Selective Advisory Service Review

Selective Advisory Service is a relatively new horse racing tipster service from Winning Information Network that very much does what it says on the tin.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Selective Advisory Service claims to be “simply breathtaking” and that users can expect to make “magnificent profits”, all using a part time betting approach. Quite what this means is probably best left in the copywriters head, but what can be said is that Selective Advisory Service is a low volume (which is down to the nature of the service) with selections issued on a daily basis.

What can be established about Selective Advisory Service is that ultimately, it is a relatively straight forward tipster service that is mostly based around win bets.

Selective Advisory Service also provides the occasional exotic bet as well with the occasional Trixie making an appearance.

The staking plan is the usual Winning Information Network/Betfan approach of staking 5 points per bet (with the exception of the more exotic bet types). This is combined with a strike rate of 28.03% which represents something of a risky betting approach in my opinion.

How does the product work?

As the name suggests, Selective Advisory Service is all about selective selections. Unfortunately, Winning Information Network don’t really provide any details on what this entails.

The only thing that is really said is the team behind Selective Advisory Service are very selective and supposedly, secretive as well.

This is rather disappointing as I am strong proponent of tipsters providing some information on where their selections come from. Especially when it comes to something like Selective Advisory Service where you are taking very specific advice on horses that have longer odds.

What is the initial investment?

In my opinion, Winning Information Network are asking rather a lot for Selective Advisory Service with a monthly subscription starting at £60 per month (which is in turn really just 28 days).

The quarterly subscription (actually 90 days) is £120 whilst a 6 month subscription is by far and away the best value offering costing £199.

As is typical for products launched under the Betfan umbrella, Selective Advisory Service unfortunately comes with no money back guarantee however their usual policy of reviewing requests does remain.

What is the rate of return?

Since launching in February, Selective Advisory Service has produced a total profit of 351.18 points however much of this was generated in the first two months.

From April the results have been much less impressive with Selective Advisory Service producing a lot of ups and downs, although over this time the service has still made 100 points of profit.


As far as tipster services, I don’t think that Selective Advisory Service necessarily puts a foot wrong.

It has performed pretty well and if the form that produced over 250 points of profit in just 2 months can be recaptured, then Selective Advisory Service would be one of the top performing tipster services I have looked at. The problem here however is that there are a lot of ifs and maybes in my opinion.

If Selective Advisory Service can get a decent winning streak going, maybe if a big win comes in (and with odds going into double figures and 5 point stakes it would certainly be big).

Maybe then Selective Advisory Service could be worthwhile but at the moment I think that it is very expensive compared to the results produced and there are more profitable services available for less money.


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From: Simon Roberts