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Sean Haren Racing is a new horse racing tipster service which has been launched by the Betfan group. As the name rather clearly suggests, the tipster who finds selections is one Sean Haren.

What does the product offer?

I always feel like when I look at a Betfan product, the company try to overpromise on their products. There is somebody in the know, a friend of a friend. What I am trying to get at it is that it isn’t too often that we have a tipster who simply stands before us with a decent run and we are left to buy a product on the grounds that this is the norm. With Sean Haren Racing however, the eponymous Sean Haren paints a very different picture of his life as a tipster, something that I will get to soon.

First things first, what are we getting into with Sean Haren Racing? As far as tipster services go, there isn’t much here that hasn’t been seen and done before. I would be lying if I suggested that Sean Haren was going to revolutionise the tipster world. Selections are sent out to subscribers on a near daily basis, via email of course. They are also uploaded to a special member’s area of the Betfan website. One of the big positives is that they are sent out the night before racing with the occasional “late news” which will still be sent out before 10am. This gives you plenty of time to place bets and ensure the best odds.

All of the bets are nice and straightforward win bets covering races across the UK. Sean Haren Racing advises these at a massive variety of odds ranging from less than evens all the way up to big double figures. Naturally they don’t all win but this does allow for a reasonably balanced betting approach. If I do have one criticism when it comes to Sean Haren Racing, it is that some days can have a particularly high volume of bets. In fact, I have seen at least one day where there were 24 bets advised (with that particular day ending 30 points in profit). This is far from common place however.

This brings me on to the numbers as typically, a Betfan product that recommends 24 bets in a day would have me running for the hills. Fortunately, Sean Haren Racing breaks the mould a little here by advising all bets are staked at just 1 point per bet. This is in contrast to the usual 5 points per bet (which I can’t help but feel are used to bulk up winnings).

I was expecting the strike rate for Sean Haren Racing to be rather on the naff side. In my experience, products that involve betting on horses with longer odds end up paying for it somewhere down the line. Sean Haren has somehow avoided this trap however with Sean Haren Racing having a strike rate of 42.58%. This is a phenomenal result for any win based service and this applies doubly so given the betting approach that is in place here.

How does the product work?

I can now get to one of my favourite parts of Sean Haren Racing and that is how it works. First things first, Sean Haren doesn’t tell us exactly what his betting strategy is. I certainly wouldn’t any tipster to go into detail on this subject. What we are treated to however is a very good amount of insight into the selection process behind Sean Haren Racing. This is hugely important as it allows us to make an informed decision, something which few tipsters really seem to want.

So what is at the core of Sean Haren Racing? According to Betfan and its creator, the answer is simply hard work. Sean Haren is quick to disparage the idea of having a “holy grail secret system”, a list of insider contacts or trainers and owners that he spends time chatting to. Instead, he is keen to tell us about what his day running Sean Haren Racing looks like.

Sean Haren says that he is usually up around 5.30am to run every race for the day through his own ratings (as well as other filters) in order to identify the strongest runners. These ratings are in turn based around form and speed ratings, as well as taking into account Sean Haren’s time as a sports trader for “a major online bookmaker”. Usually, I am rather dismissive of this kind of claim however truthfully, I feel that the results that Sean Haren Racing has achieved as a service are evidence enough to keep these claims in the realm of possibility.

What is the initial investment?

I can’t beat around the bush here. Sean Haren Racing isn’t cheap. In fact, Betfan are asking £65 per month (actually 28 days) or £130 per quarter (actually 90 days) with both of these bought into on a subscription basis. This is almost twice what some tipsters would ask for their services and as such, it is easy to dismiss Sean Haren Racing as having no value for money however as I will explore I don’t believe that this is the case.

It is definitely worth pointing out that Sean Haren Racing is a Betfan product and as such, this does mean that there is no real money back guarantee in place. That having been said, under the terms and conditions page of the site, they do say that they will review any requests for a refund and, where the feel it is justified, this may be offered. I wouldn’t however buy into Sean Haren Racing with the intention of claiming a refund however.

What is the rate of return?

Sean Haren Racing has been proofed as a service through the Betfan group since May 2017. In this period of time, the service has made a points profit of 413.98 points. I know that on its own this doesn’t necessarily sound huge, but if you were to put it into the usual Betfan staking plan, it would mean a profit of over 2000 points. The numbers that are discussed when looking at the profits for Sean Haren Racing are simply incredible.

If this number isn’t impressive enough in and of itself, I would refer you to the return on investment. This stands at an equally incredible 112.48% at the time of writing. Furthermore, there have been no losing months for Sean Haren Racing to date an I am yet to see anything to suggest that this may be the case in the future.


There are a lot of tipsters out there and truthfully, few of them excite me. Instead, it feels like looking at the same old listing with a slightly different name attached. Sean Haren Racing however does a lot to break this mould. In fact, the mere fact that I haven’t called it out at being too expensive, despite a high purchase cost, should speak volumes.

Looking at the results, Sean Haren Racing is one of the single most exciting tipster services I have looked at for a while. The results are pretty consistent and that is what I would expect any tipster to aim for in terms of their results. In spite of consistent bank growth, there is also opportunities for big wins to land and resultantly, big profits to be had. Some people don’t like this kind of thing from their tipster service however I feel that it is important that a tipster can still keep your betting interesting and exciting.

I can’t ignore the cost. Sean Haren Racing is definitely on the high side however I have also watched the cost of decent tipster services creep up as well so there is contextually, some justification for this. Truthfully though, Sean Haren Racing doesn’t feel like the kind of service that needs to be carried by its cost. I would even dare to go as far as to say that I think Sean Haren is very genuine.

All of this however plays second fiddle to how much money you could make. Any service which you could follow at a pound per bet, that would still cover its own subscription costs and still have money in your pocket is worth pretty serious consideration. Don’t misconstrue me, this doesn’t mean that Sean Haren Racing is flawless. There are still things that I feel could be improved and the price is definitely one of these areas. I would also personally like to see a reduction in costs although that is far from a criticism.

Truthfully, there are some ups and some downs with Sean Haren Racing but in the main, this is without a shadow of a doubt one of the better quality tipster services I have looked at for a long time. It seems rather apparent to me that Sean Haren is keen to put in hard work when trying to identify winning selections and he also doesn’t seem to be trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes.

There are definitely a high volume of tips on occasion but I feel there are two reasonable rebuttals to this complaint. The first is that a decent betting bank should be able to absorb losses, especially with Sean Haren Racing using a simple 1 point staking plan. Secondly, it is good to see a tipster being honest about their selections. There is no pretending that there are 3 horses guaranteed to win today here. Instead, Sean Haren is giving you his advice on which horses have better than normal odds to win. This is an approach which I feel helps keep Sean Haren Racing consistent.

With all of this in mind, if you have the money there to follow Sean Haren Racing, I can think of much worse tipsters to invest in. The results are frankly, fantastic. Even to £10 stakes you would have made a decent second income off Sean Haren Racing without really trying. Most importantly, this is a service that I can still see being pushed by Betfan as profitable in another 12 months.



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