Secure Horse Racing Daily Income Review Esoterica Paradise

Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is a new to market horse betting system which seemingly courtesy of Richard CUI and is published by Esoterica Paradise. It claims to provide tried and tested ways of making money through horse racing.  

Introduction to Secure Horse Racing Daily Income

There are a few things that I generally hold to be true when it comes to any form of serious betting. First of all, a good system will always be better than a good tipster service. Reliance on others can serve you well for a period of time. Sometimes, even years. But there are always problems. They are not indefinite, tipster services are often inflexible, and you are very much not in control of your proverbial destiny.

I also think that if you are going to produce a betting system, you should make it as simple as possible. Now, this is a bit more of a subjective thing. As a punter, the easier that it is to understand, the less like you are to cock things up. Many of the best betting systems I have looked at before now have followed this. However, there is also such a thing as too simple.

Which I suppose ultimately brings me to today’s subject, Secure Horse Racing Daily Income. This is a betting system that the creators are pitching as, frankly, incredible. There are some very bold claims made, however, there isn’t necessarily a whole lot of evidence backing them up. Now, if this can deliver it will be arguably the best betting system I’ve ever seen. But that would seem like a pretty big if in my opinion.

What Does Secure Horse Racing Daily Income Offer?

It isn’t very often that I like to approach a review in this way, but I want to start by talking about the claims that Richard CUI/Esoterica Paradise make in the sales material. Because there are quite a lot of them that really merit some consideration.

From this, I feel like it does a very good job of outlining what you should get for your money. This can then ultimately be compared to a more realistic view of what is involved.

So, there is a very specific claim that I want to start by talking about. Because Esoterica Paradise state “This system will change your life ! Because it has never lost, not even one time !”.

Now, that is incredibly interesting because, let’s be entirely honest here, that is also the dream that all aspiring bettors have. Never losing a bet. Would it be dull? Probably, but does that matter when you’re making money hand over fist? It would also make Secure Horse Racing Daily Income the single best system I’ve ever seen.

But let’s address that claim first. I simply do not believe that Secure Horse Racing Daily Income a betting system that has never lost.  Not by any measure that would be realistic. However, the beauty of making claims like “this has never lost” is that there are so many ways that you can perceive losing. It could mean no losing bets. It could mean no losing months. It could also mean that the Richard CUI is claiming to make a profit over the course of his system.

The important element to keep in mind here though is that Richard CUI don’t seem to provide any real evidence backing up this as a claim. This is all pretty problematic for me. I will get to the reasoning behind this a little later, but the fact of the matter is that as far as I am concerned, Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is being pretty seriously misrepresented. Especially because the implication is that you won’t lose either.

Moving on from that bit of absurdity, we are told that what Secure Horse Racing Daily Income does is “completely legal and ethical”. I won’t dwell on this. The same can be said of pretty much any betting system on the market. The fact is that were Richard CUI to really give you that system that hasn’t lost, the only people getting beaten would be the bookies. And who’s complaining about the ethics of that?

Next, we are told that this is easy to do. And that is a point that I will be returning to in more detail when I look at how Secure Horse Racing Daily Income works. What I will say is that whilst this isn’t necessarily difficult, I also wouldn’t say that it is “easy to do”.

The fact that a quite substantial part of the book is dedicated to establishing fundamentals like reading a form guide tell you that this isn’t really “easy to do”. In fact, there is a lot of groundwork involved.  

Now, one area where I cannot disagree with Richard CUI and Esoterica Paradise is that this is categorically not a bot or script. The amount of work that you will find yourself putting into Secure Horse Racing Daily Income more than verifies this fact.

And finally, we are told that you don’t need any expertise. Rather surprisingly, this is actually the case (although it will help). The fact is that everything that is involved with Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is covered by Richard CUI. This means that you can theoretically come into this blind and still learn everything that you need to know in order to get things started.

Realistically though, getting to a point where you can make use of Secure Horse Racing Daily Income regularly and with the implied ease, it will take a lot of time. Even once you are “there”, there is still some work involved.  

How Does Secure Horse Racing Daily Income Work?

There are a few different elements in terms of how Secure Horse Racing Daily Income works. First of all, there is the core idea of Secure Horse Racing Daily Income as a product. This is relatively simple. What you are getting here is fundamentally a training manual. This means that by the time you are finished, you should in theory be able to execute the methods taught.

Which brings me to the second element of Secure Horse Racing Daily Income, which are in fact those aforementioned methods. Now, what much of Secure Horse Racing Daily Income boils down to is simply form reading. A significant amount of the manual is ultimately dedicated to teaching you how to read this and what everything means.

And from there… Well, I always say that I don’t believe in giving out somebody’s system for free. However, that won’t stop me from offering a genuine opinion either. And as you can probably have guessed when I started talking about form reading, there isn’t really anything about Secure Horse Racing Daily Income that I think qualifies as being new or particularly interesting.

I would also go as far as to say that the methods really aren’t necessarily in line with that claim about Secure Horse Racing Daily Income never losing either. Of course, I could be wrong. Betting systems can often take a long time to bed in and for users to have enough understanding to turn a profit. And in theory, this could be the case with Secure Horse Racing Daily Income. But what I’ve seen from Richard CUI doesn’t really make a particularly compelling case for this.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to buy Secure Horse Racing Daily Income there is just one option that is available. And rather concerningly, the pricing is all over the place. The website that Richard CUI and Esoterica Paradise have set up states that Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is “45.00”. This turns out to be $45 which appears to cover VAT etc. However, I will highlight that whilst first researching everything, the first sales page that I was taken to was asking for some £46 and change. Which is an interesting discrepancy.

It is also worth noting that Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is being sold through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that this isn’t for you. Unfortunately, you will find no mention of this from Richard CUI or Esoterica Paradise in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of how much you can potentially make through Secure Horse Racing Daily Income, well, this becomes a bit of a tricky subject. The fact of the matter is that there aren’t any specific claims made by Richard CUI and Esoterica Paradise. The only thing that is really said is a vague statement about making profit.

The problem that I have with this ultimately boils down to the fact that Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is a betting system. Whilst I definitely have a preference for them, it does mean hat there can be a huge amount of disparity in terms of the results.

What I mean by this is that the author of a service may have genuinely made thousands of pounds. But how long it will take somebody new to get to that point, depends on how much you are betting, whether you can get the timing right for maximising returns, and a host of other options as well.

Realistically, I can see that there is some potential for profit from Secure Horse Racing Daily Income, although it is likely to be quite limited.. Ultimately though, how much you will actually achieve… Well, there just isn’t really any answer to this. There are simply too many factors.  

Conclusion for Secure Horse Racing Daily Income

So, the million dollar question here is whether or not Secure Horse Racing Daily Income is any good or not? Unfortunately, the answer to that isn’t quite as straight forward as the question we are asking. Really, in my mind, there are a few different questions that need to be answered. They are ones of value, will the method work, and can you make enough money from it to warrant the effort.

First of all, I want to talk about whether or not the methods that Secure Horse Racing Daily Income employs can work. And the short answer to this is that yes, they can work. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will work. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of elements involved in Richard CUI’s approach and ultimately, this does mean that it isn’t quite as simple as claimed.

Which brings me to the next question. Can you make enough money from this to warrant the effort? And this is where I feel that rather unfortunately, I don’t think that it does. The fact is that before you are in a position to start placing profitable bets, you will need to spend time learning everything.

And even after that, you will probably have a number of bets that fail whilst you are working things out. As such, you can expect some losses before you even start to turn a profit. Inherently, this is a part of most serious betting and a long term view is best employed. But it also means that you have to be willing to spend time turning that profit and facing losses until everything starts to take.

Realistically, given the kinds of returns that you can expect when it comes to using form reading (you don’t tend to get massive winners) this can cost you a lot. It isn’t to say that the method doesn’t work but turning a profit with it isn’t something that you can realistically expect in the short term.

All of this brings me to whether or not Secure Horse Racing Daily Income represents value for money or not. Personally, I just don’t see that being the case here. Now I want to be clear. This isn’t necessarily because it’s a terrible product or anything. The takeaway from all of this is that ultimately, there is potential for Secure Horse Racing Daily Income to work. And at $45, it isn’t too expensive.

The problem that I really have is that there are much better options available on the market. For example, I know that there are examples that we’ve looked at before now that are much better positioned to produce a profit. They may be more expensive, but that initial extra cost can be more than made up for over the lifetime of a product.

As such, I don’t believe that I would necessarily recommend Secure Horse Racing Daily Income. It isn’t that Richard CUI necessarily gets anything wrong, there are just better products on the market. Furthermore, I would say that if you are really that interested in form reading, there is plenty of information available online and elsewhere for free. Sure, that may not be exactly what you are getting from Secure Horse Racing Daily Income, but I think that $45 for the additional information is perhaps a bit much.


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