Same Day Profits Review

Same Day Profits is a binary trading system developed by Stanley Krackor. It makes the bold claim that you can earn $15,000 in 10 days using the provided software.

What does the product offer?

The product provides you with software that will it is claimed will make profitable trades for you with as little as 5 minutes trading. Same Day Profits liken their system to “Online money printing” with the creator claiming over $1.5 million earned through their system in a year.

How does the product work?

The system is based on binary trading options through Same Day Profit’s chosen binary broker Sycamore Options. It is worth noting that these are the only broker you can use the software through which is a little disconcerting. The creator of the system states that this is down to him having carried out rigorous training with other brokers and Sycamore Options coming out as the best.

What is the initial investment?

This is where Stanley Krackor’s system really starts to redeem itself. There is no initial investment other than what you use to invest. There is a completely free 90 day trial with costs going up to $497 per month for the licence after that period of time. On top of this any investment you make with Sycamore Options can be boosted by bonuses of up to $3000 they provide to Same Day Profit’s clientele. It is absolutely worth mentioning at this point that any bonus you are provided with will usually have to be played up to a certain amount before you can withdraw, usually around the $60k mark, so this is definitely worth bearing in mind.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return is advertised as varying amounts throughout the presentation video. There is Stanley Krackor’s statement that he has earned $1,540,255.54 in a year with his system. There is also the $15k he promises you in 10 days. Finally there is a sample service provided where Mr. Krackor starts out with $300 and in 5 days had converted it into $6712. In an additional 5 days he has over quadrupled that figure to $28,172. It is worth keeping in mind that they are samples though and are unlikely to be achieved by most users.


As the software for this is free it is almost definitely worth a look into. There are some points that are a little concerning such as the fact that you are tied down to a single broker (suggesting that there is likely some partnership between the two) and the fact that any investment that you receive a bonus on will have to be played multiple times over.

This means that your $300 may have to be multiplied up to 100 times over before you are able to withdraw it and that is going to be a deal breaker for most people. That having been said if Same Day Profit is truly as profitable as it claims to be that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s simply a question of whether you wish to take that risk.



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From: Simon Roberts