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Rothstein Gold Vault Review Manny Rothstein

Rothstein Gold Vault is a new product which is supposedly operated by Manny Rothstein, a member of the infamous Rothstein family. He claims to be able to produce substantial profit for his followers.

Introduction to Rothstein Gold Vault 

I often like to keep an open mind when I am looking a products. Sometimes, something doesn’t feel right and with some digging, I find that I am vindicated in my doubt. Other times, I have been blown away when I start looking at something in detail and discover that it is all genuine and above board.

Other times though, and Rothstein Gold Vault falls into this category, a service just seems highly questionable from the get go, and doesn’t get any better. With this in mind, let’s look at Manny Rothstein’s claims about his fortunes and what you can actually expect from Rothstein Gold Vault.

Rothstein-Gold-Vault-ReviewWhat Does Rothstein Gold Vault Offer?

On the surface of things, I will admit that it seems like you are getting quite a lot from Manny Rothstein when you sign up for Rothstein Gold Vault. This is mostly down to the fact that you are presented with a list which sounds substantial, but I am not sold on. For example, you get “The Steiners”, “Bonus Gambles”, and “Manny Steiner Sports Betting”.

That is 3 different tipster services which realistically are all a part of the same thing. There is also a self selection betting system included called “ One Minute Bets to Pay off Your Debts!”. All of this is messy and lacks focus, although it does at least mean that Manny Rothstein will be sending tips to Rothstein Gold Vault subscribers on a daily basis.

In terms of the bets, there is naturally going to be variation with a service that looks at so much. In the case of Rothstein Gold Vault, you are mostly looking at win bets with a relatively low volume.

The self selection thing looks rubbish and I wouldn’t invest any time or money on it.  One thing that I will say is that there is a range of odds which are recommended which means that it is arguably one of the most genuine aspects of Rothstein Gold Vault. I do however feel that they are still some way from the “very remunerative odds” that are sold in the “Bonus Gambles” sales pitch.

I haven’t mentioned it but there is a full staking plan in place with Rothstein Gold Vault. Actually, I am underselling this as Manny Rothstein effectively has 3 staking plans.

There is the “Manny Rothstein Staking Tool” which is a piece of software that tells you what to bet. There is also a full staking plan which comes as a downloadable PDF. Finally, you also get an ebook “Secrets of Building the Bank” which Manny Rothstein says will take your account from £100 to £50,000+ in a matter of months.

Naturally there is very little direction on which to use with Rothstein Gold Vault, a fact that concerns me greatly.

In terms of a strike rate, there is very little in the way of specific claims. Nor is there any proofing (not at all surprisingly). What we are given however is a rather interesting statement that Manny Rothstein’s “Bonus Gambles” average a strike rate of 87%.

Given that these are the longest odds, it should make sense that the lower odds have an even higher strike rate. This conflicts with what I have seen however, and honestly, I don’t think it matters in the case of Rothstein Gold Vault. There is that much damning evidence that I wouldn’t be inclined to change my mind even if a strike rate of 100% were claimed.  

How Does Rothstein Gold Vault Work?

So, how exactly does Rothstein Gold Vault work? The short answer to that is that you aren’t ever really told. Manny Rothstein claims that he started out as a bookmaker and made his money from a young age that way.

That is truthfully all that we are ever told. This is all rather disappointing as I would genuinely have loved to see how we are told that Rothstein Gold Vault is able to generate a consistent income. Not because I believe in any of it, but just because I can’t help but feel it would be at least entertaining.

Otherwise, most of what Manny Rothstein tries to sell us on is that the fact he is a Rothschild is reason enough to take his financial advice. Unfortunately, this would be a very unsound move as the most likely outcomes for Rothstein Gold Vault relate more to you losing money than gaining any.

There are a massive number of issues that I have if I am honest which I will cover below. The long and short of this , and I do think it warrants clear reiteration, is that Rothstein Gold Vault doesn’t ever tell you anything about what the selection process is or how the various aspects of the wider service work. This is concerning, but not surprising.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to buy Rothstein Gold Vault then there is just one option that is available which is a  one time payment of £27 (plus VAT).

It is interesting to note the fact that Manny Rothstein claims that this is a ‘limited time offer’ with the price set to go up to an eyewatering cost of £799 which is of course a ridiculous amount of money.

Payment for Rothstein Gold Vault is handled directly via Clickbank (very luckily!) which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that Manny Rothstein’s tips aren’t really for you. This is fortunately well advertised in the sales material for Rothstein Gold Vault.

What is the Rate of Return?

In discussing how much you can expect to earn from Rothstein Gold Vault, we really get to the crux of the service. Manny Rothstein makes some incredible claims however the one that jumps out at me is in the headline.

Here it is stated that you can take your bank balance from £10 to £50,000+ in a matter of months. This is backed up by one of the worst doctored screenshots I have ever seen with the font, colouration, and positioning of information looking nothing like the website.

See this:

fake-screenshotAs well as this, we are shown an HSBC account with £121,355.01 in it (also highly questionable). There are also vague references to making “£100s, £1,000s and even £10,000s in just a matter of months”.

Total deception, unfortunately.

Conclusion on the Rothstein Gold Vault  Service

There isn’t a single element of Rothstein Gold Vault that I believe to genuine. In fact, there is so much that is off about the service that I don’t really know where to begin. First of all, let’s start with Manny Rothstein.

The picture of “Emanuel ‘Manny’ Rothstein” is actually a picture of Avmor Presient Mattie Chinks. His “paid for cash” Bugatti Veryron and Bugatti Type 35 have a combined value in excess of £1,000,000. The picture is also an image that has been taken from the internet and are clearly not owned by whoever is behind Rothstein Gold Vault.

Moving away from the blatant deception that exists on the website for Rothstein Gold Vault, there are a number of problems that exist in a more measurable way. There is no evidence provided whatsoever that the service that is capable of delivering on the claims made (with the aforementioned screenshots).

There is no proofing, something that you would expect from a tipster who has supposedly been a successful bookie for at least a part of his life. The truth of the matter is that the sales material for Rothstein Gold Vault isn’t ever really clear about anything.

Whilst all of this is more than enough in my opinion to damn Rothstein Gold Vault, there are even more things that concern me deeply about the service.

When you click the “buy” button on the sales page for the service, you are taken to Clickbank as you would expect. What you are taken to though is a page for “AutoBet 500”. I have seen this before on a number of other so called tipster services all of which have failed horrendously.

With all of this in mind, it will come as no surprise that I simply can’t find a solitary reason to recommend Rothstein Gold Vault.

The whole thing is simply a bad sales pitch and the most likely outcome is that you will ultimately lose a substantial amount of money, especially if you tried to follow “Manny Rothstein’s” advice for any length of time.

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manny bernstein is another of the infamous Matt Benson fictitious tipsters…AVOID AT ALL COSTS…

The Betting Club, (sc*m house supreme)

i meant manny rothstein not bernstein

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