Simple Video Press Review

Simple Video Press is a WordPress plugin by Hani Mourra and Sean Malarkey that allows you to create posts on your WordPress post from your YouTube videos.

What does the product offer?

Simple Video Press is a simple tool that allows users to create content for a WordPress website, just through using a YouTube account. Hani Mourra and Sean Malarkey say that Simple Video Press is able to take a video and compile everything into a WordPress post including taking your tags and comments over from your YouTube account. Simple Video Press also comes with additional tools to allow you to do things like add a watermark to your video or to change the look of the YouTube Player. Arguably the most useful tool however is the ability to add opt in forms to your videos on your website.

How does the product work?

Simple Video Press is very simple to use with Hani Mourra and Sean Malarkey showing that all you need to do is put in your YouTube login details. From there you can either have Simple Video Press update for you automatically or choose to create the posts yourself.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 licenses available for Simple Video Press. There is a single site license, a multisite license and a professional license. The main difference between these are the number of websites you can use Simple Video Press on and in the case of the pro license, you can sell websites with the plugin installed. These will cost you $29, $49 and $139 respectively with all three carrying a 60 day money back guarantee as Simple Video Press is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

There is not advertised rate of return and really, it is a difficult thing to gauge how much of a difference something like Simple Video Press would really make to your income.


Simple Video Press is the kind of product that knows exactly what it aims to do and frankly, it seems to do this very well. The only real downside is that it does really have a limited use. By far and away the best feature is the opt in forms that can appear on your videos and this is probably what you will get the most use of. If you use YouTube a lot for your video marketing then Simple Video Press is probably worth a look however this is a somewhat restricted product.



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From: Simon Roberts