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Safe Trader App Review

Safe Trader App is a piece of automated binary options trading software developed by Aaron Williams and Rick Vicari.

What does the product offer?

Safe Trader App is the latest piece of binary options trading software to come to my attention and really, the offerings here are no different from the usual claims. Aaron Williams and Rick Vicari claim that Safe Trader App is able to trade profitably for you, automatically. As is the norm with this kind of binary options trading software, you have to register with their chosen broker, in this case UK Options. Interestingly Safe Trader App puts something of a unique spin on things by saying that Aaron Williams and Rick Vciari are both members of the Binary Traders Association, an organisation that is ranked 4th on a Google search. This frankly makes me question the legitimacy of the BTA.

How does the product work?

As usual Safe Trader App makes no claims as to how the software works. Instead the focus is on selling a millionaire lifestyle. As always this is a point of contention, especially when it comes to binary options trading.

What is the initial investment?

Technically Safe Trader App is a free piece of software but as mentioned above you do have to use UK Options. This means a minimum deposit of around $250 in order to gain access to your software (although you will be pushed to deposit as much as $5,000).

What is the rate of return?

The earning potential of Safe Trader App isn’t actually discussed in any detail. Aaron Williams and Rick Vicari say that you can make $7,000 in the first few days and that they are both millionaires from using the software. Other than this there are no real projected figures.


There are a number of binary options trading products on the market and Safe Trader App is no different to the majority. There is little tangible evidence that the software works as advertised and realistically, this will serve to generate an income for the marketer in the form of referral commissions from the broker. As always I recommend avoiding Safe Trader App as the most likely outcome is definitely not favourable for you as a potential user.



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From: Simon Roberts