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SB Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is operated under the Betting Gods betting umbrella. It is a service that aims to use a variety of bets and a strong win rate in order to generate profit for users.

What does the product offer?

I always find it a pleasurable experience reviewing anything from the Betting Gods group and this is in no small part down to the fact that they have a no BS approach to betting. This means that there are no big and ridiculous claims made, designed to suck in those who are most desperate. All of the information is factual and made entirely available from the get go. As well as being good for me, it is also a good thing for punters as you can instantly take a look and know what you are signing up for.

This leads me onto SB Racing which has somehow slipped under my radar for some time having been proofed to Betting Gods since April 2017. Having only recently discovered this I now want to take an in depth look at whether or not SB Racing is capable of producing results similar to those claimed. Most importantly, I want to look at whether or not it is worth signing up for.

In many ways SB Racing is a rather unusual beast although this is a long way from something that I would hold against the service. Whilst selections are issued on a daily basis (sent out via email, uploaded to a member’s area and even being sent out via the Betting Gods app) this is about as far as typical goes with SB Racing. One day can see just 1 bet, whilst the next three days will have 6 bets a piece before dropping down to just one or two again.

To add to this eclectic approach to volume of bets, SB Racing involves you placing a massive and varied number of bet types. The service is ultimately built on straight win bets and the occasional which I would say is part for the course. With SB Racing however you then get a massive number of small accumulators thrown in for good measure.  These are massively varied from one day to the next and range from doubles up to trixies.

This only leaves the numbers side of things to consider. Since it launched in April SB Racing the average strike rate for the service has been 30.52%. Whilst I have definitely reviewed some tipsters who have produced better results, I think that you have to factor in that there are a fair number of accumulators involved with SB Racing and these will ultimately affect the win rate. This is evidenced by the two large dips SB Racing has encountered to date.

Usually when dealing with any service which is reliant on even small accumulator bets I recommend excercising caution. Especially when it comes to your staking plan. In this regard SB Racing could be seen as a little cavalier with the Betting Gods team endorsing as much as 5 points on each bet. Generally speaking though you will be operating at around 2 or 3 points per bet.

How does the product work?

According to the sales material for SB Racing, the tipster behind the service is somebody who is very close to the horse racing industry and “seriously in the know” when it comes to betting on it. The Betting Gods also say that there is a focus on a strong win rate. It is a little bit disappointing not to have more information made available in terms of what the selection process for SB Racing entails, especially given two pretty substantial dips in the results.

That criticism having bee said, as I mentioned at the start of this article the Betting Gods team don’t deal in BS. This suggests to me that if they didn’t believe that the tipster behind SB Racing was capable of turning things around then the service would likely have been delisted by now. This provides some small assurance to me.

What is the initial investment?

There are three different options for those who want to subscribe to SB Racing. These are a monthly subscription at a cost of £20 per month, a quarterly subscription at a cost of £50 per quarter and finally an annual subscription at a cost of £150 per year. It is also worth mentioning that at the time of writing this, you can get your first 10 days for just £1 on all options. On top of this, as with all other Betting Gods products, there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place for SB Racing.

What is the rate of return?

SB Racing launched in April this year and since then it has made a profit of £2,247.10 to £10 stakes. This represents a points profit if 224.7 which is a very respectable figure. I feel that it is worth pointing out however that twice SB Racing has made substantially more than this, only to suffer a losing period. This creates some context for the ROI which drops to just 5.22%,

Conclusion on SB Racing

There are two ways of looking at SB Racing and they ultimately depend on whether or not you are pessimistic or optimistic. I generally try to see the best in things so I will start on the positives. SB Racing has made a very respectable profit within its first year. Had it ran for the whole 12 months, 350 points doesn’t seem out of the question. To prove this, the service has been very close to the 300 point mark before. Furthermore, I also see the fact that SB Racing has been pulled out of a dip twice as an indicator that there is a decent tipster behind everything.

This brings me to the negative side of things which is the fact that there have been two losing periods in very quick succession. There is no denying that this isn’t ideal but it is just a part of gambling and it can and will happen to any tipster. None the less, some people may see this as an inconsistency.

For me, what is most important is value for money. SB Racing has that in spades. £20 per month is less than a third of some tipsters I have looked at before now and yet there is a decent profit at the end of the year. Given the fact that you can trial SB Racing and there is a money back guarantee in place, I would be inclined to see this as a low risk tipster service and therefore worth some serious consideration.

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