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Secret Tips for Sale Reviews

Secret Tips for Sale is a subscription based email tipping service created by “Maximus – The Great Tipping Detective”.

What does the product offer?

Secret Tips for Sale offers daily tips along with information on why a given horse has been chosen. The emails also offer advice on staking with bets being graded between 1 and 4 points. Secret Tips for Sale will also supply information on where the best odds are available for the selection.

How does the product work?

The system is based on detailed analysis that the creators of Secret Tips for Sale refer to as “forensic attention to detail”. Looking at the many factors that the creators claim to study this does appear to be a reasonable description. Secret Tips for Sale say that they look for horses that were hampered, unlucky in a race, where there has been jockey error and even look at races where horses have not ran to their full capabilities.

What is the initial investment?

Secret Tips for Sale comes with a free 14 day trial and after that there are 3 types of subscription, Bronze, Silver and Gold with each offering a lengthier subscription (and resulting incremental cost increase). Bronze costs £40 for 28 days, Silver is £99 for 90 days and Gold is £170 for 6 months. Obviously the longer the subscription, the better the value.

What is the rate of return?

Secret Tips for Sale do not set out any claims in their sales page; however a quick search brings up their results which run from July 2013. The all-time proofing results shown on for Secret Tips for Sale show that the profit in the 5 months since July to be 109.95 points.


The claimed methodical approach taken by the creators of Secret Tips for Sale seems to be very grounded and this is reflected in an average of about 22 points profit per month. The strike rate is about this figure too averaging at around 20%. These figures don’t provide anywhere near the full story though as when you start to look at the proofing charts for Secret Tips for Sale there are a lot of drastic peaks and valleys on a monthly basis.

It is also worth noting that since November 16th Secret Tips for Sale have also consistently lost money day on day. Personally, I would watch the proofing results on this for a little longer as the company appear to be in their infancy and there is no telling what the long term outcome is going to be. If you were to take up the free trial I would wait until the proofing results show an upward trend and look to try and capitalise on that.



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