Roulette Boss Review

Roulette Boss is a relatively long standing betting guide that claims to provide you with advice on how to be successful through online roulette betting. It is authored by the eponymous Roulette Boss.

Introduction to Roulette Boss

A lot of my time is spent focused on horse racing and sports betting as well as occasionally financial trading and cryptocurrencies. There are a number of reasons for this, but mostly, it is because that is where the British betting market lies.

roulette boss reviewI don’t however believe that I should restrict myself  based off this, and as such, if I see that products are being advertised, then I will always look to explore them. This is important to note because Roulette Boss is currently doing the rounds through a number of marketers.

In spite of this, the service was initially released in 2014 which suggests one of two things. Either the usual affiliate crowd are getting desperate in their marketing attempts, or alternatively, Roulette Boss is the real deal. One way or another, I will get to the bottom of this.

What Does Roulette Boss Offer?

According to the sales material for Roulette Boss, you are getting a hell of a lot for your money. I will cover a lot of this in some detail over the course of this review, however here and now I want to start by talking in quite broad strokes.

It sounds like a very obvious thing to say, but when you sign up to the service you  will receive a comprehensive guide written by The Roulette Boss. It is important to me to highlight this because the sale material does a good job of dodging what you actually get.

Within Roulette Boss, there are a large number of topics which are covered. I am of the opinion that some of these are much more necessary topics than others.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that there is a reasonable about that The Roulette Boss talks about which just feels like fluff to me, that is to say, content which serves simply to bulk out the content and make it seem like you are getting more for your money. A decent betting system (whether it is roulette or horse racing) does not need to do that. This means that honestly, Roulette Boss can be a challenging read.

None the less, whilst not everything is necessarily entirely pertinent within Roulette Boss, there is still a decent enough structure. Everything is presented in a step by step fashion and all things considered, the writing isn’t terrible.

Don’t get me wrong, some things are more detailed than perhaps they need to be, whilst other times, I feel that The Roulette Boss could probably explain himself a little bit more. By and large though, Roulette Boss is probably best described as competent.

I want to get to the ins and outs of Roulette Boss shortly, however one thing that I have noted which is somewhat frustrating (especially in terms of the sales material) is how much time is spent talking down other systems. The Roulette Boss seems to be under the impression that if he paints everything else as illegitimate, it will add weight to Roulette Boss.

That is not necessarily the case and it does become an important factor later.

How Does Roulette Boss Work?

Obviously, there is only so much that you can say about a book. What really matters with Roulette Boss is how it works.

I won’t be giving everything away here. As I have always said, irrespective of what I might think, somebody has worked hard to make a product here. Me detailing everything for free just wouldn’t be fair. Nonetheless, I do have to talk about the inner workings of Roulette Boss in order to justify my position.

Essentially, The Roulette Boss claims that rather than trying to focus on figuring out a pattern to online casinos, you should embrace the random nature of it. In other words, those who look for any kind of pattern within the software will lose out because one can’t exist.

Furthermore, he says, most roulette betting systems that are on the market rely on recovery techniques, something that the software is supposedly designed to exploit. This is based up several times by some rather questionable rationale.

This all sounds pretty reasonable (and is presented that way in the manual for Roulette Boss), and as such, there is a logical progression in the notion that you should bet against these patterns. There is a lot more to Roulette Boss than this, and I admit that I am probably grossly oversimplifying things, but as I have mentioned, I don’t think it is fair to go into detail.

What is the Initial Investment?

According to The Roulette Boss, the “regular” cost for his roulette system is $297. This is a lot of money. Fortunately, it is available today for just $97.

Given that this lower price is referred to as being “for everyone” it is quite apparent to me that the higher price is simply lazy marketing. This is an important point that I want to return to.

It is worth noting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place if you choose to buy Roulette Boss. This is because the service is sold through Clickbank who are generally very good with this kind of thing.

What is the Rate of Return?

According to The Roulette Boss, he is able to make $50 per hour with his roulette strategy. Sometimes more than that, all without placing large bets. He also makes reference to buying an Audi A5 in cash.

That is an expensive car. Of course, the sales material or Roulette Boss is also quick to point out that unlike a lot of services on the market, Roulette Boss is genuine and isn’t going to make ridiculous claims of making $10,000 per month. I

n spite of this, there is no getting around the fact that The Roulette Boss does in a roundabout way insinuate that this is possible (using his claimed results, 6 hours betting a day would net you $10,000 per month).

Conclusion on Roulette Boss

I usually try to be less sardonic and more objective when it comes to these reviews, but sometimes there is such low hanging fruit that it can be hard not to. “It is not random at all, not by a long shot… Online roulette is a perfectly programmed computer program”. “Online roulette is not a game of chance at all”.

There is a pattern here, and yet, Roulette Boss is based on betting “with the RNG”. For those not in the know, an RNG is a random number generator. Those are the exact words used in the marketing material.roulette-boss-cover

Of course, I am being somewhat facetious here and perhaps paraphrasing the marketing material unfairly. My problem mostly lies in the fact that The Roulette Boss makes a number of references to not relying on patterns to bet on, all the time talking about not patterns that you should be betting on. The problem here is that these not patterns are in turn based on patterns.

That, or online roulette has to be random. Which conflicts with all the talk about it not being random… And so on and so forth.

Personally, I don’t believe that Roulette Boss will work for you. If you do encounter some success, it will be down to luck and a strategy that seems to be based around minimising risk and appearing successful rather than being that. I have seen this before with roulette based systems.

Ultimately, these are based around gamblers fallacy and the belief that there are patterns that the game conforms to. The problem is that it doesn’t. On a long enough time scale, the odds of winning on roulette are always zero. Like I say, these systems are good at seeming successful.

With all of this said and done, I don’t think that Roulette Boss is any better or worse than other roulette betting systems. All of them are flawed in some way and seem to rely on that flaw not being exposed until enough time has elapsed that you are stuck. Honestly, if Roulette Boss were (significantly) cheaper, I might recommend it as an academic exercise and because it is something of an interesting read.

How it is doing the rounds again now though is beyond me. What I can say is that ultimately, I this as a very expensive way of losing money, and I wouldn’t be inclined to recommend it to anybody. Then or now.

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