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Simple Writing System Review

Simple Writing System is a training guide from John Carlton that claims to teach people how to successfully write effective copy.

What does the product offer?

Simple Writing System is a rather substantial training course coming over 9 DVDs as well as a work book that comes over a further 280 pages. John Carlton has broken Simple Writing System down into a step by step format to make following what he teaches as simple as possible. Much of the content is based around live workshops that John Carlton has previously hosted. As well as the core product, Simple Writing System comes with a number of additional bonuses that tie into writing successful copy including a “power words” compendium and a copy of “Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”.

How does the product work?

According to John Carlton, where most marketers fall down is in the fact that they cannot write good copy. By applying what he teaches in Simple Writing System, you will allegedly be able to increase your conversion rather substantially.

What is the initial investment?

Simple Writing System is by no means cheap with John Carlton selling the training for a one off cost of $797. Alternatively this can be broken down into 4 monthly payments of $229. Simple Writing System comes with a 30 day money back guarantee with John Carlton stating that if you are unhappy with the product at all, you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

As Simple Writing System isn’t a direct money making product this is a rather difficult thing to gauge. That having been said John Carlton talks extensively about increasing conversion, something that decent copy certainly has the ability to do although I am not certain that the increase will be that substantial.


Simple Writing System offers a lot, but I have one rather obvious concern and that is the standard of copy that John Carlton uses to sell it. Whilst the standards are definitely above the usual heartbreak story of bankruptcy, they are hardly the high converting machine that Simple Writing System is sold as. This means that in order to really get anything from Simple Writing System you would have to be at a pretty basic level and if you are at this point, there are much cheaper guides available offering similar information.



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From: Simon Roberts