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Simplicity Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is provided through the Proofed Tipsters platform. It has produced some consistent results and demonstrates some potential.

Introduction to Simplicity Racing

In order to talk about Simplicity Racing, you have to talk a little but about the Proofed Tipsters platform. It is a service that allows individuals to provide their tips to a wider audience with the actual management handled by Proofed Tipsters.

I have looked at a few tipster services from a variety of these platforms and honestly, the results can differ hugely. This is mostly down to the fact that these kind of platforms are typically more lapse than a more professional management company with tipsters using 10 point bets to claim six figure profits. Simplicity Racing doesn’t appear to fall into this trap though, so is there reason to be excited? Let’s find out.  

What Does Simplicity Racing Offer?

When it comes to tipster services, in my experience, those that are offered in a less managed structure tend to be a little bit different to what you may expect and Simplicity Racing is no different, particularly logistically. So, first things first, there are no emails that are issued here. Instead, all selections for Simplicity Racing are uploaded to a member’s area on the Proofed Tipsters website.

These are made available before 12.30 on the day of racing. This may raise problems for some users, however I don’t see it as immediately being a deal breaker. It is also worth noting that Simplicity Racing does not issue selections on a daily basis with gaps in betting being a pretty frequent occurrence.

Moving on to the bets themselves, the tipster behind Simplicity Racing uses a combination of win and each way bets, although Proofed Tipsters’ proofing does demonstrate that you will see many more of the former than the latter.

This means that as well as bookies, you will require an account with a betting exchange in order to back horses to place (the tipster behind Simplicity Racing actually recommends using Betfair for selections). There are a range of odds that you will bet betting on, but for context, the average odds are 30.54.  The volume of bets is manageable enough with Simplicity Racing rarely having more than 5 bets on a given day.

There is of course a staking plan in place for Simplicity Racing which is predominantly based around level stakes of 1 point per bet. There are however a number of bets where the tipster behind the service advises higher stakes. Going through the proofing from Proofed Tipsters, this means that you may be staking as much as 7 and 8 points on bets.

This can really start to add up during a losing streak, something that has happened a few times during the course of Simplicity Racing.

So, we have established that Simplicity Racing can be a high stakes service, and you are betting on horses that have some very long odds. As such, it seems reasonable to expect a strike rate that is at the lower end of the spectrum. You would be correct in this assumption with Proofed Tipsters showing a win rate of 17.4%. Honestly, I don’t think that this is a particularly bad result all things considered.

How Does Simplicity Racing Work?

The tipster who is behind Simplicity Racing is a businessman and that he is a “racehorse owner of longstanding”. Ultimately, he says that his selections come from two different systems that he has developed over a period of time which he claims have “shown substantial profits every single year since 2012”.  

There is unfortunately no more detail provided about what these selection processes actually involve. The fact that he is a racehorse owner is also a part of Simplicity Racing is also of some importance as there is supposedly an element of insider information. In the blurb for the service, the tipster says that he receives insider information for big handicaps and group races.

All of this provides us with some insight into what we can expect, but honestly, what I would be looking at here is the full proofing that Proofed Tipsters provide. All of the bets that are advised have to be sent to them before they are uploaded to the member’s area.

This means that you can look at how Simplicity Racing has performed in the past in order to get a reasonable idea of what to expect for the future.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to subscriber to Simplicity Racing, there are just 2 options that are available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £19.75. Alternatively, Proofed Tipsters offer a 3 month subscription which is priced at £44.75.

I should point out that these numbers are apparently half price for the first period which means you could end up paying £39.50 per month or £89.50. I want to point out that these higher numbers aren’t actually written on the Proofed Tipsters website. These options come with no money back guarantee or trial period.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since Proofed Tipsters began proofing Simplicity Racing, the service is showing an overall profit of 333.22 points at the time of writing. This goes all the way back to March 2018 which I will admit makes for a relatively successful betting profit. What is particularly impressive about this result is the ROI which Proofed Tipsters show stands at 28.26%.

Conclusion on Simplicity Racing

There are some decent results from Simplicity Racing. 333 points in a little over a year is a solid income and the ROI is very in line with these results as well. These results are surprisingly common when it comes to tipster stables like Proofed Tipsters and that is down to the free reign that the tipsters are given.

In the case of Simplicity Racing, I would refer you back to the point of 7 and 8 point stakes on horse with odds of 4.7 to win. Alternatively, you could look at 3 points on a horse at 125.83 points. If these bets land, and that is one hell of a big if, they are big winners. But there is also an argument to be made that they bring unnecessary risk.

This statement does come with some substantial evidence in my opinion. If you look at that figure of 333.22 points of profit, this is actually 1.77 points down on Simplicity Racing at the start of the year. This means consistent decline with 3 of the last 4 months (including April) operating at a loss at the time of writing. This is compared to just 2 losing months between March and December last year.

On top of this, you also have to really factor in the costs. The prices that are quoted as being half price are very reasonable. In fact, if we were dealing with these kind of numbers I would be quite content to refer to Simplicity Racing as value for money.

Unfortunately, when you are being asked to pay £45 per month, I don’t think it is unreasonable to really expect a lot. Does Simplicity Racing deliver on this? For me, 3 months of losing is simply not good enough.

Keeping all of this in mind, and considering the wider results, I want to say that I wouldn’t personally want to invest in Simplicity Racing. With enough time to see if the tipster behind the service is actually capable of improving results, this opinion may change

. As it stands, I think that the more recent performance for Simplicity Racing says quite a lot.  


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