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Secret Bot Review

Secret Bot is a piece of betting software by Ken Emery that provides users with tips for horse racing.

What does the product offer?

Secret Bot comes in the form of a piece of software which is somewhat unique for a tipster service. The selections cover around 50% of the races that will take place on a given day. Ken Emery admits that Secret Bot is not a product aimed at casual bettors but is designed to be used by professionals who are looking to add to their portfolio.

How does the product work?

It is worth pointing out that Secret Bot does not actually generate its own selections. These are made by Ken Emery although in terms of how the selections are made there is no real information made available.

What is the initial investment?

Access to Secret Bot is free although this is only on a trial basis at this time. You do have to pay Ken Emery 10% of any profit you make which if you choose not to he automatically cancels your service.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of rate of return, since July of 2013 Secret Bot has produced profits month on month according to the proofing culminating in a total profit of 723.32 points. Even based off Ken Emery’s smallest stakes of £3 this amounts to £2,169.96 profit. Minus your 10% that you pay for access this amounts to £1,952.97.


If there is one thing that I am wary of with Secret Bot it is that Ken Emery takes your name, email address and Betfair account (presumably to follow your betting to ensure you are paying him the 10% he claims). This is something I don’t feel entirely comfortable with and as there are no actual results provided in the proofing I am concerned that this is a product where Ken Emery gets people to back every horse in a race so ultimately he wins no matter what.

It may well be that actually Secret Bot is the tipster service that the world has been waiting for but personally I don’t see enough to sell me that idea. The website is sparse and I am also not too keen on the fact that tips are sent via proprietary software rather than the universally accepted emails. That all having been said at present Secret Bot is free so there is very little to lose in giving it a try.



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