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Select Two Daily Service is a service from the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group. It is based on their Select Two self selection product and could complement this service or be used as a stand alone tipster service.

What does the product offer?

Copying the bookies in order to make big profits is an interesting phrasing for a tipster service. Especially given that Select Two Daily Service isn’t a lay betting service. None the less, this is almost verbatim what Tipster TV say in their headlines for the service. This is one hell of a claim to make so with that in mind, let’s start to look at what is actually on offer with Select Two Daily Service.

Supposedly, Select Two Daily Service is a service that takes just minutes per day in order to make a profit. It is also easy to follow with a very straight forward betting structure (which I will look at in detail below). As is so often the case by the time a service has been through the wringers of the well oiled marketing machine that is Betfan, Select Two Daily Service is ultimately billed as a low risk, low effort and very easy to follow method of making money.

There is actually some evidence to suggest that parts of this are correct which is a strong positive (I will explore this in full detail below). In terms of what you are actually getting, Select Two Daily Service will send out selections via email the night before a race. This supposedly allows you to get the best possible price on horses. The bets are also uploaded to a member’s area on the Tipster TV website.

The bets themselves follow a very specific plan which is made up of three bets being delivered each day. Select Two Daily Service sends out two single bets with the advice that you should also back both of these horses as a double. This seems to be necessary to the long term profits of the service.

In terms of the numbers, Select Two Daily Service does very little that deviates from the norm or stands out as exceptional. That having been said, by Betfan standards, it is very much on the prudent side. It is recommended that those who are backing Select Two Daily Service simply place 3 points of bets across the day. 1 point on each of the singles and a point on the double as well.

The strike rate for Select Two Daily Service is interesting to look at in so much as on the sales page for the Select Two self selection service, it is claimed that you can expect a strike rate of around 50%. Despite this, over the last 7 months or so, Select Two Daily Service has attained a striker ate of just 35%. This isn’t necessarily a terrible result, however I do feel that it isn’t good enough really, especially given the profits that has actually been made.

How does the product work?

Fortunately, Select Two Daily Service is based on a self selection system so we have a pretty good idea of what the selection process entails. Everything is ultimately based on identifying bets through some easy to find information. This is all in the public domain and requires no real work in order to find. Naturally, I won’t go into too much detail about what the system here entails, especially as the tipster behind Select Two Daily Service is marketing the stand alone system through Tipster TV too.

As I have already touched upon, arguably key to Select Two Daily Service as a concept is the betting strategy that you employ. By betting on singles with relatively low odds and doubling them up, you theoretically create a consistent revenue stream. The single win bets coming in keep your betting bank topped up whilst a double win allows you to take some decent profit out of Select Two Daily Service. With compounding, this affect can be multiplied exponentially.

What is the initial investment?

Given that Tipster TV are a part of the Betfan group, you could be forgiven for thinking that Select Two Daily Service is going to be expensive. Whilst I wouldn’t say that it is necessarily cheap, it is definitely affordable. A 28 day subscription to Select Two Daily Service will cost you £30 per month or alternatively, you can get a 90 day subscription for £50.

Whilst these prices are pretty reasonable, I do feel that it is worth pointing out for posterity that the self selection system is also much cheaper. In fact, if you were to buy the system behind Select Two Daily Service, you would simply pay a one time cost of £39.97.

As is the case with all products from within the Betfan group, there is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place. That having been said, the team do say that they will review any requests for refunds and, where they feel it is warranted, offer them.

What is the rate of return?

If Select Two Daily Service has sounded like a decent proposition so far, the profit potential is likely to put you off. Since the service launched at the start of this year, Select Two Daily Service has made just 56.59 points of profit. Even at its peak, there were just over 60 points of profit. All of this makes for a service that is ultimately pretty low yield.


On the surface of things, Select Two Daily Service looks like a fantastic beginners tipster service. It is relatively inexpensive, it is not overly complicated and it is profitable. If this were the whole picture, I would emphatically be recommending that people sign up to the service. This isn’t the whole picture however.

First things first, the profit needs to be addressed. Yes, Select Two Daily Service has made money but this is off the back of as many losses as wins. For those of you who desire some context, a child’s drawing of a mountain range seems like an apt comparison. The problem with all of these ups and downs is that there can be rather substantial periods of losses which although they bounce back, are still periods where punters may be down.

The other issue that I have in relation to the profit is that 57 points of profit (being generous and rounding up), means that the year is likely to end around 120 points at most. Whilst I accept this is speculative, there is enough evidence as far as I am concerned to suggest that this number could be even lower. In fact, Tipster TV suggest that the service could just make 80 points in a year. Given what you are paying, I don’t see this as being enough.

The other big problem that I see with Select Two Daily Service is that it is competing with itself. The fact that the system behind the service is available for only slightly more than a one month subscription devalues Select Two Daily Service as a product. Not necessarily substantially, but it is definitely enough to make £30 per month sound like a lot of money. Especially when you consider that Select Two Daily Service isn’t exactly based on the most complex of systems.

So, what are my final thoughts? Frankly, I don’t think much of Select Two Daily Service and that is down to one thing only. I simply don’t see the value in the product. You should hypothetically be able to generate selections yourself for much less than the tipster service. Even if you were making the same selections however, you wouldn’t really have made that much money.

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