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Scrape Your Bet is a new to market piece of horse racing betting software that has been created by Eddie Simpson. He claims that his software will open the for long term profits.

Introduction to Scrape Your Bet

If there is one criticism that I have always had about tipster services, and always will have, it is the simple fact that you are entirely reliant on somebody else. In and of itself, that doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world. If you find a decent and reliable tipster, there is absolutely no harm in paying for their expertise. But it does come with a lot of limitations, which is why my favourite betting services tend to be either betting systems and things you can do in your own time.

And it is precisely because of that that Scrape Your Bet is such an interesting looking service. To quote the creator of the service, Eddie Simpson, in a headline for his product. This is “The Hands Off Software Enables The Struggling Punter To Boost Any Betting Account From Zero To Thousands In Less Than 14 Days”. Well, I don’t think that there’s much more you have to say in terms of establishing a bloody good reason for being keen. There is little denying that a passive income source is a great thing, and huge profits in this manner are even more appealing.

 On top of that, Eddie Simpson provides “Guaranteed & Verified Proof” of his success. So with that in mind, there should be little reason to question Scrape Your Bet, surely? Well, probably not surprisingly, I am a little bit sceptical about this. A position that I find myself taking all to often, but generally with good reason. And for a lot of reasons, some more obvious than others, that scepticism is probably well justified here. Let’s get into the reasons why.

What Does Scrape Your Bet Offer?

Every now and then, there are services that land in my inbox in which the people selling the service do such a good job of describing “what you are getting” that it is hard to not just quote them directly. Scrape Your Bet is one such example. You see, Eddie Simpson says if you are in need of:

  • Hands Off Software That Requires No Computer Skills
  • Hands Off Software That Generates A Minimum Of 1.8 Points daily
  • Hands Off Software That Can Generate Thousands In Less Than 14 Days
  • Hands Off Software That can Be Used Anywhere In The World

Then this is “The Perfect Match For You And Your Bank Balance…”. Well, those are some pretty important points that we can refer back to.

So, let’s have a look at this piece of software and what it actually entails. First things first, let’s talk about the software. Honestly, it really does look like an impressive piece of kit. It is very clear that Eddie Simpson has put time and effort into making Scrape Your Bet look like the real deal. And that makes a lot of sense, but not necessarily for the reasons that you may be thinking of.

What I also want to do is just draw some comparisons. You see, one of the things that definitely stands out about Scrape Your Bet is that it is very user friendly. Honestly, it’s pretty difficult to mess up using this. Which is a stark contrast to most betting software which is usually quite laborious with function playing a much more important part than form.

This of course make sense. Calling a spade a spade, most betting systems are based around utilising certain types of data. This means spreadsheets and calculations. And the easiest way to build software for displaying this information is… Well, it’s to create a spreadsheet and calculator in a different skin. Yet, despite the fact that Scrape Your Bet fundamentally is leaning on the same principles, that is absent.

What you see is that it is scanning multiple factors “such as; form, odds, weather conditions, past performance, news, class, jockey, trainer. All things that you would thing are very important to a betting system. And they would be. However, as you will see when I talk about how Scrape Your Bet works, Eddie Simpson shouldn’t need to look at all of this. So, I’m not sure why all of this is there. Unless of course, it is to appeal to a certain audience…

As well as the software itself, Scrape Your Bet comes with a range of additional stuff. Arguably the key thing is a user guide and instructions. Honestly, these are incredibly simple. Something that doesn’t actually surprise me. After all, what Eddie Simpson is doing really isn’t a complicated thing. However, I am not of the opinion that they are simple in a good way.

The fact is that if I am following the betting advice of a piece of software, I want to know to some degree what it is doing. But you can’t really do that here. All that you get are very simple guides that don’t really provide insight. Of course, you could at this point lean on the “small customer services team” that Eddie Simpson says is employ for Scrape Your Bet if you want “Advice & Information In To How The Industry Works Via Direct Mail”. But I don’t hold out a lot of hope there really.

How Does Scrape Your Bet Work?

Now we come to one of the elements of Scrape Your Bet that is perhaps most interesting, and that is how it supposedly works. Now, I feel like in order to really set the scene here I have to, at least to some degree, talk about the experience that Eddie Simpson says that he has had with betting, as well as a number of other claims that he makes that pertain to the wider service.

So, the first thing that we have to “know” about Eddie Simpson is that “by trade [he] was an Tech Developer”. The other thing is that he says that he was “being infiltrated with messages on [his] personal Facebook page from various tipsters”. This establishes a means and a motive for what is to come. Because, he says, he noticed that some of the tips matched up, and some didn’t “making it virtually impossible to make an informed decision on which ones to choose”.

This led him to develop a piece of software that would scour the tips that were issued with a view to seeing where tips were advised multiple times. A feat that supposedly looks at recommended selections “from over 100 tipster service”. It then uses these “agreed” selections are disregards all of the ones that are nominal.

In theory, this all sounds great, however, I want to very purposefully quote the sales material for Scrape Your Bet here. “By doing this it pulls together the most reliable and ‘agreed’ selections regardless of the Form, Odds, RP Rating, Weather, Track etc…. You should basically eradicate everything you think you know about the betting industry”.

The software then seemingly puts out the selections to users once it has identified these bets. In theory, it all looks very good, however, I will admit that I have some doubts about this. Not least of which is because the end product doesn’t really show all of this working out. Nor does Eddie Simpson really provide any evidence of results or… well, anything in action. All of which is a little concerning.

What is the Initial Investment?

Given everything that Scrape Your Bet is supposedly capable of, you might be forgiven for thinking that it is going to be an expensive affair. It isn’t. In actual fact, all  that Eddie Simpson is asking for access to his software is a one time cost of £27. How long does this last for? I can’t really tell you, and seemingly, neither can he. There is a faux FAQ section on the sales page which asks “Will the licence expire after a period of time?”. There is however no answer.

What I can pretty much guarantee though is that Scrape Your Bet will operate for at least 60 days. This is because Eddie Simpson is selling the service through Click bank who, in this case, are offering a full 60 day money back guarantee on the service. Something that, generally speaking, you shouldn’t have too much issue utilising if the service isn’t right for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Scrape Your Bet is something that is really quite interesting to me. You see, what we are told in the sales material (many times I would hasten to add) is that the service is capable of producing a minimum of 1.8 points of profit per day. There are 365 days in the year, which means a hypothetical profit of 657 points. A number that is twice what a decent tipster might bring in, but not necessarily impossible.

What I do find highly doubtful however are the supposed screenshots that Eddie Simpson provides of what we are supposed to believe are his betting banks. These show £156,750 in one. And £143,976.02 in another. This makes for a claimed profit of at least £300,726 over an unspecified period of time. Of course, I am sceptical about this.

The other key claim is the entirely unsubstantiated one “in less than 14 days” Scrape Your Bet can generate thousands. The issue with this sort of statement, as well as Eddie Simpson’s claimed results is… Well, how much are you betting? Can you make over £300,000 using £10 stakes? Are those thousand of pound made in less than 14 days simply by virtue of £1,000 stakes? None of this is really addressed.  

Conclusion for Scrape Your Bet

There is very little denying that Scrape Your Bet is an appealing looking product. I mean, taken on face value, how can it not be? We’re looking at potentially thousands of pounds, if not hundreds of thousands. And Eddie Simpson of course all throughout the sales material makes these very pointed and incredibly bold statements about what you can expect.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve not really mentioned them so far because I haven’t quite found a natural jumping off point. But Eddie Simpson talks a lot of smack about competing services on the market. “If You Are Tired Of Rip-Off Ten A Penny Betting Tipsters, Then The Mighty Power
Of Scrape Your Bet Is Going To Be A Hit For You & Your Bank Balance” reads the first headline.

There is also reference made to “the many fake/scam sites out there” where “unauthorised websites online where they promise you the best tips available online only to be presented with inaccurate and rushed tips selections”. What does this even mean? Is Scrape Your Bet somehow “authorised”? If anything, this is the most unauthorised service I’ve seen, because it seems unlikely Eddie Simpson is actually getting the nod to use tips in the way he says he does.

“These Services are often produced by unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck by tricking you into purchasing their ‘system’ and promising you a lot more than you actually receive, both in the product itself and the result that the product delivers.” Reads the next point.

And here’s the thing. I won’t try and argue that Eddie Simpson has a point, because he absolutely does. I know this as well as anybody. These people definitely exist. However, if you are going to hold them to account then what you are doing has to be significantly better and not fall into the same traps. That just seems like the basics, right?

Yet, here we have a betting service that is riddled with flaws and contradictions, and also promising a lot more than you are likely to receive. I mean, I quoted so specifically about the things that Scrape Your Bet ignores. The software though seems to suggest that all of these things are factors in selections. So, which is it?

Putting all of that doubt aside though, and pretending for a minute that Scrape Your Bet is all entirely above board and genuine (which I don’t really believe it is), there is one small problem. At the end of the day, what Eddie Simpson is doing is relying on other people to find his selections. What happens if these hundreds of tipsters stop furnishing him with tips? What does the software do then?

My gut feeling is that the software is a bit of polish. It is a way of making everyday tips look like something that they’re not. But really, that is all that you are getting with Scrape Your Bet. Everyday tips. Irrespective of where they come from. I don’t even believe that they will be nearly as profitable as claimed. Not unless you have £100 to stake. And if you did, I wouldn’t would recommend it.  

I feel like I could go on picking apart Scrape Your Bet for a long time. The fact is that Eddie Simpson gives us a lot to unpack and I don’t believe that is a coincidence. I’m also not convniced that his “software” is really doing what he says it is. It’s not like you’re getting any real evidence backing this up. There are no past results, showing of the software in action, or… well, anything outside of some questionable betting accounts.

So, with all of that in mind, I don’t believe that I can really bring myself to recommend Scrape Your Bet. One of the few good things that I can say about this service is that it is cheap. And yet, I don’t even think it provides value for money at the costs that it is. But really, that is buried beneath an avalanche of a questionable marketing approach, a questionable products, and questionable results. None of which are backed up at all.  


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