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Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is a relatively long running horse racing tipster service which is being provided by the team at Football Advisor. As the name suggests, it utilises the infrequently seen “Pay per Profit” model.

Introduction to Safe Bets Pay Per Profit

There are a lot of reasons that people might not want to sign up to a tipster service. And honestly, I get pretty much all of them. It’s a very personal thing and in my opinion, there isn’t necessarily a definitive right or wrong way to bet (although, you would expect to see a profit at the bare minimum. But one objection that I hear quite often is the idea that you’re simply paying somebody for tips, whether they’re winning or losing.

Enter, Safe Bets Pay Per Profit. Now, to be clear, Football Advisor are categorically not the only people who have taken a pay per profit model. In fact, I have seen a lot of tipsters try to implement it. Often with catastrophically mixed results, if I’m completely honest. But, by and large, Football Advisor are a pretty well established company, and their products have been… Well, they’ve not been bad. In fact, as I recall, the last service of theirs I looked at, the problem was actually the cost to profit.

All of this means that ultimately, Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is actually a pretty well positioned to stand out in the market. The fact is that Football Advisor aren’t asking a prohibitive amount of money for this, the returns can potentially be very nice, and probably most importantly these days, I believe it is a sincere effort. With all of this in mind, I’m actually quite excited to see how this performs.

What Does Safe Bets Pay Per Profit Offer?

In theory, Safe Bets Pay Per Profit isn’t a particularly complex beast. And in practice, I don’t suppose it is either. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of nuance to the service, as well as some unique elements. And honestly, this can make it difficult to know where to start. Because even things that are usually really straight forward like the logistics of a service, have a new take.

Nonetheless, that feels like probably the best place to start. Ultimately, Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is just a tipster service. This means that Football Advisor send out their selections directly via email as you would expect. Although, to their credit, the standard here is definitely higher than a lot of the services that I typically look at.

To go off on a sidebar here, I want to talk about something Football Advisor do that makes Safe Bets Pay Per Profit a bit exceptional. Because they also provide a host of integration tools for BF Bot Manager. This is a Betfair bot which means that you can entirely automate following the service. All that you have to do is set your stakes, run the software, and leave it alone. That is very appealing.

With that incredibly exciting bit of kit out of the way, let’s return to some of the more… typical things to note. One of the things that I really like about Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is that Football Advisor don’t necessarily tip every day. I have a strong aversion to betting for the sake of it, and it is nice to be able to look at a service and know that this isn’t the case.

Selections go out in time for you to have a decent opportunity to place the bets as well. Now one thing that is quite noteworthy here is there is a strong leaning on using a betting exchange. As usual, Betfair is recommended for its liquidity, but you will require an account. The fact is that between the staking plan and the bet types it is a must do thing.

And now we come to those bets. Effectively, every bet that is advised through Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is either a back bet, or a lay bet. Seems simple enough, right? But there is a lot of subtlety involved with this. Because you aren’t just backing or laying a horse, you also back and lay the place as well. And that seems to be a big part of what is key to the service.

Whilst we’re on the subject of the bets, it is quite important to acknowledge that this can be quite a high volume tipster service. I don’t think Football Advisor ever enter the realm of crazy numbers. You won’t, for example, be placing 15 bets every single day. But Safe Bets Pay Per Profit can involve numbers close to that, on occasion.

Now one of the things that really stand out to me are the odds that are involved. Looking through the historic proofing, and at what I have seen of Safe Bets Pay Per Profit, there seems to be a decent mixture of bets here. BSP for most horses seem to range from around 5.00 up to 12.00. This means that if they place, you’re still seeing a reasonable amount of money back. If they win, there can be some big profits.

So far, Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is a pretty impressive looking thing, but I will also admit that it is a bit complicated at first. And that is almost entirely down to the staking plan. Now ultimately, what Football Advisor are recommending is a level stakes affair. You won’t ever be staking more than 1 point on a given bet.

But what you do have to do though is split that point between the main bet and the place bet. If you are backing a horse to win, 0.3 points of your stake are used to actually back the win. The remaining 0.7 points are used to back the horse to place. With lay bets, the ration sits at 0.8 points laying the win, and 0.2 points laying the place.

How Does Safe Bets Pay Per Profit Work?

There are a multitude of elements that make up how Safe Bets Pay Per Profit “works”. Some of these things are very obvious, others are much less so. I want to start by addressing those more apparent things. Namely the staking plan. Honestly, it’s a welcome perspective on things. I like that Football Advisor are aiming to keep the bank afloat with place bets and lay bets. Meanwhile, when a bigger bet lands, it takes you quite quickly towards that target profit.

That is all well and good, but what about the (arguably most) important elements of Safe Bets Pay Per Profit. Namely how Football Advisor are making their selections. Probably not surprisingly, we aren’t given a full breakdown of the process. And honestly, I wouldn’t really expect that from any tipster, so it hardly counts too much here.

What we are told though is that Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is based on “sound, logical analysis”. Yes, that’s a very vague statement, but it does provide some insight. Meanwhile, a look at the wider Football Advisor website shows that the team have a decent grasp of what is required in order to operate a tipster service. They’ve done this for a very long time with football.

 I also know that they run a number of horse racing services as well as Safe Bets Pay Per Profit. These have generally performed pretty well which tells me that there is probably a decent understanding of the sport of kings too. The only thing that I’d have liked to have seen to complement this (let’s call it what it is) lack of information would be some more up to date proofing. But I think it’s fair to say you don’t come into Safe Bets Pay Per Profit entirely blind.

What is the Initial Investment?

At the time of writing, Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is in the midst of a cycle. As such, it isn’t possible to sign up, however, Football Advisor are taking pre-orders for their next cycle. This is (rather oddly) priced in US Dollars and is set to cost $32. This works out at around £25 which isn’t too bad a price point.

What appears to be quite exceptional in my opinion is the fact that Football Advisor are offering a full refund on the cost of signing up for the service if in 150 days they haven’t hit their target. Now this seems pretty unlikely by and large. The longest cycle to date was 3 months or 336 bets. That means that you’d need to not produce profit for 5 months.

What is the Rate of Return?

The profit potential of Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is very straight forward. Each cycle, Football Advisor aim to provide 15 points of profit. Admittedly, that doesn’t sound like a massive amount, but the turnaround here can be very quick. The average cycle length is just 24 days. Meanwhile, the shortest cycle was just 1 week.

The real advantage here though is that you know what kind of profit to expect. Unlike other tipster services where the core question is whether or not you will make a profit, with Safe Bets Pay Per Profit it is a question of when.  

Conclusion for Safe Bets Pay Per Profit

In theory, I quite like Safe Bets Pay Per Profit. And that probably won’t come as any surprise, because the fact is that balancing the books when it comes to betting can be a very difficult thing. It is why I always extol the virtues of consistency. In my opinion, making a lot of money isn’t necessarily worth it if a tipster service is a black hole for your cash until it pays out. (a point that will become important a little later on).

As such ,the idea of taking home 15 points profit on a regular basis is an appealing one. Especially because you can guarantee a profit. Calling it £25, you can bet £2 on each bet and still take home a fiver each time. That isn’t a lot of money, but if you just enjoy betting, what a result. Up the stakes to £10 per bet, and you’re looking at £125 per cycle. That isn’t too shabby.

There are more strong positives here as well. The fact that you can fully automate everything is something genuinely a bit special. The fact of the matter is that finding actual passive income can be a difficult thing to do. But knowing that Football Advisor have everything you need to set it up and just let it run means even the busiest people should be able to find the time to set this up.

Factor in that Football Advisor provide the money back guarantee that they do for Safe Bets Pay Per Profit and it’s a complete winner, right? Because even if you don’t make money in 150 days that cycle will still carry on and eventually you should make some profit.  

So, you’d expect that this would simply be a case of, definitely recommended, right? Well, not exactly. Because I want to come back to that point about a tipster service being a black hole for your cash. Cycle 21 for Safe Bets Pay Per Profit began on the 1st of November. It ended on the 7th of April the next year…

Now ultimately, it made that 15 point profit. It also dropped almost 60 points before turning around and getting to that position of profit. If you’re using the £100 stakes that Football Advisor’s proofing uses, that means being £6,000 down. Even to £10 stakes, you’re still £600 down. That isn’t an inconsiderable amount of money.

This isn’t a complete outlier either. There have been other cycles which, whilst not quite that bad, have still been lengthy and involved losing money here and there. The truth is that it’s simply a part of betting. There are ups and downs. But it’s all about how willing you are to fund this.

For my money, I do think that Safe Bets Pay Per Profit is worth consideration. Yes, that risk is definitely there. But so long as you’re coming into this knowing that the risk is a genuine factor then you should be OK. Personally, what I’d say is if you’re going to follow this, then you should come into the service expecting to lose more than you perhaps think you will.

If you do that, then I genuinely believe that what Football Advisor are doing with Safe Bets Pay Per Profit could be a very solid long term betting solution. This is helped along by the fact that you’re betting through an exchange. It means no surprise restrictions, no account closures, and that full automation. Those factors really only add to the overall premise of the service.


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