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Simple Spare Room Profits Review

Simple Spare Room Profits is a product by Patricia Higgins and marketed by Oliver Goehler that shows you how to profit from selling imported items on eBay.

What does the product offer?

Simple Spare Room Profits is a video guide to making money from your spare room. It comes over 10 DVDs that appear to be hosted by Patricia Higgins in which she shows how she has her own eBay business set up and what kind of things she sells. Simple Spare Room Profits has been designed to be accessible to as many people as possible according to Patricia Higgins. She has split Simple Spare Room Profits into two modules with the first covering how to run the business and the second showing her suppliers, bestselling products etc.

How does the product work?

Put crudely, Simple Spare Room Profits is all about importing products or purchasing products and reselling them through eBay or Amazon for a profit. The principles laid out in Simple Spare Room Profits can be applied to almost any niche that you can buy products in however Patricia Higgins seems to prefer low priced items and volume selling.

What is the initial investment?

Simple Spare Room Profits sells for a total cost of £395 spread over two instalments. The first is £197.50 when you sign up and the same amount five weeks later. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place that is vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

Patricia Higgins says that Simple Spare Room Profits makes her £1000 per week for just a few hours’ work per day. If you are just starting out with Simple Spare Room Profits you are unlikely to make near this figure as you won’t have the same range of products to sell.


There is definitely something to Simple Spare Room Profits; the question is whether or not it is worth almost £400. There are plenty of guides out there to selling on eBay and Amazon that are a tenth of this price. What you are paying for here is the wholesaler information in my opinion. The thing is there are a number of products and websites out there that contain the same information for significantly less than the costs involved with Simple Spare Room Profits.



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