Seven Figure Secret Review

Seven Figure Secret is a piece of binary options trading offered by David King. It is free to access but requires you to make a deposit through Optionyard.

What does the product offer?

Seven Figure Secret is a piece of binary options software developed by David King. It is claimed to be a simple to use product that anybody can use in order to generate profit. The software is free to download and actually seems to be a rebranding of David King’s previous product, Signals to Profit. In order to get access to Seven Figure Secret you have to sign up with David King’s chosen broker Optionyard.

How does the product work?

This isn’t explored in the promotional material for Seven Figure Secret but Signals to Profit claimed to use predicted movements of currency pairs and an automated system that placed trades based off these indicators. Even with his previous system David King didn’t go into any detail about how the predictions were actually made.

What is the initial investment?

Seven Figure Secret is technically free to access although in order to gain this though you have to sign up (as mentioned above) with Optionyard which will likely have a minimum deposit of anywhere between $250 and $500.

What is the rate of return?

David King says that Seven Figure Secret will allow you to turn $250 into $2451.50 every 30 days.


As with David King’s last product, Seven Figure Secret seems to be nought more than an attempt to cash in on the ongoing trend of “free” binary options trading software. The fact that this seems to be nothing more than a rebranding is frankly a testament to what these marketers think of their user base. Seven Figure Secret likely exists solely to generate referral commissions for David King from Optionyard.

As is the case with many of these kinds of products there remains very little solid evidence that they work and I recommend avoidance as much as possible.

The most probable outcome for something like this (and based off my research seems to be the case) is that you will lose your deposit to the broker or face a long and arduous battle to get it back.



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From: Simon Roberts