Signals to Profit Review

 Signals to Profit is a piece of free binary trading software by David King. In order to gain access to the product you have to sign up to TradeRush Brokers.

What does the product offer?

Signals to Profit comes in the form of a downloadable application that offers both indicators as well as the ability to automatically trade based off these. As well as this there is also one on one coaching provided by creator David King or one of his team. Signals to Profit is claimed to be able to predict market movements with a 92% accuracy rate and as a result of this is claimed to be highly profitable.

How does the product work?

In one of the promotional videos for Signals to Profit, David King shows how simple the product is to use. It gives users the predicted movements of currency pairs as well as an automated button which will automatically place trades based on the indicators. In terms of how these trends are predicted, there is no information available which I always find to be a questionable practice.

What is the initial investment?

Signals to Profit is free for the first 30 days assuming you sign up with a chosen broker, in tis case TradeRush (note there will likely be a minimum deposit of between $250 and $300). After the 30 days has elapsed David King charges $997 for Signals to Profit which provides you with a lifetime license.

What is the rate of return?

David King claims that Signals to Profit is able to produce a consistent profit of at least $2451.50 every 30 days.


Signals to Profit is yet another example of a piece of binary options trading software that is free but require a deposit through a chosen broker (usually so the marketer can claim a referral commission). There is very little evidence that they work as advertised and I remain very wary of the whole concept. One of the particularly concerning things with Signals to Profit lies in the video showing the software in action whereby the broker linked to the software changes not just one, but twice from the recommended broker.I personally find this calls into question the integrity of the product as a whole and I would firmly not recommend.



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From: Simon Roberts