Secret Money Magnet Formula Review

Secret Money Magnet Formula is a product from Damien Ball that claims to show you how to easily make money. It is currently being marketed through Streetwise News

What does the product offer?

The current offer from Secret Money Magnet Formula is actually a bit of a double jointed affair as it is actually being used by John Harrison of Streetwise News to sell his monthly newsletter, The Streetwise Report. For the purposes of this article I will mostly be focussing on Secret Money Magnet Formula as this is technically the product that is being sold whilst I shall cover The Streetwise Report in a follow up article. As a product, Secret Money Magnet Formula comes as a document in which Damien Ball provides users with the exact methods that he has employed to become a multi-millionaire through a business that requires no start up costs whatsoever. Secret Money Magnet Formula allows you to work from home on a part time basis whilst actually doing “very little work”.

How does the Secret Money Magnet Formula work?

Secret Money Magnet Formula is essentially a business opportunity with the manual itself detailing the nature of said opportunity (which I shan’t go into here for obvious reasons) as well as the “steps” required to get everything set up. The “formula” itself is based on an old book that Damien Ball used as the basis for his own business whilst also providing additional insight based off his time running said business.  According to Damien Hall, by following what he shows in Secret Money Magnet Formula you can make money is easily scalable and recession proof.

What is the initial investment?

Damien Ball says that he is giving Secret Money Magnet Formula away for free and technically, this is arguably the case. It is worth noting however that in order to claim your free copy of the manual you have to purchase a 12 month subscription to The Streetwise Report at a cost of £57.

What is the rate of return?

The copy for Secret Money Magnet Formula says that Damien Ball makes well in excess of $1 million per year through the methods that he shows in Secret Money Magnet Formula. Not surprisingly there is no evidence to back this claim up.

Conclusion on Secret Money Magnet Formula

Secret Money Magnet Formula follows the classic Streetwise News sales set up starting with the creator of the product stuck in financial dire straits before a mysterious manual comes into their possession. Before you know it, they’re making a fortune and driving sports cars round their mansions. Unfortunately, as also fits the formula for all Streetwise News products, there is zero evidence to back anything up. In terms of the product, Secret Money Magnet Formula is not exactly what I would call detailed.

There is no real step by step formula and the information that is presented is rather anecdotal and paints in broad strokes. If Secret Money Magnet Formula were being given away for free without strings attached, it would be worth looking at. It might even be OK at £10-£20 as an interesting read, but as it stands I just don’t see the value in this package.



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