Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint/Technology Profits Confidential Review Agora Lifestyles

Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint is a new product which is being marketed by Agora Lifestyles. It comes courtesy of Sean Keyes, one of their investment advisors. It focuses on niche investment and is offered as a part of Technology Profits Confidential.

Introduction to Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint

Sometimes one of these articles comes along that requires some context and Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint is a perfect example of this. The service being marketed by Agora Lifestyles relates entirely to investing the burgeoning cannabis market, and for the purposes of this, that is what my focus will be on.

This is however a part of a much wider offering (as is often the case from the larger marketing companies), namely creator Sean Keyes’s Technology Profits Confidential. This will be touched upon, but those who are looking for a detailed review of that would do well to look elsewhere. If this is confusing (which honestly, it was to me a little bit and I’m the one writing it), then hopefully reading on will paint a better picture for you.

What Does Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint Offer?

Fundamentally, Sean Keyes claims that the cannabis industry is about to explode. Not in the sense of shady characters hanging around on street corners, but legitimate and legal use. It is in fact, he suggests, an inevitability that here in the UK cannabis is going to become legal. Whether or not this is the case is a very different argument with strong roots that are deep in ethical ground.

What I can agree with however is that if cannabis is made legal, it will become a massive industry overnight.

Irrespective of what you think of cannabis use on a personal level, it is also very fair to say that if it is legalised there will be a lot of money to be made from the industry. Sean Keyes claims that Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint will help you to build an investment portfolio based around this “inevitable” event. The content comes as a digital download and as you would likely expect from Agora Lifestyles, the quality of writing etc. is spot on.

secret-50-pound-marijuana-stock-blueprint-reviewWhilst cannabis may well be worth big money in time, there isn’t a lot in the way of massive companies in the UK at the moment. As such, there is a focus on penny stocks. Penny stocks are Sean Keyes’s bread and butter and I have seen numerous products from him that relate to this before now which mean that this is no bad thing. All of the content is solid and well researched and it provides interesting insight into a rather unique niche.

As well as the two books which are focussed on cannabis investment, Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint comes with a host of other services and products. This includes a guide on how to buy and sell shares, a report on the potential of cobalt batteries, “100 Baggers” a hard back book published exclusively through Agora Lifestyles and access to Technology Profits Confidential for 12 months.

There is also another “bonus” which comes in the form of “Two More Pot Stocks You Should Seriously Consider Buying Today”. These are the bigger companies that have potential however they are more expensive to buy into.

TECHNOLOGY PROFITS CONFIDENTIAL is a news letter from Sean Keyes which looks at a massive range of investment opportunities. As the name suggests, there is a focus on technology but generally speaking, there is cover of a lot of different potential future tech markets. It is an interesting read and as has been said about Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint, the quality of writing and content is decent enough.

How Does Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint Work?

Sean Keyes says that in order for any stock to be considered for advice through Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint as well as TECHNOLOGY PROFITS CONFIDENTIAL, there are 5 requirements that must be met. These look a little like this:

  • The company must be innovative. Sean Keyes says that relying simply on having a superior product is not enough to compete in existing markets. There must be innovation which forces the industry to catch up.
  • The company must defy the industry norm. Supposedly, companies should “reject the status quo – almost defiantly – in every instance”.
  • They must offer a better product at a cheaper price.
  • Must have a strong financial backing
  • Must have an urgent catalyst, for example a pharmaceutical company ahead of FDA drug approval or a software company before a takeover.

With this in mind, the same approach should apply to all of the different companies that Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint advises. In theory, this is all relatively sound advice although I definitely have some questions as I will explore.

What is the Initial Investment?

Despite being the focus of the marketing, technically Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint is a free product. It is provided on the grounds that you have to sign up for TECHNOLOGY PROFITS CONFIDENTIAL in order to receive your free copy however.

This is priced at £37 for 12 months and is a one time cost. For this you can trial TECHNOLOGY PROFITS CONFIDENTIAL for 12 months with Sean Keyes offering a 100% refund at any point in the 12 months if you are unhappy with the service. If you cancel, you also get to keep your copy of Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint as well as the other bonuses.

What is the Rate of Return?

There isn’t a lot said about Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint in terms of the profits. Sean Keyes provides a few examples of different Canadian and US companies which are involved with cannabis and uses them to demonstrate the profit potential.  Unfortunately, these ae very clearly not typical examples.  For example, in the sales material for Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint, there is reference made to 460% gains in less than 2 months.

There is also an example given of 2,726%  in over a month. This is however based off very specific circumstances and results however.

Conclusion to Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint

I think that it is very likely that at some point in the future cannabis will be legalised here in the UK. I also think that when it happens, as has been demonstrated in other countries around the world, there will be a substantial industry built around this. Getting in early is a smart move, especially when it is something that is proven to generate revenue. This side of Sean Keyes’s marketing I cannot argue with.

The question that I have is whether or not Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint is going to work. Yes, it is well written and it is clear to me that the research that has been carried out has been to a high standard.

This doesn’t however inherently mean that you are going to make money simply by following the advice. The fact of the matter is that the terms surrounding how cannabis is legalised will massively influence the direction the market takes and this is something we cannot predict, no matter how good your research.

Does this mean that it isn’t worth investing in the market? No, far from it. There is definitely money to be made here. It is simply that there is a larger risk than something which is perhaps more revolutionary. Whilst Sean Keyes does talk about the risk in Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint, I do feel that this is something which is a little bit overlooked, in no small part because of his certainty surrounding the legalisation of cannabis.

Putting all of that aside, you get a lot for your money across Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint, TECHNOLOGY PROFITS CONFIDENTIAL and the other bonus products. Do I think that you will make returns similar to those used as examples? By and large, absolutely not. But I wouldn’t buy into Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint on these grounds.

The fact that cannabis is likely to be legalised opens up huge investment potential but this will have to be carefully managed. Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint in and of itself is not an answer in my opinion, however I do see it as a pretty decent starting point.

Looking at it like this, it is worth your consideration, but buying it with a view to directly making money seems like a mistake.



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