Walsh’s advice. This is something that is arguably easier said than done, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, there is the timing of selections being issued. You can typically expect to receive them before 11am, however, having the window that late in the morning can mean missing out on bets and the best possible odds. Something that isn’t really ideal. Whilst on the topic of odds, it is noteworthy that Oliver Walsh says that you can place your bets with your “preferred bookmakers”.

From what I have seen of Rollback Tipster, this can ultimately impact the odds that are available, something which ultimately is very important to the idea behind the service. You see, Oliver Walsh says that the bets that he advises each day will have “combined odds of 10/1+”. This does appear to the be the case by and large, however this isn’t as straight forward as it sounds either.

You see, on a given day you can expect to see up to 4 bets from Rollback Tipster. Using an example that Oliver Walsh provides in which he hits 100% of winners, the profits gained come out at £94, however this is based off 3 £10 bets. A long way from the 10/1. However, if you combine them into an accumulator… Say, a Trixie, then the odds are a much stronger looking 23/1.

What is particularly interesting about all this is that it isn’t something that we are necessarily explicitly told when looking at Rollback Tipster. A lot of the information comes from your involvement with Oliver Walsh who provides a lot of aspects behind closed doors. In fact, the only way that you might know what you are actually getting into is by looking at the testimonials.

These of course do a fantastic job of bigging up Oliver Walsh and Rollback Tipster. We are told, for example, that in 3 weeks, there have been “12 perfect Trixies, 6 Doubles and just 3 days we lost”. This also happens to do a very good job of setting up a strong strike rate. Something that will be my next point.

You see, there aren’t actually any specific claims of a strike rate. However, there is a clear implication that it should be particularly high as the aforementioned testimonial suggests. And with a lack of proofing, it is theoretically very difficult to disprove this. I do however believe that when you look at the information there is one clear thing to extrapolate.

The best case scenario for Rollback Tipster is that Oliver Walsh has genuinely produced the claimed results, however these are only over 3 days stings. Realistically, you will probably see much worse results typically. Not that this is inherently problematic. The worst case scenario however views these potential results as highly questionable and not worth the paper they’re written on.

Finally, I want to talk about the staking plan that is in place. Or at least, isn’t in place, as the case may be. You see, one of the things that Oliver Walsh mentions as a selling point for Rollback Tipster is that he helps you to set up your own staking plan. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be anything particularly “customised”.

With that said, I will say that what Oliver Walsh appears to have been recommending is at least relatively sensible. This means that if you were to follow Rollback Tipster, your betting bank shouldn’t be in any immediate danger.

How Does Rollback Tipster Work?

Oliver Walsh says that he can “safely say” that he’s tried most of the betting services and software over the last 5-7 years. He also says that most of them simply didn’t work. Because of this, we are told, he decided to take things into his own hands and find something that worked for him. Ultimately, it would seem that this approach is behind Rollback Tipster.

Rather frustratingly however, we aren’t actually told anything about what this entails. There is just that vague story about him “discovering” this method that is seemingly unlike anything else on the market. That for me is massively concerning, especially in light of the approach that Rollback Tipster takes.  

The fact of the matter is that what you are effectively dealing with here is a tipster service whereby you are entirely taking the tipsters word that there is a process. This is problematic for me as ultimately, they are the ones who are guaranteed to profit from your buying into this.

Its isn’t even like you receive any sort of comprehensive proofing that you can look at and get an idea of what to expect. The fact of the matter is that absolutely everything relating to this involves taking Oliver Walsh’s word on it. As such, there isn’t really any definitive way of knowing how Rollback Tipster works. In the modern tipster industry, I just don’t see that as being acceptable at all.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you choose to sign up for Rollback Tipster, there are two massively different pricing structures available. Firstly, you can sign up to receive Oliver Walsh’s selections through a proprietary payment platform. Interestingly, these options are all the cheapest way of signing up, however, you do rather “sign away your rights” with these.

The first subscription option for Rollback Tipster is a 7 day free trial, however it then priced at £19.95 (plus VAT) per month.  On top of this, there are options for a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £29.95 per quarter (again, plus VAT).

Alternatively, if you are looking for a longer term subscription then you can sign up for Rollback Tipster for the year for a cost of £59 (plus VAT). Finally, there is a lifetime license which Oliver Walsh offers that allows you to sign up for life for a cost of £97 (again, plus VAT) however this is advertised as a limited time offer.

As well as this option, Rollback Tipster is also being sold directly through Clickbank. This comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee; however it is very pricey at £99 plus VAT. This gets you a 6 month subscription although there is also the option to tack on an additional 6 months for another £89.

It is worth noting that over the course of a whole year, using the proprietary payment platform, you would save a very substantial £130 discount. This is of course compared to the cost of Rollback Tipster when purchased through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are two very interesting claims that are made in terms of the income potential in the deadlines for Rollback Tipster. The first of these is that you can earn £100+ in tax free cash every day. We are also told that you can expect to make 36.7 points on a given month. Honestly, I find myself being rather sceptical of these claims, in no small part because I don’t really see how the numbers add up.

You see, one of the key claims is that you can expect to see 10 points of profit on a given day (10/1 odds overall). This would mean that in order to get that 36.7 points per month, then Rollback Tipster would have to perform spectacularly badly for a vert large chunk of time.

Now there may well be more to this than I am seeing, but unfortunately that lack of proofing stops you seeing more. Without this context, I can only take these results with a hefty pinch of salt.  

Conclusion for Rollback Tipster

If you don’t look too hard at Rollback Tipster, it doesn’t seem to be a bad looking service at all. The profit is reasonable enough (although it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny in my opinion), the betting approach is something interesting and a bit different, and if you take the right payment options it isn’t even that expensive.

Rather unfortunately, it is quite often the case that when you start to hold any tipster service up to real scrutiny that things start to show a different side of things. And I believe that this is the case, at least to some degree, with Rollback Tipster.  

The fact of the matter is that there are huge gaps in terms of the information that Oliver Walsh provides and that is really rather problematic. In and of itself, not wanting to give away the details of a selection process isn’t the end of the world. I understand why, if you have something that is unique, you don’t want to tell the whole world what this entails. Especially, when you intend to sell tips based off that selection process.

Typically speaking, this kind of thing is all offset by the fact that most genuine tipsters will provide comprehensive historic proofing. At least that way, you can look at historic results and get an idea of sort of results you can expect for the future. Unfortunately, in the case of Rollback Tipster this proofing is conspicuous in its absence.

With Rollback Tipster, you are pretty much taking the word of Oliver Walsh that everything will work as claimed. I’m sure that there would be an argument that actually, there is proofing provided. But I for one refuse to consider a few select days as being in any way representative of a bigger picture. There just isn’t enough data there that you can extrapolate an informed result from.

All of that combined with the way that Oliver Walsh seems so incredibly keen to avoid people subscribing through Clickbank (which inevitably gives you better consumer rights) sets alarm bells ringing. Honestly, I see no reason why a genuine tipster who could deliver would want to avoid that.

When you put everything together, I just don’t see a service that I would necessarily recommend. Sure, Rollback Tipster isn’t particularly expensive, but that only counts for something if you are able to make any money, which Oliver Walsh hasn’t really demonstrated that you can here.

The fact is that with so many tipster services on the market, you have to be able to provide at least the basics. Rollback Tipster fails on this front and as such, it ceases to be competitive in my opinion.


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