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Scottish Football Income Booster is a sports betting tipster service that is operated by a tipster known simply as “The Scotsman”. It is actually offered through marketer Matthew Walton and is currently being sold through Streetwise Publications.

What does the product offer?

As far as I am concerned, anything that is linked with Streetwise publications requires something of a special consideration. This is mostly down to the way that they market their products. This will likely be a good fit for Matthew Walton as well as he is also inclined to follow similar marketing strategies. What this means is that you can expect plenty of talk about how there have been big winners, and how much a certain bet made in a single day, but you will not receive any information that is truly tangible. With that in mind, let’s start to take a look at Scottish Football Income Booster.

The headlines for Scottish Football Income Booster instantly back up the issues that I have with the marketing powerhouse with claims that you can “guarantee yourself a winning football edge” that you can supposedly “milk for the rest of the season…”.  Furthermore, you will be entering a world where “the bookies will feel like they’re at the losing end of an “unlevel playing field” …”. Of course this sounds good. There is often a portrayal when it comes to Scottish Football Income Booster and products like it that the bookies are some kind of mystical cabal that are all teaming up to make you lose.

I think that we can safely agree that most of this is badly hyped crap and as such, let’s actually take the time to see what you are actually getting yourself into with Scottish Football Income Booster. This is a  rather selective service with an historic average of 149 bets per season (according to Matthew Walton’s “results”). Given the approach of The Scotsman, I can find this not just believable, but preferable. Selections can be sent out somewhat sporadically and occasionally with short notice, however they are issued directly to your email so you shouldn’t have too hard a time following Scottish Football Income Booster.

The type of bets that you will be placing are rather straight forward. There is a strong preference for home or away wins as well as under/over goals markets. Whilst some people may consider this to be somewhat restrictive, as I have mentioned before now, I do feel that the selective nature of Scottish Football Income Booster allows the best possible value to be found.

In terms of the numbers side of Scottish Football Income Booster, there is unfortunately very little in the way of what I would consider to be tangible evidence. There is no mention of any particular staking plan with Matthew Walton simply referencing how much you could have made on certain bets if you had staked £100 or £200. This feels like more of an opportunity to inflate the income potential rather than any genuine staking plan.

This only really leaves the strike rate for Scottish Football Income Booster. As you would probably expect from a selective service, this is supposedly on the high side. In fact, Matthew Walton says that The Scotsman’s selections have an average monthly strike rate of 76.47%. On top of this, even the over/under total goals bets (which are the harder to predict) would supposedly have a strike rate of 54.27%. As is perhaps to be expected at this point, there is unfortunately no proofing that really backs up any of these claims.

How does the product work?

In terms of how Scottish Football Income Booster works, there are a number of different contributing factors, all of which are actually rather impressive, presuming that there is no BS behind them. At its core, I have to refer back to the number of times I have talked about how selective the service is in order to understand how things work. The Scotsman is supposedly very knowledgeable when it comes to Scottish football, more specifically, the lower leagues.

It transpires that he lower Scottish leagues are supposedly an area that bookies often massively overlook. As such, if you know what you are looking for, there is bags of value to be had. This is because the information that Scottish Football Income Booster uses is claimed by Matthew Walton to be extremely obscure and involves trawling fan forums and the like in order to get any kind of “inside scoop”.

Furthermore, bookies will supposedly often misprice lower league matches based off the odds that Asian bookmakers apply to Asian Handicap bets. Given that large scale Asian bookmakers have even less interest in Scottish lower tier football than English bookmakers, it does make a certain kind of sense that somebody focussing on this niche betting market would be able to spot discrepancies on prices.

Finally, the Scotsman supposedly has a rather detailed computer model that he uses which allows him to further predict outcomes of a game by factoring in variables like weather etc. All of this means that when looking for selections for Scottish Football Income Booster, there has been considerable consideration and as such, it seems reasonable that only the best selections are being sent out.

What is the initial investment?

As you can probably expect, Scottish Football Income Booster isn’t cheap. I don’t think that anything that has been pushed by Streetwise Publications can ever fall into this category. So how much is Matthew Walton actually asking? “Just” £47 per month plus VAT on top of this. What this means is that you are actually paying close to £60 per month in order to receive selections for the service.

Given these costs, it seems reasonable to expect Scottish Football Income Booster to offer some form of refund policy, and it does. In fact, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, however I do feel that it is important to highlight that this is simply provided by the seller and isn’t “backed up” anywhere else. That having been said, Streetwise are usually pretty good at honouring their money back guarantees.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for Scottish Football Income Booster is a rather difficult thing to gauge and it is actually one of the biggest issues that I have with the service as a whole. Matthew Walton is keen to provide a number of hypothetical earnings that you could have enjoyed through Scottish Football Income Booster. These range from £14,040 by the end of season to £1,601 in the opening month.

All of this sounds good on paper however it is important to keep it in context. Given that there is no real staking plan in place for Scottish Football Income Booster, one must question how much is being staked in order to generate these profits. Whilst £1,601 a month sounds good, if you are betting £100 per turn, that means just 16 points of profit per month. This is a much less impressive figure. As such, I do treat the results of Scottish Football Income Booster with some cynicism.


So what do I think about Scottish Football Income Booster? This is a difficult thing to say really as there is a lot that I really like, and there is a lot that I really don’t. The starting point for me is The Scotmans approach to researching his  bets. I could have spent time talking about how he was supposedly a bookie and various other claims that Matthew Walton makes in the sales material, but frankly, I am more interested in what really matters than what doesn’t.

I can see nothing but solid logic in the approach to Scottish Football Income Booster. Focusing on smaller leagues and trying to know more than the bookies in your niche is a time honoured way of making money. In the online age, I feel like this is easier in many ways than it ever has been before. The truth is that whilst punters have access to more tools and information than before, so do bookies. It is clear however that they don’t have the same time and this is critical for Scottish Football Income Booster.

With this (I feel) rather high praise out of the way, it is time to look at the things that I feel are wrong. Most of this is down to how Matthew Walton and Streetwise Publications have chosen to market the product rather than the product itself. Addressing the largest problem for me, there is a distinctive lack of proofing. Given that Scottish Football Income Booster has supposedly been operational for at leat 3 seasons, I would expect there to be at least a minimal amount of information. Unfortunately, we have nothing in this regard.

The next problem that I have is with how the winnings are published. On the odd example that Matthew Walton provides, we are treated to how much it would have been to £100 stakes or even £200 stakes. This leads me to believe that the results which have been provided are questionable. I don’t think that it is a massive jump from seeing this in examples to questioning all of te results that are claimed.

This of course stacks into the problem with the income potential that I have already highlighted, namely that we have no context for how much this money all amounts to. This is a big problem for me and raises the biggest question that surrounds a service like Scottish Football Income Booster. Is it value for money? Given that you will pay £720 over the course of 12 months, you have to be pretty certain about how much you can stake to make a decent profit.

All of this ultimately makes Scottish Football Income Booster a bit of a no go for me which is a massive shame as I genuinely wanted to like the service. I would go as far as to say that in terms of what The Scotsman is doing, I have a fair amount of respect for his approach and I can imagine the amount of hard work that goes into finding selections. I also don’t really doubt the claims made too much in terms of results. They are at the high end, but I can see a selective approach producing a strong strike rate.

As is all too often the case when dealing with products from Streetwise Publications, it is the marketing material that lets it down. There is very little in the way of clearly defined results etc. favouring crude marketing strategies which I feel are aimed at those who perhaps lack any real understanding of what serious betting involves. What this means is that a lot of the results have to be called into doubt which for a service that appears to be operated by somebody rather genuine is a massive disappointment.



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I subscribed to this service for the entire 2017/8 season at a cost of £397 and am currently over another £100 on the selections provided. I cannot see how the claims made for this service can be justified and have been in regular email contact with Matthew Walton since 20 October in a fruitless attempt to get my money back.

My advice would be to steer well clear of any products offered by Agora or Matthew Walton

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