Simon Holden Racing Club Review

Simon Holden Racing Club is a relatively long standing addition to the Betfan stable of tipster services. As the name suggests, it is a horse racing tipster service operated by the eponymous Simon Holden.

What does the product offer?

Simon Holden refers to his service as the premier betting club for diehard horse racing fanatics. This is a bold call given he is a part of one of the largest tipster networks online. The fact is that in terms of structure, Simon Holden Racing Club isn’t really any different to many of the horse racing tipster services that are available at any given time.

Selections are issued daily with anywhere from one to four bets advised each day.  These are a steady stream of each way and single bets with Simon Holden Racing Club backing some huge odds (rarely below 3.0) and all are sent out directly via email.

The staking plan that Simon Holden recommends is one of the more worrying aspects for me as it uses the classic Betfan structure of flat 5 points stakes. In terms of the strike rate, over the last 12 months, Simon Holden Racing Club has maintained a respectable enough 29.11%.

How does the product work?

Information on the selection process for Simon Holden Racing Club is rather unfortunately lacking. Simon Holden does however say that he considers himself to be the hardest working tipster that he knows.

He also mentions that he has been developing his own ratings system prior to the relaunch of sorts that the service has undergone. Whilst these are likely to be key to Simon Holden Racing Club, there is no information to say what the ratings are based on.

What is the initial investment?

There are three different subscriptions available if you want to sign up with Simon Holden Racing Club. These are a monthly (actually 28 days), a 3 month option (which actually runs for 90 days) and a 6 month option.

These are priced at £49.98, £99 and £159 respectively. As a Betfan product, Simon Holden Racing Club doesn’t really come with any real money back guarantee unfortunately.

What is the rate of return?

Simon Holden Racing Club has been around for some time however it has been something of a relaunch since February and it is the results from here that I will be focusing on.

In the last 8 months or so, Simon Holden Racing Club has made over 900 points of profit to the staking plan recommended. This means a ROI of over 30%, a hugely impressive figure.


Simon Holden Racing Club Requires a big bank if you want to play it to its strengths, but those strengths are pretty hard to ignore. The elephant in the room is that Simon Holden Racing Club is not just expensive, but the staking plan has the potential to really damage your profits.

If you’re betting 5 points each way, it can soon add up. That having been said, 900 points of profit is a hell of a lot to play with. It is worth taking a minute to point out however that Simon Holden Racing Club has made most of this profit since the relaunch.

I think the log and short of Simon Holden’s tips is that you need to be really dedicated to make them work for you. This means a lot of discipline when you aren’t necessarily winning. If you can do that, Simon Holden Racing Club is worth a look, but it is definitely not one for everyone.


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Comments (5)

Sadly, the relaunch is the key here. It used to be Stable Line Gold. The reason for the rebranding was that the former incarnation started well but then tanked spectacularly.

I’m afraid it’s the same story here. February through to the last week of June was very profitable but in the last 7 weeks all of that profit plus more has been lost in a breathtakingly spectacular downturn. I think 3 winners from about 40 bets. While this equates to 2 bad months,which any service can have, the problem with Simon is, as you point out, the large amount you need to stake. I’ve had to cut my stakes to a 1/5th of their original value just to keep my bank in existence. Sadly I used the 6 month option which renewed just as the carnage started so I’m stuck with it til the end of December 🙁 Basically all I’m trying to do now is cover the cost of the subs then cancel my renewal at Xmas. Far too much volatility for my bank to bear. The other thing to keep in mind is that this service uses a combination of form study & information. Information, in this context, means stable information. Well I’m sorry but 30+ years of betting on horses has taught me that if you were to introduce an exchange rate between such information & used toilet paper the bogroll would be worth more. Unless of course it’s shady.

The other point to make is that during this losing run ( well, more of an avalanche) the horses haven’t just been beaten, the majority have not run a yard & been beaten before halfway. Very few hard luck stories just appalling tipping I’m afraid. Also it makes very little difference if it’s a short priced win bet or an E/W long shot, they all run as badly. I suspect that this service will be quietly abandoned sometime later in the year & then given a relaunch after Xmas. I’ll be keeping my money firmly in my pocket.

PS – Today…2 tips…win bet at 2.63 FAV + E/W bet at 21….2nd & nowhere. As I said, odds make no difference. They all just lose. In August to date the only winner has been Enable at Goodwood (5/4) Half the country picked that Simon. I think that sums it up pretty neatly.

Need to join £99 club for 12 months, hitting bell but nothing happens,please help, many thanks.

Can you please tell me why i’m not receiving the tips on utube and the ones I’ve paid for, i would be grateful for any feed back, thank you.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Benjamin,

You will have to contact the vendor directly, as we just compile the reviews here.



Two platforms five or six different club just way to make money I couldn’t make it pay

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