Simply the Best Horses Review

Simply the Best Horses is an independent horse racing tipster service operated by Bryan Davies that us able to provide profitable betting advice through a high strike rate.

What does the product offer?

Simply the Best Horses is something that I have not looked at for some time which is to say, it appears to be a genuine independent tipster service, something that makes a refreshing change from the very questionable affairs that usually land in my inbox. In terms of what it offers, Simply the Best Horses looks at providing users with daily horse racing tips, all of which are allegedly selected by creator Bryan Davies. Selections are sent out via email and are generally sent out around 7am, sometimes earlier.

There is something of an emphasis on value with Simply the Best Horses which means that the odds that you are backing can go as high as 15-1 however they average around 2-1 up to 6-1 with bets advised as win bets.

What really makes Simply the Best Horses interesting is the strike rate which is frankly, phenomenal for a service of this nature. Everything is proofed to the Racing Index where Simply the Best Horses has demonstrated an average strike rate of 44% for the month.

How does the product work?

Bryan Davies is surprisingly forthright about what the selection process for Simply the Best Horses entails. As well as talking about how he has been “betting seriously” for over 20 years, he also goes into his process. Without going into too much detail, he says that selections for Simply the Best Horses have all shown an improvement in form.

This is in turn based on a comprehensive database that Bryan Davies says that he has been building for some time.

What is the initial investment?

Whilst I would say that Simply the Best Horses is priced at the premium end of the market, it is far from the most expensive product I have looked at. There are monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annual subscriptions available which cost £40, £105, £180 and £300 respectively.

Payment is handled directly via Paypal and there is no mention of any money back guarantee so I wouldn’t expect this to be in place.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing, Simply the Best Horses is currently standing at an overall profit of 72.99 points for 2016 to date. Whilst this doesn’t sound huge, for a fully proofed system based on level stakes it is very respectable indeed.


It honestly isn’t very often that I find an independent tipster that is genuinely impressive however Simply the Best Horses seems to be really capable of delivering. When you look around the website, it is clear that Bryan Davies is knowledgeable about the subject and he talks about betting with ease.

One of the most impressive features of Simply the Best Horses is by far and away the strike rate which is one of the best that I have looked at for a long time. Whilst some people may take exception to the cost of Simply the Best Horses, when compared to the profit potential however it is worth keeping in mind that the 72.99 points are based on single point stakes.



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From: Simon Roberts