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SES Ratings Review

SES Ratings is a product by Mark Andrews that is designed to show bettors what the “true odds” are on a given football game.

What does the product offer?

SES Ratings provides uses specialist software to create what Mark Andrews refers to as “true odds” for a football game. The odds provided are for a large variety of leagues ranging from the English Premier League through to La Liga and the Bundesliga. There is also information provided for cup games and the upcoming World Cup. Provided as bonus is a user guide to getting the most out of SES Ratings.

How does the product work?

SES Ratings uses a proprietary algorithm system that according to Mark Andrews is not dissimilar to the systems that many bookmakers use to generate their odds. He claims that where a bookies odds are adjusted to represent their interests, SES Ratings provides a more accurate picture. This in turn allows users to ensure that they are getting value bets and maximising their profits.

What is the initial investment?

Mark Andrews uses a subscription based payment system for SES Ratings which will cost you £19.95 per month. There is no money back guarantee in place but you can cancel your subscription to SES Ratings at any time.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really a rate of return involved with SES Ratings. Because of the nature of the product it is very difficult to put a monetary value on it. The best you can probably hope for using SES Ratings is that you will be able to make marginally more on football bets using the information.


What is on offer here isn’t necessarily a bad product. The idea that you can check your odds to see if you are getting value for money is an interesting one, but I am not sure that it is a £20 per month idea. The fact is that you may get increased value out of your bets and I suppose to hard core traders there may be more value but in the main I am not quite sure what audience SES Ratings is aimed at.

The fact is that most people are more interested in increasing their win rate rather than the amount per win and with good reason. It is all well and good getting great odds but if they don’t come in then essentially it remains worthless. I see the merit in SES Ratings, but for me personally it does nothing as a product.



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From: Simon Roberts