Shaw’s Liability Lays Review

Shaw’s Liability Lays is the newest horse racing tipster service from the Betting Gods team and the second in recent times to focus specifically on lay betting.

What does the product offer?

The copy for Shaw’s Liability Lays from the Betting Gods says that Shaw’s Liability Lays does exactly what it says on the tin, that is provide users with daily lay bets for horse racing across the UK. The focus of the service is on fixed liability which means that in theory, Shaw’s Liability Lays shouldn’t have the same problems that a lot of lay betting services have. In terms of the service itself and what you can expect, Shaw’s Liability Lays is relatively straight forward in terms of the numbers with around 2-3 bets per day on average with staking recommended as fixed liability bets of £10. This means that even though you are laying the bet, you will still only have to pay out so much. In terms of the strike rate, Shaw’s Liability Lays boasts 77.78% which isn’t necessarily amazing for a lay betting service but it’s pretty far from bad.

How does the product work?

As mentioned, Shaw’s Liability Lays is a lay betting service which means that in order to actually place the recommended bets you will need an account through Betfair or another betting exchange. In terms of how bets are identified, the only thing that Betting Gods say is that selections are carefully selected and you can expect to follow a professional service. Unfortunately, that is all they we get access to in terms of what the selection process for Shaw’s Liability Lays actually involves.

What is the initial investment?

There are three main options if you wish to sign up for Shaw’s Liability Lays which are a monthly, quarterly and a lifetime subscription. The monthly subscription will cost you £39.95 per month, the quarterly subscription costs £99.95 per month whilst a lifetime subscription costs £229.95 (which is promised to run for at least a year).

Betting Gods also provide a no obligation 14 day free trial that you can sign up for. There is also a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with Shaw’s Liability Lays as it is ultimately sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

Since Betting Gods started proofing Shaw’s Liability Lays on 20th of November (around 4 months) the service has made £1,597.20 which represents an ROI of just over 6%.


Betting Gods don’t tend to keep products on their books that aren’t making money and whilst Shaw’s Liability Lays has the potential to be a pretty slow burner there is plenty of evidence that this is a consistent winner and that is the most important thing.

What I like about Shaw’s Liability Lays over a lot of lay betting products is that there is a fixed liability which means that you don’t suddenly get stung for your betting bank by a wayward bet. The thing is if you do have any reservations about Shaw’s Liability Lays whatsoever there is plenty of opportunity to trial the service with no real financial risk which makes it worth a pretty serious look in my book.




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