Sam’s Specials Review

Sam’s Specials is a horse racing tipster service offered by Sam Black. The service is said to be founded on honesty and no false claims.

What does the product offer?

Sam’s Specials is a horse racing tipster service in which selections are provided directly by the creator Sam Black. Selections are sent out via email when available. Sam Black says that he has been betting professionally for 10 years with his selections being made available for the last 2 in both the Betfair forums and Punter Profit.

How does the product work?

Sam’s Specials are based on number of different systems that Sam Black has personally created. These are varied in their methodology but can essentially be broken down into two different categories of bet. These are Sam’s Specials, which are sent out “near daily” and use a combination of statistics, speed, handicapping etc. Selections also come via Sam’s All Weather Crème System. This is a lower risk system with a lower price range.

What is the initial investment?

Subscribing to Sam’s Specials costs a very reasonable £10 per month. There is no mention of any money back guarantee but this is generally standard when dealing with a tipster service.

What is the rate of return?

The points profits for Sam’s Specials can be broken down thus (all results are allegedly based on 1 point stakes): 381.85 point profit for 2010/11, 279.21 point profit for 2011/12 and a 213.35 point profit for 2012/13. For 2013/14 there is a conservative aim of 200 points profit with this currently standing at 313.12 points according to Sam Black.


For the money Sam’s Specials seems to be a tidy little earner. The profits aren’t exactly huge but at £10 per month this is hardly a problem. I like that Sam Black offers some insight into his selection process and his claim that Sam’s Specials is built on honesty actually seems to have some foundation. The results aren’t overblown with claims of £30,000 since January and everything seems to be on the conservative side. This really helps to put some perspective on the system.

If you are looking for a cheap tipster service to help you earn a little on the side, you could do much worse than Sam’s Specials.



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Been signed up to this tipping website for 1 month now & its been a highly disappointing experience for me, I’ve lost £350 in that time.
Sam does reply to questions, seems like an honest guy and his history is decent but in the time I’ve been a member his tips have been awful.

Just updating my last post. Results have continued to be completely miserable.
Been following these tips for 53 days now.
38 losing days and 15 winning days.
I’ve been using 1 point = £10
I am now £608.47 down since I joined (not taking into account membership fees)
I keep thinking he might turn it round but the stats speak for themselves

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From: Simon Roberts